Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Peter Facinelli spills deets on 'New Moon'

MovieFone caught up with Peter on the red carpet at last week's Sony Vaio launch event in New York.

"I think people should be excited about the action that the second one's going to bring," beamed Facinelli. "We still have this love triangle between Rob, Kristen and Taylor that grows in the second one, but as a guy I love to see some action too, and we have a lot more action with the werewolves coming out in full form. That's going to be fun to watch. It's something that when you read the books you can imagine, but when you see it it's a whole other thing.

"'New Moon' is going to have a lot more action than'Twilight,' which I'm excited about, and then take the action in 'New Moon' and double it in 'Eclipse.' I get to be a part of that action, which is fun because Carlisle is this calm figure. I think the vampire brawls are going to be exciting.

"When asked about portraying Carlisle onscreen as opposed to the way he is described in the books, Facinelli said he has a pretty straightforward approach. "As an actor I read the books, then I read them again, then I read them again and then I put them down and read the script, which becomes my main focus," he explained. "So by the time the [first] movie came out I didn't remember what was or wasn't in the books. I just saw the movie as a complete entity in itself. Nothing stuck out in my mind that should have been in the movie."

By Bryan Reesman

Source: Moviefone

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