Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Discussion Time: Are Edward and Bella in an abusive relationship?

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This indeed is an interesting question. EW has an article written by Tina Jordan who mentions she is a feminist(I'm not saying anything against feminist i'm simply typing what was written in the article) and mother of teenage daughters who has some problems with the book.

She mentions why does Bella always need to be rescued by men? Why can't she rescue herself occasionally? Why can't she drive herself places? Mentioning that in New Moon either Edward or Jacob is driving instead of her. I do remember she does drive once I think maybe more correct me if I'm wrong; but she drives in the book when taking Jacob to go get parts for the motorcycles. Also when they are going to drive the motorcycles for the first time. I only remember Jacob driving when she gets hurt and wants to take her to the hospital and after cliff diving. She also asks why all the male vampires have college degrees and so forth? Well maybe because they have been around for a 100 years or more and decided to spend their time going to school and junk? LOL!

So getting to the point there are two articles she mentions which can be found here that compare Edward to a stalker and one that asks if Edward is enabling domestic violence. I just thought really? Seriously? The post describes how the Edward-Bella romance has all the earn marks of an abusive relationship as defined by a national domestic violence group: "Does your partner look at you or act in a ways that scare you? Check. Make all the decisions? Check. Threaten to kill you? On their first date..."

I mean really. I read the books and didn't even think about half of this stuff. I just enjoyed the read. But after reading it over and over and if you over analyze everything written I guess you could end up thinking well Bella is in an abusive relationship. Which I would like to point out I don't think she is but there are things that may make you think that way. The way Edward is possessive in some ways only wanting her for himself. Not wanting her to be friends with any other boys such as Jacob. Maybe he can be a bit controlling at times maybe not. I don't think he is a stalker, but like I said if you over analyze everything and say well why is he going to her room at night and watching her sleep?

What do you think? Have you ever thought that Edward and Bella's relationship is abusive?

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