Monday, November 23, 2009

Reports that Robert Pattinson signed a $500 million TV deal are False!

According to Gossip Cop, there have been headlines that say Robert Pattinson Signs TV Deal. I was actually wondering if this is true myself and Gossip Cop gets down to buisness and finds us the truth about this rumor, and it is in fact a rumor.

According to the article, the film “franchise is branching out into TV production – and bosses want heart-throb Rob to reprise his big-screen role as Edward Cullen.” The story claims he “could land as much as $1.5 million an episode in the deal which could kick in as early as next year.”


Oh wait, there’s more…

"Kristen Stewart, Rob’s on-screen human love Bella Swan, is also wanted by chiefs at Summit Entertainment,” reports the Daily Star, adding “both would be free to work on the TV version almost immediately as they have already completed the third film in the series, The ­Twilight Saga: Eclipse.”

But how about the other films they’re slated to do?

More importantly, how about the accuracy of this story?

A rep for Summit told Gossip Cop exclusively that there is “no truth” to Pattinson signing a TV deal with Summit.

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