Friday, October 2, 2009

Twilight: Bad Influence on Love?

This is a good article done by is Twilight really a bad influence on love? You be the judge.

Throughout Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga we discover a love story wrapped tightly between three souls grasping for freedom and we quickly become enthralled by the storytelling. As fans, we have interwoven our lives, our hopes, and our dreams inside the pages of this remarkable and passionate tale of love. We envision Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner somewhere in Forks, Washington living the details of this book verbatim.

Never has a story made us feel love, and even more remarkable, never have we empathized with characters that are struggling. In The Twilight Saga: New Moon, our hearts truly break for Bella when Edward leaves her, our soul aches for Jacob as he fights for his love, and uncontrollable tears flow when Edward and Bella reunite in Italy. But at the end of the day, have all these grandiose moments of Twilight left us with a skewed and unrealistic view of love?

Love is a magical feeling that makes you feel alive and untouchable as seen throughout The Twilight Saga. Bella who is unconditionally in love with Edward is left inconsolable when he disappears into the shadows of the night. For months, Bella mopes around her house, sulks at school, and transfers her feelings of abandonment onto her friend Jacob. More dangerously, Bella retreats into an adrenaline junkie, to ease the pain of her heartache and to feel close to her lost love.

As the fearless Bella thrives on the adrenaline her rationale flies out the window. In New Moon, Bella says, "I saw no reason for fear. I couldn’t imagine anything in the world that there was left to be afraid of, not physically at least. One of the few advantages of losing everything" (Meyer, p110). Her reckless behavior ends up hurting her, her friendship with Jacob, and quite possibly the actions of the fans. While Twilight rules the best sellers lists and everyone from Tweens to Grandmothers are hooked on the saga, does it at all send out the wrong message of love?

It is very easy to fall into the pages of Twilight and never want to leave, to want to spend an eternity with Bella, Jacob, Edward, and the rest of the characters. But the message of love that seeps out of Twilight and into the minds of people worldwide is a bit distorted. It is undeniable that Bella and Edward have something magical, but in reality, in the real world, does that magic exist? Are we leading on the youth by glorifying the behaviors of Bella and Edward?

Bella goes about dealing with the breakup the worst possible way; in reality, the young, confused girl should have sought professional help for her unrestrainable feeling of heartache. But in the book, Bella does the opposite, she buries her feelings deep down. Is that the message we want to send out? Is it okay to become depressed, use your friends, and become something you are not in order to hold onto a lost relationship?

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