Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Are you a Twi-Hard? Take the InStyle Twilight Quiz

Have you read Twilight a thousand times over and studied Robert Pattinson's every move in the film? If you think you're practically part of the Cullen Clan, put your knowledge to the test with InStyle's Twilight quiz. A true Twi-hard would know the movie and teh book inside and out. Test yourself here and let me know in the comments what you got! Here is my score:

You Score is 10
You're a Twi-Hard
As if you wouldn't remember the first time Robert Pattinson floated into the Forks cafeteria as Edward Cullen or when the nomad vampires crashed the Cullens' baseball game in the book. The details come easy to you because you're more than just a Twilighter—you're a Twi-Hard, the ultimate fan who craves every, er, drop of the Twilight Saga, from the book that first inspired your love of bloodthirsty high-schoolers to the film that brought them all alive. Bask in the glory of your status and reward yourself with our complete Twilight Saga coverage, including behind-the-scenes interviews, news and exclusive photos and videos!


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