Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Twilight vs The Vampire Diaries TV Overmind's Opinion

TV overmind has an article comparing the two series. Let us know in the comments if you agree with some of her points.
The Sparkle Factor
I simply cannot say this enough times: vampires should not sparkle in the sun. The fact that the Twilight vampires do is an out (since Meyer chose to have her characters live in a perpetually cloudy town) and removes the danger factor. Vampires are DANGEROUS. They kill people and suck their blood. So when Edward walks into the sun and gets all shiny I simply cannot take him seriously. I don't care if he can stop a fast-moving van with his bare hands. He shouldn't twinkle like Christmas lights.

"Oh, but the Vampire Diaries vampires have rings that protect them from the sun", some of you will argue. "Isn't that an easy out?" Yes, it is. But so far only Damon and Stefan have these magical rings, so if other vampires show up (and presumably they will) there's no guarantee that they will have the same protection, which still allows for potential danger. It's a plot device, but it's still better than sparkling.
How I long for the Buffy days when the vampires only came out at night. What was so wrong with that? It featured high school students too. It's like they're trying to make vampires into these ridiculously pretty boyfriends instead of the evil undead. The sparkle thing just tramples on great historical vampire literature (like Bram Stoker's "Dracula"), when vampires feared the sun.

The Leading Man Factor
I'm almost afraid to write this, but I feel the Salvatore brothers are much more interesting characters than Edward. RELAX. I'm not saying anything about Robert Pattinson and his portrayal of Edward, I'm talking about the characters. In the books Edward always struck me as rather bland. Oh, he's so tortured, isn't he? So tortured and so in love and a bit of a hero and one-dimensional. You could probably say the same about Stefan on The Vampire Diaries, but Damon (played to perfection by Ian Somerhalder) is so delightfully wicked that he makes up for that.

I think that Stefan has potential to become something more than just a brooding hero who's in love with a human girl. If they stick close to the books, he might remain a bit one-dimensional, but if they deviate a bit (which they have done), then they can give Stefan a purpose beyond the tortured leading man who resents his current state as a vampire. Angel showed that you can have a brooding vampire who hates what he's become and still be a complex character.

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