Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Welcome Home MMA!

MME:"Hey MMB look who is finally home!" MMB:"Mary Alice! Thank you MME!" MMA:"Can someone please get me out of here!"
MME: "Wait do you hear that? I think the game is on." MMB:"Where are you going?? We have to get her out of there!"
MMB:"Oh how will I ever get you out by myself Alice." MMA: "I'm sure you'll think of something"
MMB:"Oh I have an idea I'll be right back Alice." MMA:"You know Edward for a brother you can be very annoying"
MMB: "Look what I found! I will get you out in no time"
MMB:"Just make sure to hold still Alice"
MMB:"Okay now is your chance you can get out now" MMA:"Oh its so good to smell fresh air instead of that stinky plastic"
MMA:"Thank you for you help Bella unlike my unhelpful brother"
MMB:"Oh Alice I'm so glad to see you!" MMA:*giggles*"I'm happy to see you too Bella"
MMA:"Now you on the other hand...*pauses*...wait...*tilts head* why are you wearing sunglasses indoors? *shakes head* You should be glad i'm here your fashion sense needs some serious help."
MME:"Its nice to see you too Alice, and I can't help the glasses...I can't take them off..."*chuckles*
We are so glad you are here Alice!

Stay tuned.....

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