Friday, October 9, 2009

Eclipse News Update/Breaking Dawn to be filmed in Portland?

According to Lainey Gossip, Xavier Samuel (Riley) was on set Wednesday shooting 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse getting soaking wet. If you saw my other Eclipse set updates from director David Slade's twitter you would have seen he tweeted having to be filming in the rain over and over again. Lainey tells us exclusively (at press time) that Xavier is working on what's intended to be the OPENING SCENE in Eclipse. "Riley" in human form is being terrorised down an alley in Seattle pursued by a sinister shadow which turns out to be "Victoria." There is footage of this at Lainey's site if you want to be spoiled.

As far as 'Breaking Dawn' news she states it might not be filmed in Vancouver since tax incentives are being pushed foward in a bid to take back British Columbia. We have heard before that Oregon wanted the return of the Twilight films. They've introduced major tax incentive etc to lure the production back. There is also more info on her site about the crew not being held back for 'Breaking Dawn' and she is told as of press time the intention to begin production on the fourth and final movie Breaking Dawn is in September in Portalnd!

To read more information and to see video and photos of both Xavier shooting Eclipse and some of Taylor shooting for Rolling Stone click here.

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