Thursday, October 8, 2009

Vampire Showdown: Twilight vs. True Blood

InStyle has a several polls on who has the best hair, teeth and every other element between two of the hottest vampires out there.
Vote here on the Instyle page. Vote on the Sidebar who is the Better Vampire?

The Hair
Edward: Textured, deep-auburn, and entirely free-standing, you've got to respect a man who's not afraid of a little volume (and a lot of product.)
Eric: We'll forgive him for season one's swingy bob-now his hair is sleek, side-parted and entirely in control.
Their Teeth

Edward: His chompers are brilliantyl white, razor-sharp and coated with incapacitating venom-but because he's so brooding, he rarely flashes them.
Eric: When he's feeling hungry, threatened, or turned-on, Eric's canines descend into full-blown Dracula mode.
Vote here for whose teeth are most menacing.
Their Eyes

Edward: Dark honey gold, until he feels the need for blood-then they turn a hollow black.
Eric: Two words: Icy blue.
Vote here for who has the best eyes.
The Clothes

Edward: Hoodies, cargo pants, aviators-if it weren't for his incredible grace and inhuman strength, he could pass for any all American Teen.
Eric: Typical dungeon master attire-leather pants, blazers sans undershirt, skull necklaces-preferably in crimson and black. Me-ow.
Vote here for who is more stylish.

"Taste" in Women

Edward: Since his first glimpse of Bella Swan across the cafeteria, Edward hasn't been able to get this delicate beauty out of his mind. And the very best part? He can't get inside of hers.
Eric: Sookie Stackhouse is pro-vamp, telepathic, and a little out of reach. With her Southern drawl and perky, er, personality, what's not to love?
To vote who has the best "Taste" in women go here.
Okay so overall who is the best vampire Edward or Eric? Vote on the poll in the sidebar or leave a comment.

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