Sunday, November 8, 2009

Kristen Stewarts Press Junket Interview with IESB

Q: How did filming in Italy add to the romance of your character?

Kristen: The fact that we didn't have to be on a set and we were really in Italy, made it so much easier to immerse yourself in this world. It was so cool that we got to go to Italy and that we didn't have to fake it. I think it really did add a scope to the film that wouldn't otherwise be there. To go from Forks to Italy is such a stark contrast and is romantic, just in the idea of it. So, to be there and feel it, of course it helps to have the real environment.

Q: How emotional was it to do the break-up scene with Bella and Edward?

Kristen: That was the scariest thing. I was almost as worried about messing it up as I was about what I actually should have been thinking about, which were the issues that Bella is dealing with. Reading it, it's so iconic. There's nothing like that moment in reality. It's not even a normal break-up scene. I know what it like to get broken up with, but I don't know what it's like to get broken up with by a vampire who I've now been physically and chemically altered by. Suddenly, you take an addict and you take whatever they're addicted to away from them, and there's withdrawal.

That was the most intimidating scene in the entire movie. I don't know how to explain how I did it. Chris really helped me out. It was just about talking to him and reading the book. I had no other actors play off. The actual break-up scene that I did with Rob was not even where it happened. That was not where I was intimidated. She didn't seven believe it yet. It was the absence of him that I was scared of. I was like, "How am I going to be by myself in the woods with 100 guys standing around me, filming me?" Basically, it was literally having the equivalent of a death scene, but stay alive and get up and keep walking. It was hard. It was really intimidating. I've seen the movie. I really like the movie, but I don't know if anyone ever really would've been able to bring that to life, the way that Stephenie [Meyer] wrote it.

Q: Other than that, were there any other challenging scenes or moments for you?

Kristen: For me, this was the most difficult film. Bella is so sure all the time, and this is the one movie where she's actually baffled and totally like, "I don't know." It was weird to play Bella like that because she's so not like that. That was difficult. I can't think of a particular scene. It was really hard to go back and forth because you don't shoot a movie in sequence. I had to do stuff with Jacob, where I was alive and happy and out of this depression thing. And then, after lunch, I'd have to go back and scream in my bed for six hours. That was difficult.

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