Friday, October 9, 2009

History of one of the sets in 'Eclipse' Bloody Alley

Malicious Mandy has an awesome post letting us know some of the history of one of the sets that will be used in the movie 'Eclipse.' Which part of the movie will this set be used? Check out the post below. Anyway here is a bit from her post and you can read the rest here.

While better known for crime, homelessness, and hardcore drug-abuse, Gastown is also home to a particular alley that gets a lot of play on historic Vancouver walking tours - Blood Alley! Located off of Carrall St. right next to Gaoler's Mews, Blood Alley is fairly stereotypical of a Gastown alley - there's brickwork lining half of the alley and nearby buildings; there are ornate aged lamps and railings clustered together at it's entrance; and there are homeless Vancouverites huddled together out of the rain. What makes Blood Alley famous is not it's aesthetic appeal, but that it is home to perhaps the largest amount of rumours, myths, tall tales, and outright fabrications in Vancouver history.

As with any place that has such a controversial past, trying to find information - especially correct information - on Blood Alley is slightly difficult. My first "fact" about Blood Alley came from a friend who told me that it was so named because unsuspecting ship-workers of the Granville townsite would walk through the alley after pay-day only to get murdered if they didn't surrender their cash. After a little fact-finding mission, I also learned that Blood Alley may have also been the site of the city's first civic buildings, butcher shops (who would toss blood into the alley at the end of the day), and public hangings. Simply trying to connect the dots on Blood Alley is a difficult task at best for the uninformed.

Pretty creepy isn't it!

Source/via Malicious Mandy

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