Friday, November 27, 2009

Kristen Stewart interview with

Q1: Well, Taylor is a warewolf that's quite sexy, but you are not in love with him, is it because he doesn't own a Volvo?

Q2: You have been in Spain before, tell us the difference between the two visits, have you noticed the growth on the fanbase?

Q3: What is more scary, a vampire or a fan?

Q4: I don't know if you like to navegate the internet as much as I do, but I found this really nice panties with Robert's face on them. Would you ever wear this panties?

Q5: Tell us a funny thing that happened during filming.

Q6: A few hours ago I was telling people in our twitter what you
said in the Press Conference, why don't you use twitter like, for example, the Jonas Brothers, who were here yesterday, are you afraid to tell your fans so many things?

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