Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Taylor Lautner beats out Robert Pattinson in Just So You Know Awards

Hmm...I had never seen a poll for this before then again I'm not in the age bracket of 9-15 year olds. Unlike other awards these have no acceptance speeches nor award statues just the satisfaction of knowing you won. The awards featured standard categories like favorite male and female movie star and both awards went to Twilight Stars. After 44,594 votes here are the results.
Favorite Female Movie Star went to Kristen Stewart with 37% of the votes beating out others such as Emma Watson and Megan Fox.
Favorite Male Movie Star went to Taylor Lautner with 46% of the vote! He beat out Robert Pattinson who only recieved 16%? WHAT THE? Must be a miscalculation...hehe

Most Anticipated Film of 2010 goes to Eclipse with 55% of the vote! Beating out Harry Potter and Alice in Wonderland.

Cool Guy You'd Like to Hang out With went to Taylor Lautner with 56% of the vote beating out Robert Pattinson again who only recieved 11% of the votes. Again...WHAT?! Another miscalculation?...haha...
To see who else won check it out here

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