Friday, October 9, 2009

Kristen Stewart's Adventureland Costar has a copy of New Moon?

This sounds like total BS just to get the paparazzi to shut their pie holes! As it's usually done on TMZ they follow celebs with the camera and ask them random dumb questions. They saw Jesse Eisenberg who just came out in Zombieland which is awesome by the way, and asked him if he has seen Twilight or is going to see New Moon. Which of course his costar from Adventureland Kristen Stewart stars in. What does he say? "Oh I have it in my backpack." Yes you heard that right. He says he has a copy of New Moon in his backpack and is supposably going to watch it on the plane? YEA RIGHT! I doubt that dude! Something only a dumb pap would believe. I just see Summit handing over a copy to you. Yea...BOGUS! Check out the video below.

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