Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Summit to release 'Twilight' Single-disc DVD Special Edition

According to Video Business, Summit is launching the single-disc standard DVD version of Twilight to retail widely for the first time today, October 27.

Initally rolled out as a Walmart sell-through exclusive on March 21, the single-disc is now being offered elsewhere to help promote 'New Moon.' The single disc carries will be available at the same price as when it was released earlier in the year at around $16.99 to $17.99.

Best Buy is among chains further enhancing the buzz by offering free New Moon movie cash, worth the equivalent of one ticket, with the purchase of the single-disc Twilight.

Retailers also are expected to rebuild themed sections in the upcoming weeks around the New Moon launch, which could hold everything from the franchise’s source book series, Twilight DVD and Blu-ray Disc versions, CDs, clothing, among other items.

“With the new movie coming out, many stores have chosen to re-promote Twilight, and we have helped that cause by releasing the single DVD tomorrow to other retailers,” Summit president Steve Nickerson said. “It’s four weeks out from the [new film] so it’s far enough out to get some extra business with Twilight and close enough to take advantage of the increased awareness of the [franchise].”

Will you be buying the movie again just to get this so called 'New Moon' movie cash?

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