Thursday, October 29, 2009

Billboard Conference in LA with New Moon Sountrack Score Composer and Director Chris Weitz

The event which was held today in LA featured panel discussions with several New Moon luminaries from both the soundtrack and score sides of the musical equation of the film. The soundtrack session features Alexandra Patasavas, who was the music supervisor for the New Moon soundtrack and Livia Tortella from Atlantic Records. They talked about the anatomy of the incredible New Moon soundtrack. Also at the event director Chris Weitz and New Moon composer Alexandre Desplat talked about the score of New Moon. @twisource was at the event and shared with us interesting info done during the panel from their twitter. Here is what was tweeted from the event:

Weitz/Desplat out later. They wanted artists for the soundtrack who would talk it up, be into the franchise, etc. That was a priority.

Producers showed scenes to all artists and asked them to write songs for each scene. May explain why the songs have a somber tone.

Chris Weitz spent time with the artists telling them how he'd like the scenes to feel. "that's the reason the music fits so well" - Alexandria

20 CDs worth of material submitted by various artists for consideration to be included on the New Moon soundtrack.

Twilight sent Muse into great success in terms of US popularity.

Why is there no RPatz track this time? "he wanted to opt out of the 2nd one" but they will ask him again for Eclipse!

"Slade will likely have very adventourous tastes" because of his past experience. They haven't started working on the Eclipse soundtrack yet.

There are 20 songs in New Moon. Predominantly score. A few soundtrack songs. And some silence.

Weitz: I was drawn to New Moon by the desire to do a faithful rendition of the book. There were dark/emotional tones that sounded appealing

Weitz:.."and I had a mortgage to pay *laughs*"

Summit was concerened at first about tying the Twilight/New Moon theme scores together. Changed their mind once they heard Alexandre's work.

Alexandre sometimes mixed the Edward theme with Jacob's theme (and vise versa) to illustrate Bella's internal conflict.

You can read more of their tweets here. Twilighters Anonymous was also at the conference and has recorded the entire conference. You can hear it either tonight or tomorrow. You can visit their site here

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