Thursday, November 19, 2009

Vanity Fair's Twilight Watch: A Conversation with Elizabeth Reaser

Elizabeth who plays Esme Cullen in The Twilight saga
spoke to Vanity Fair on the phone from the set of Eclipse, just minutes before
shooting a pivotal scene in the Cullen house. Here's what she had to say about
Nikki Reed, going from Juilliard to Hollywood, and her obsession with Jay-Z.

What has it been like working with
different directors on the same character?

I like it. I think part of
the fun of being an actor is getting to work with different directors and seeing
their take on it, what they’re passionate about. They all have different ideas
about your character. David [Slade] has a very interesting take on Esme. He’s
really passionate about her, that she’s not just this nice, sweet gal; that
she’s still a vampire and she’s still tearing up mountain lions in the middle of
the night and drinking their blood. She’s still the wild beast in a way. It’s
fun to think about that aspect of her character.

To read the whole interview check out here at the Vanity Fair website.

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