Thursday, October 15, 2009

Vampire Chic creeps into Young Women's Fashion

The Chicago SunTimes has an article regarding "Twilight" and the two retailers Nordstrom and teen chain A'GACI who have launched vampire-inspired lines for juniors.

Created by Awake Inc. for Nordstrom, the collection includes T-shirts, tanks, hoodies, dresses and jackets that reflect the mood and spirit of the film (plenty of trees, birds and even a wolf motif). Some T-shirts have cute sayings such as "Bet You Can't Read My Mind," and several shirts encourage the endless debate between those who are on "Team Edward" and those who play for "Team Jacob."
And which "Team" shirt does Nordstrom predict to be the better seller? "That is a great question," says Nordstrom spokesman John Bailey. "We'll have to wait and see after the collection officially hits stores."

Some critics have wondered whether the "Twilight" books and movies are too dark and violent for tweens and teens, but Bailey says he's not concerned. "The 'New Moon' story focuses on love and friendship, and the characters just happen to be supernatural."
Prices for the Nordstrom collection range from $30 for a T-shirt to $48 for a jacket. The A'GACI T-shirts start at $11.50.

Will you be picking up any of this merchandise? We don't have a Nordstrom near by so I might check out A'GACI.

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