Friday, October 2, 2009

St. Vincent Talks About New Moon Soundtrack

The New Moon Soundtrack tracklisting has turned heads with its eclectic mix of featuring artists. Even Pitchfork expressed their surprise and called it “the most Pitchfork-friendly teenage vampire romance soundtrack album of all time!”

Pitchfork recently interviewed Annie Clark of St. Vincent to ask her about their contributing track with Bon Iver, ‘Rosyln.’

Pitchfork: How do you feel knowing that this is going to be in this gigantic teenage vampire movie?

Annie: Well, to be entirely honest, I hadn’t thought about the impact of that. My main thought was that I really wanted to do something with Justin [Vernon] because he’s so great. Then, once it was announced, I started getting floods of calls and emails from family and extended family, who were thrilled. Apparently, every woman in my family, unlike me, has read the entire series, so they’re really just beside themselves about it. I have a sister who’s nine who called me screaming, and I have a sister who’s 39, and she called me screaming. Only then did I realize the impact of it.

To read the full interview click here

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