Friday, November 6, 2009

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson talk to MTV about their characters Edward and Bella

"I feel very much like I can't really tell a huge difference between myself and Bella anymore, as odd as that sounds," she admitted in an interview released by Summit Entertainment. "I'm used to playing really distinct characters that are so far away from my normal reality and in this case, the only thing that I was really worried about was just making sure it was absolutely honest and open and vulnerable and very present."

Following the 2008 original film — and the worldwide vampire craze that exploded as a result — Stewart had no problem falling back into step with her co-star Robert Pattinson on set. Much like Stewart, Pattinson had gone from a relatively low-key public profile to one of the biggest stars on the planet after his turn as vampire Edward Cullen. But once on set for "New Moon" — which hits theaters on November 20 — they easily found the same rhythm the duo maintained during "Twilight."

"We're both pretty instinctual, impulsive actors," Stewart explained. "We don't really hash things over and over because we both know our characters fairly well. It was easy to step back into the project because it was something we [already] did. Once you play someone — it's a strange thing — you don't forget who they are. And we work together well, so it was easy."


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