Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Worst Twilight Rumors!

We have seen many rumors this year and even this week. From Kristen and Rob getting married to now OK! reporting they are no longer together. Umm...when were they together? Here is a list of the worst ones to date according to Popstar:

1. Robert & Kristen Engaged. Whether they date or have dated is still up in the air, but one thing that is untrue is the couple's plan on marrying. The two sit at the height of Hollywood fame, the world is their oyster, chances are they are not looking to settle down with anyone.

2.Stewart Pregnant. The media must love the baby bump because not only did they accuse Pattinson of being pregnant, they were dead set that Stewart was this summer. Time proved that this was just a nasty rumor.

3. 5th Twilight Movie. Sorry, twi-hards we are not as lucky as the Harry Potter fans. When Boo Boo Stewart spilled up and mentioned the possibility of Breaking Dawn being split into two parts, Summit reacted by saying, "we appreciate our young actor's enthusiasm for the franchise and his role, but his comments about the number of films were unfortunately uninformed and not accurate."

4. Robert Pattinson Pregnant. Do we have to even say Anything Else?

These rumors that are started are hurtful and dumb to say the least. But at least they get a laugh or two. So next time you are standing at the checkout line and you see a magazine with KStew & RPatty on the cover, think twice before you pick it and believe it to be true.

Source: PopStar

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