Tuesday, October 27, 2009

VF's Twilight Watch: A Coversation with Peter Facinelli

Vanity Fair caught up with Peter in New York City while he was working on Nurse Jackie. Here is part of the interview:

What’s it like playing the same character for three different directors?
That gets interesting. It’s exciting in one way because every director brings their own flavor to the movie. Each director’s personality is different so you kind of have to adapt to their way of working, but I’ve had really good experiences on all three. Sometimes it’s nice working with the same person over and over because there’s a familiarity, but I’m used to working with different directors. On Nurse Jackie we get different directors on each episode. I like it because they bring different ideas and make you think of things you might not have thought of before—pushing you to look at it from different angles. I think it’s harder on the directors to come in and try to make these movies as grand as Twilight was and take on the responsibility of getting the story accurate in terms of telling it from the book. Then they have a whole cast that they haven’t dealt with before, so I think it would be more daunting for the director.

To read the rest of the interview and to see how he describes each of the Cullen members click here

Source: Vanity Fair

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