Wednesday, November 18, 2009

TIME: Q&A with Kristen Stewart

Kristen talks to TIME about living in the Twilight bubble, taking time out to play Joan Jett in the forthcoming movie The Runaways, and what's next for Bella and the undead guys who adore her.

Taking on the beloved Bella is a big responsibility. You're always going to have people who believe you're the best Bella, and people who still hate the casting. Is that difficult?
It's not difficult when it's totally concerning the movie. That I still get and I completely understand. I watch Twilight and New Moon and I think, Gosh, there are a million lines that I wish were in it that aren't. You can't be expected to capture the book — what you are expected to do is capture an essence. That's always subjective. It's something that eternally worries me, but at the same time you have to suppress those thoughts. You would be playing a really disjointed character if you were taking everyone's considerations. It's impossible to please everyone. As long as they know that you are working hard, as hard as you can, I think the actual fans of the book accept that and appreciate that.

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Source: TIME

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