Monday, November 16, 2009

'Twilight' Screenwriter says 'New Moon' is better than the first

Gina McIntryre a contributer to Hero Complex in the LA Times traveled to Vancouver to visit the set of "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" and talked to the creative minds behind one of the most anticipated films of 2009. This week, they will be counting down to Friday's release of the vampy sequel. Here is thier first bit a Q&A with screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg.

GM: What changes did you make to that first draft of "New Moon"?
MR: There was a lot of honing down, cutting down and eliminating certain scenes and pulling out certain elements of the story just to have it move faster.

GM: How many different drafts of the screenplay did you write?
MR: You do so many drafts over the course of a script. I do very, very detailed outlines, like 25-page outlines. I’ll do any number of drafts and get feedback from a very big circle of writer friends and associates. Finally, I’ll have a draft that I think works. Then I give it to the producers and they give me notes and feedback. For me, a lot of the work happens in that outline stage because that’s when you’re going from blank page to here’s what we’re doing. Then, writing the script, you do more drafts. Again, I’ll have 10 different writer friends read it at any one given time. By the time the producers get it, it’s actually been honed quite a bit. It’s a lot like what directors do with test screenings to see how people respond to certain moments. I do a lot of that. I don’t know that all writers do that. It may be a habit from TV, just from working collaboratively with a lot of people, I’m used to getting instant reaction.

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