Friday, October 2, 2009

Tim Gunn calls Robert Pattinson " A Little Sloppy"

Celebuzz caught up with the Project Runway mentor at the Marshalls "Shop Till It Stops" anti-domestic violence event in Santa Monica, CA on Thursday and asked him the question that's on everybody's mind: What does he think about Twilight heartthrob Pattinson landing a spot on People magazine's best-dressed list?

His response: "Robert Pattinson...It's a look. It's a style. I mean, he could...he could be stunning, but I think it's a little sloppy for my taste."

So who does deserve best dressed according to Gunn, "I love George Clooney's look. I think Justin Timberlake always looks great."

So what do you think? Is he right? Is Rob Pattinson sloppy? I think not!

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