Thursday, November 5, 2009

Will Robert Pattinson be People's Choice for Sexiest Man Alive 2009?

At the Lainey Gossip site they have an annual prediction of who she thinks may be the Sexiest Man Alive. On her list is Robert Pattinson. The list of people chosen is a prediction at who maybe voted as the SMA not who you want to be the SMA. So here are the pros and cons she wrote up for Robert Pattinson. Lets see if you agree:

Arguments For:
1. He’s very, very pretty
2. He’s very, very, very pretty
3. He’s prettier than everyone
4. His meteoric rise. Pattinson is undoubtedly one of the most famous faces on the planet. His has been an impressive ascent fueled by a fanbase that is at best ardent, at worst obsessed, and at its most alarming, f-cking crazy
5. This fanbase, the Twilight Nation, will buy anything. And the bottom line is always a consideration. People wants to sell. Twi-Hards will buy. If they name Edward Cullen the Sexiest Man Alive, they will reward the magazine with A LOT of money
6. In case you haven’t heard, Summit is marketing a movie called New Moon. In case you haven’t heard, Robert Pattinson is the star of New Moon

Arguments against:
1. Most of Pattinson’s predecessors have had to rough it before becoming it. Pattinson is beautiful. But beyond Twilight he is still unproven. Pay your dues, boy
2. There is time. After New Moon there is still at least one more movie. Think of the Lord of the Rings example. The Oscar came after the final film was released
3. At only 23 years old with undoubtedly more opportunities, with more respectable projects, Pattinson will be a contender each and every year. Giving it to him now could deprive him of one later on. He can’t win it at 24, and 25, and 26, and 27, as much as Twi-Hards want him to, it’s just not reasonable
4. The Man Cred. Does he have any Man Cred? Depp has Man Cred. Pitt does too. And Clooney. Even McConaughey. And definitely Jackman. The ladies love Rob. And that’s certainly the priority. But the Sexiest Man Alive is usually accepted by the men too. Pattinson is still very short on Man Cred
5. Most importantly though…as much as the studio wants it… does HE want it? Pattinson appears to be an unwilling and uncomfortable heartthrob. His reluctance seems genuine. In the past, the SMA has held this title with pride. The offer is extended by the magazine. He usually accepts gracefully and eagerly. And he takes his victory lap with humility but also with a sense of duty. It’s like winning a beauty pageant. The crown comes with great responsibility. And it rests not on the head of an awkward, fumbling monarch, but on a king who will bear it confidently. By all accounts, Pattinson is not ready for this level of fame and attention. And if he does end up courting and receiving the prize, his shy guy, oh no not me routine, wouldn’t that be totally disingenuous?

He WILL be the Sexiest Man Alive eventually. For sure. But he needs to grow into it

Do you agree or disagree with this? Who do you think will be the next Sexiest Man Alive? To see who else is on her predictions list check it out here

Source : Lainey Gossip

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