Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Charlie Bewley of 'New Moon' talks to Entertainment Weekly

How did you get the part?
I was auditioning in Vancouver. You know like any actor is before they hit something, I was waiting tables, bartending, hoping something great would come around. Sure enough, New Moon pops up. Back in the end of January, they came to town because they switched the production from Oregon to Vancouver, so luckily enough they were casting the roles up there.

What did you bring to the role of Demetri?
Certainly based on all the information that I dragged out of the books and certain websites, I went in [to the audition] with my best interpretation of what I though Demetri was. I’m actually quite far removed from the character in terms of his physical attributes in the book. But I think the essence I brought to the audition was what got me the role: I brought the charm and at the same time, the sinister aspect of the character.

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Source: EW

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