Sunday, September 6, 2009

Want to know when 'New Moon' will come out on DVD?

I went to my local FYE music store today and was checking out the new merchandise when I saw the new Robert Pattinson calendar. So I decided you know what I'm going to buy it. I reach the counter to pay and the guy tells me "You want to reserve a copy of 'New Moon'?" I just stayed looking at him like it hasn't even come out yet in the theatre. He goes on to say "We are already taking reservations since the movie will be coming out on DVD in the 2nd week of March!" I was like holy crow! This is awesome! So there you have it folks! 'New Moon' will be coming to a DVD near you the 2nd week of March.Now only thing is what day, since the Twilight DVD came out on a Saturday I think it was or was it Sunday. This has not been confirmed yet. They might change the time or date after the movie comes out, but until then.

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