Friday, October 9, 2009

Pocket Adventures: Makeovers...Makeovers...Makeovers!

"Its makeover time MMB!!"
MMA:"There you are MMB! Its time for makeovers! I was in that box forever so there is so much making up to do!" MMB:*sighs*"Okay MMA okay because it's you."
MMA:"Where is my brother?" MMB:"Oh I think I saw him over there"
MMA: *raises eyebrows* "What are you doing?" MME: "What does it look like I'm doing? I fell and I can't get up MMA!" *chuckles* MMB: "Are you okay MME?"
MME:"I'm fine love." MMA:"See... he's fine MMB lets go!" MMB: "MMA is going to give me a 'makeover' I'll be back soon!"
MMB: *stunned* "What is all this MMA?" MMA:"Oh nothing...this is just my beauty"
MMB:"What are you looking at?" MMA:"I don't think we can do anything with that face since your skin looks fine now, but let me see if I can accessorize this outfit!"
MMA:"Here this ribbon might do the trick." MMB:"Ribbon!!"
MMA:"There that looks good."
MMB:"MMA! I look like Rambo!" MMA:"You do not! You look fabulous. Let's ask MME how it looks."
MMA:"MME..what do you think of MMB's new look?"
MME:"What is this?" *chuckles*
MMB:"SEE!!!! Even MME thinks I look ridiculous!"
MMA:"Be nice MME! She looks fabulous and you should tell her so!"
MME:"You look beautiful MMB as always. It doesn't matter what you wear." *hugs* MMA:*huffs* Yes...yes...she looks beautiful....
MMA:*sighs* Get a room people!!
Till next time...

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