Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chris Weitz wants to make 'New Moon' Fans Cry

In a good way that is. spoke to Chris Weitz at the Hollywood Fim Festival's Hollywood Awards on Monday about the capturing moments in Twilight Saga. Here is a bit from the article:

"We've tried our best to deliver on the romantic scenes in the film, and I would like to be able to produce more tears than any movie before, if possible, If we could only weigh them with some kind of cubic tear measure!"

I've handled it very badly, because I'm extremely envious of Rob [Pattinson] and Taylor [Lautner]," he said laughing. "What I've realized is that they have a very tough job – not just playing the characters that they play, but living lives that are now very much under scrutiny all the time."

He adds, the intense level of attention – including speculation about cast members' love lives – was challenging for everyone. "To be honest, even making the movie is under a tremendous amount of scrutiny now, so that when the cast went back to Vancouver there were cameras everywhere," he said. "Everyone knows where every set is going to be. It goes with the Internet and all the information is out there all the time, and whenever one of them is spotted it's immediately Twittered."

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