Friday, November 6, 2009

List of Tracks from 'New Moon' The Score Released

Oh my oh my! There is a track named "Marry Me, Bella" !!! Here is the full list

1. New Moon
2. Bella Dreams
3. Romeo & Juliet
4. Volturi Waltz
5. Blood Sample
6. Edward Leaves
7. Werewolves
8. I Need You
9. Break Up
10. Memories of Edward
11. Wolves v. Vampire
12. Victoria
13. Almost a Kiss
14. Adrenaline
15. Dreamcatcher
16. To Volterra
17. You are Alive
18. The Volturi
19. The Cullens
20. Marry Me, Bella
21. Full Moon

What do you think of the titles?? Are you excited?? I can't wait to hear it! The New Moon Score will be released on November 24th. You can pre-order it from, Barnes and Noble, or Borders.

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