Thursday, October 29, 2009

Chris Weitz says 'New Moon' Wolves have gotten scarier

With the release of "New Moon" less than a month away, that day looms ever closer. Fortunately, the wolves are looking significantly more terrifying than they did the first time around.

"They're much scarier by now. That was always the aim," Weitz said. "The aim was to make them as fierce as possible, and they just got more and more and more dangerous as time went on."

Recent trailers have shown the wolf pack in its entirety, and Jacob is not the only werewolf fans have seen change. Still, his jumping transformation was the money shot Weitz wanted to make sure "New Moon" viewers saw — even though the animation hadn't been perfected yet.

"We really wanted to show with that first trailer [that] there were going to be these werewolves; that we could turn a guy into a werewolf in midflight, which was no small achievement," Weitz said. "We were putting out a proof of the concept at the time, but it wasn't the full-fledged, pimped-out wolf that it was going to end up being."

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