Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Vanity Fair's Twilight Watch: Is there an Indie Rock Dance Party in New Moon?

Last week's Twilight Watch article from Vanity Fair featured who was your favorite New Moon couple. Now they are talking about the soundtrack by interviewing some of the bands featured about their song contributuions, moody lyrics, and whether they are Team Edward or Team Jacob. Here is a bit from the article:

Alex Brown Church of Sea Wolf on "The Violet Hour"

How would you describe Sea Wolf's sound?
People often describe us as a chamber pop, which applies to everyone from Belle & Sebastian to Arcade Fire. We're basically a folk-rock band with sea-shanty instrumentation.

What does your song "The Violet Hour" sound like?
It's very up-tempo, peppy kind of song with a dark twist to it. It's about a girl who is interested in me but is also wishy-washy-someone aloof. I get the sense she's leading me on but I'm not really sure. It's a little bit sexy.

That sounds very "Bella."
Maybe it could apply to her character. The song does suit the movie-the vibe and lyrics, definitely.

Do you know what scen it will be feature in?
All I know is it's going to be in a party scene...a house-party scene.

I think this song sounds like more of a Jacob song about Bella, and I don't remember a party scene in New Moon do you?

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