Monday, November 2, 2009

Kristen and Taylor are on their way to Mexico

Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner left the hotel trough its backdoor surrounded by screaming fans.

It ended around 20:40 (Brazilian time) of Sunday night, November 1st, the visit of the “New Moon” stars, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, in Brazil. The actors left the Hyatt hotel in Sao Paulo, in a convoy consisting of six armored cars heading to the Guarulhos International Airport, where they embark for Mexico to continue with the release of the second movie of the vampire saga.

The cars with the actors left the hotel surrounded by more than 50 screaming fans who were waiting at the sideway hoping to see the actors even behind glasses. When the car stopped at the lighthouse, the vehicles were surrounded by girls who tried to take pictures. This happened during their entire stay at the hotel (you can see pictures of the crowd at their hotel here), a lot of fans stayed at the hotel door waiting for a click, a sign, anything. The security around the actors was heavy and they were only seen by the public when they landed in Guarulhos in the late morning of Saturday, October 31st.

On Saturday, 31st, after a little rest at the hotel and after taking pictures with some fans that were staying in the same hotel as they, Kristen and Taylor had a little time to eat at a steakhouse. They went to a ‘Fogo de Chão’ restaurant, in the south of the city, were they ate a lot of typical Brazilian meat in a sistem of meat rotation. Then they had papaya cream for dessert. No fan was able to discover their dinner plan and they were able to eat quietly in a private room of the restaurant.

On Sunday, 1st, they did a marathon, about six hours of interviews that began late morning and continued until late afternoon. They were at a press conference and then they gave individual interviews for differents TV channels, magazines, and newspapers. At about 18, 19 hours of the day, the interviews ended and they had a little time to go to their hotel suite, pack everything and get ready to catch the plane to Mexico.

Poor guys. I hope they get plenty of rest in between. They are going to be exhausted after all this. I got tire just reading it. Imagine talking about the same thing over and over for 19 hours! Wow! Good Luck to them.

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