Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pocket Adventures: MMJ's arrival continues

Continuation from the previous post

MME: "Get out here dog we need to talk!"
MME: "You are no longer welcomed here dog and you are going outside where you belong!" MMJ:*growls*"You'll never get away with this!"

MME:"Mwahhhahahaha! I already have!" "MMB is out with Alice, she will never find you!"*evil laugh*

MME:"The plan has been set into motion, and tonight you will be the humans dog plastic chew toy!"
MME:"Lets go dog!"
MMB:"What's going on here MME? Where are you taking Jacob?" MME:"CRAP! are seeing things MMB...there is no MMJ here." MMB:"I can see him MME."
MME:"I'm innocent MMB! I had nothing to do with this!" MMB: *nods head* "Yea right! We are taking Jake out of here now!" *raises voice* MMJ: *chuckles*

To be continued...

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