Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kristen Stewart talks to ET about New Moon and Robert Pattinson Rumors

Kristen Stewart sits down with ET's Samantha Harris and talks about everything from how Rob Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are different, to commenting on rumors that she and Rob are dating offscreen.
Kristen tells Samantha about those who ask whether she and Rob are an item: "The only way that I'm able to stay sane is to protect myself, and like, I know that it doesn't matter how you answer a question, it's going to tip. Someone's going to say, 'She's totally with him,' or, 'No, I don't think she is,' so it's sort of like, I don't care. You just have to seriously be like, have it, have it all. Take my, you know what I mean, just like, you want my shoes? Here you go, what size do you wear?"

She also explains how Rob and Taylor are different in real life, "I mean, they're just completely different guys. I mean, Taylor's like really happy-go-lucky. He's really light and actually that sort of mirrors, that's how Jacob is too. He's always smiling and he's sort of ... he's just a really good guy."

On Rob she says, "Rob is a really good guy, too. He's like a little bit more ... I don't want to say that he's more complicated because I bet if you broke down their character, I bet they're both equally complex. I think Rob considers things a little bit more, I think he drives himself a little bit crazier, like as well as I do. If we could take a lesson from Taylor, I think me and Rob could probably both have easier lives."
I really like this interview.
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