Monday, November 16, 2009

The Music of New Moon: Match the Song to the Scene

With the opening of New Moon just days away, we've taken it upon ourselves to pair songs from the top-selling soundtrack to five pivotal scenes in the Twilight sequel.

Here's our musical match-made-in-heaven predictions for New Moon:

1. Bella's Birthday Party: "Possibility" by Lykke LiIn this exclusive track for the album, Nordic singer Lykke Li purrs the lyrics, "By blood and by me, and I'll fall when you leave." The song couldn't be a more somber match for Edward's impending departure from his beloved Bella after her birthday party.

2. Bella's Cliff-Diving Hallucination: "Hearing Damage" by Thom Yorke So distraught over her breakup, Bella discovers that putting herself at danger (i.e.: cliff-diving into icy waters!) allows her to hallucinate Edward's presence. Yorke's opening phrase, "A tear in my brain/Allows the voices in," has us convinced that this song's perfect for Bella's adventurous drop.

3. Jacob's First Shift: "Monsters" by Hurricane Bells Bella's fallen for a vampire, and now she's about to find out that her best friend Jacob, who's been consoling her broken heart, is a teen werewolf. Hurricane Bells' "Monsters" – sample lyrics: "If you wasn't too sure then now you know" and "The monsters are buried down deep inside" – is an apt track for Jacob's big shift.

4. Jacob & Bella's Near-Kiss: "Satellite Heart" by Anya Marina Bella is torn. The love of her life left her and now she's dealing with conflicted feelings for her hot werewolf bestie. We could see a shirtless Jacob singing Anya Marina's lyrics to a heartbroken Bella in an effort to win her over: "So Pretty, So Smart/Such A Waste Of A Young Heart."

5. Bella's Pursuit of Edward in Italy: "Meet Me on the Equinox" by Death Cab For Cutie With lyrics like, "Let our bodies intertwine/But always understand that everything ends," this one calls for a Bella-Edward make out reunion after she saves him from exposing his shimmering skin in the Italian sun.

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