Friday, July 31, 2009

Kellan heads back to Vancouver

Hello Kellan! Mr. Lutz was seen at the airport in Burbank, CA. Doesn't he look so hot! Yumm! Rumor has it that Kellan and Ashley are heading back to Vancouver to start filming Eclipse. Eeep! I'm excited! Eclipse is one of my favorite books of the Twilight Saga. I hope the movie is as good as the book.

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The World of Twilight Page now open

You can now see descriptions of the cast, pictures, videos of both Twilight and New Moon. They also have icons for Breaking Dawn and Eclipse but those still don't work yet. So go check it out! It's now open for your viewing pleasure. Click here to go to the website.

Stephenie will have her very own Comic Book!

According to the Reelz Channel Press Release Stephenie Meyer the creator of The Twilight Saga will have her very own biography comic. Bluewater Productions is producing two versions of the comic. The comic named Female Force: Stephenie Meyer is scheduled to be released right before the movie The Twilight Saga: New Moon which hits theaters in November. You will have two options to choose from: A standard 22-page version and a double-sized collector's edition that contains a variety of extras.

Will you be buying the comic book? I think I might. :)

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Source ReelzChannel

Vote for your favorite: TV/Movies Hottest Vampire

EW's issue this week is a guide on Vampires. Check out all the TV/Movies hottest vampires to date! Both Men and Women. Then vote on your favorite! Rachelle, Elisabeth, and Rob have all been featured.


RACHELLE LEFEVRE: Victoria in Twilight (2008)Maybe revenge is a dish best served hot. Victoria may be plotting against Bella and Edward (Edward killed her partner in vamp crime), but Lefevre makes villainhood seem pretty darn appealing. Too bad she's been replaced by Bryce Dallas Howard for the third Twi-flick, Eclipse.

ELISABETH REASER: Esme in Twilight (2008)We have a soft spot for hot moms, and Esme Cullen is way at the top of the list — sure, she's physically frozen in the body of a 26-year-old, which helps, but she's also devoted and thoughtful, and Reaser's easy warmth comes through despite the ostensible icy pallor.

Vote here for your favorite female vampire


ROBERT PATTINSON: Edward Cullen in Twilight (2008)Vampires are sexy when they're bad, this we know. But it turns out they can be even hotter when they're good and struggling to control the urge to devour you as they sit on your bed and lean in for a kiss.... That's the sort of vamp that gives tween girls (and adult women) the best kind of hot flashes.

Vote here for your favorite Male vampire

Source: EW

Entertainment Weekly's Guide to Vampires

This weeks issue will feature interviews with the authors behind Twilight and True Blood, our list of the 20 greatest bloodsuckers ever, and Anne Rice’s pick for the best new vampire — as well as a talk with her about how she revolutionized the vampire legend decades ago with Interview with a Vampire.

Pick up the latest issue out today July 31st!

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Source: EW

Kellan is Superman!

Wow! Check these pics out! Kellan playing twister. Where?! I'm not sure but here are some photos! To answer one of their questions I think Kellan is stronger than Taylor but we will never know. Maybe they should have an arm wrestling contest like Emmett and Bella.

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Top 10 Sexy Smiles!

Ten Gossip has a list of 10 celebritys with the hottest smile. Rob, Kellan, Taylor, and Jackson all made the list.

At #5 they have Robert Pattinson with this description: Everything about him invites you in, his smile is no exception.( I can agree to that, an Edward quality. =)

At #3 is Taylor Lautner with this description: Does his being half naked bother me? Nope, but his mouth does tend to draw my attention.

At #2 is Kellan Lutz with this description: His teeth, his lips, his dimples, I don't see how anyone couldn't appreciate that mouth.

And at #1 is Jackson Rathbone this is what they had to say: For me, there is no sexier mouth on the planet. His smile reaches his eyes, and it's contagious. You can't look at him grinnin, and not do the same in return. Every time I see his mouth turn up at the corners, I can't help but smile extremely wide and say "Awwww" (Yes out loud. Don't judge me) *laughs*

So what do you think? Is that the number they fall on in your list. I would have had Rob and #1 but I'm biased seen as I'm all about Rob...but Jackson would have come at a close 2nd.

Source: Ten Gossip

Day 1 of Twi-Con


The four-day event costs $255, but that's a small price compared to what some have already spent. One of the fans said, "From the plane and the four-night hotel, until now, like $1500." Another Fan said, "I had to buy a giant Edward to embarrass my daughter with."Throughout the weekend, fans will attend Twilight panels and snag autographs from the movie's cast members. "Christian Serratose, Peter Facinelli, Alex Meraz, Jackson Rathbone.


Michael Sheen's New Role

Thanks to ReelzChannel we have found out what Michael Sheen will be doing next. He has been cast in aDisney film called Tron Legacy. According to Reelz, Disney made the casting offical via their twitter account by announcing: "Yes, Michael Sheen will have a role in Tron Legacy!" Congrats Michael. You will also be able to see more of Mr. Sheen in The Twilight Saga: New Moon as Aro.

Source: ReelzChannel

Top 10 faces of Kellan Lutz

Ten gossip has come up with the Top 10 faces of Kellan Lutz. Who can resist looking at the other Cullens. I'm a Team Edward fan but I don't mind looking at the here you go for all you Emmett and Kellan Fans!
10. Half humored half cocky:

9. Welcome to Kellan's WTFE face:

8. Caught with my hand in the cookie jar face, *whispering, look behind him. Maxim:

7. Come hither and sit on my lap face, If anyone is still in their chair, un-moved after the look, i'm concerned about you:

6. Oh I know I'm fabulous face (yes babe, you are):

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Source: Ten Gossip

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Borders New Moon 2010 Calendar

According to Borders you can get the New Moon Calendar 2010 next week on August 4th. You can buy your calander here for 16.99. This is the description for the calendar:
Are you on Team Edward? Team Jacob? Cast your vote when you display the official calendar for the second movie in the Twilight Saga: New Moon. Enjoy 13 images of Bella, Jacob & Edward & the rest of the cast in this 12'' x 12'' wall format.

Source: Borders

Hollywood's favorite quotes from New Moon's Comic-Con

Hollywood recorded every word the cast said during Comic-Con and here are some of their favorites:

"It's my first job, really. So it's been an incredible first job." - Ashley Greene

"All these machines did the acting for me, which is the way I like it." - Robert Pattinson, on filming his 'apparition work' in New Moon

Robert Pattinson: "Chris, do you think I'm similar to my character?"
Chris Weitz: "I've notice you're very cold to the touch. Skin like marble, and that you glow like a diamond when the sun is out."

To see more of the quotes click here

Source: Hollywood

Melissa Rosenberg reveals one of Rachelle's final scenes

MTV recently spoke to Melissa Rosenberg at Comic-Con where she revealed a top-secret scene that she added to the "New Moon" script- and one that is one of the final scenes Rachelle will film as vampire Victoria.

Source: MTV

Taylor and Taylor on the Valentines Day Set nice they have the same. Next thing you know they will be saying they are a couple. Of course since everyone in Hollywood "supposably" goes out with their co-star. What do you think their celebrity couple name will be Tay Tay...haha... Anyway Taylor Lautner was seen doing some kind of track and field scene.

Valentine's Day follows intertwining couples and singles in Los Angeles break-up and make-up based on the pressures and expectations of Valentine's Day.

New Moon Wolf Pack Trading Card Giveaway

The Geeks of Doom website is having a trading card giveaway. The sealed New Moon sample trading card set includes five trading cards: one each for Jared, Paul, Embry, and Sam with character bios and quotes on the back; the fifth card contains an image of all four of them, with info on the Quileute Wolf Pack on the back. They are also giving away the New Moon Poster.

Three (3) winners each will receive:
One (1) New Moon sample trading card set
One (1) New Moon teaser poster

To see the offical rules and enter the contest click here

Twilight and New Moon Birthday cards from Hallmark

EOnline has a look at the New Moon and Twilight Birthday Cards. There is also cards for Valentines and Halloween. They also have detachable bookmarks, sheets of stickers and built-in music makers that play clips from the Twilight soundtrack.

I want them all!!! To see pictures of all the new stuff click here.

Source: EOnline

Kristen in Red leather Jump Suit

Check her out! Kristen is looking more and more like a 70's rocker. She is also looking more and more like Joan Jett which is a good thing for the Runaways. Here she is on the movie set in Norwalk, CA.
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Source: RadarOnline

Nikki on why Girls love Rob

People got to talk to Nikki at the TXT L8TR Campain party and get her take on the whole Rachelle thing she said was she hasn't "talked to Rachelle yet." "I don't know anything about it other than a schedule conflict."

They also asked her why he has got such a large following. This what she said "Rob is sort of feminine looking and I think young girls like boys that look like women."

Okay I don't think I like boys who look like women. I guess according to Nikki some young girls do. That sounded kinda weird to me. What do you think? Does Rob look like a woman?
Source: People

Ashley's Photoshoot

Here are some photos of Ashley at a Photoshoot in West Hollywood. Love the new hair! She looks fabulous or how others would say Fierce!
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Kellan and Nikki out and about

Kellan Lutz and Nikki Reed attended the Express Celebrates TXT L8TR Campaign on July 29, 2009 at Nobu, in West Hollywood, California. Its a campaign that promotes road safety by encouraging people not to text while driving.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

EW wants to know who else is replaceable?

EW is having a poll on who else you think is replaceable in the franchise without having seen New Moon. Personally I vote no one! But you might have a different opinion than me. Here is a bit of the article and then you decide if anyone is replaceable.

Perhaps I’ll grow more attached to the cast after The Twilight Saga: New Moon hits theaters (especially if its script is better than the first film’s), but at this point, the only supporting player I’d be seriously bummed by Summit replacing would be Billy Burke. You actually got to know his character, Bella’s dad Charlie, enough in the first movie to get attached — unlike any of the vamps, save Edward — and his acting was perfectly adequate, so what would be the point? (Before you pounce: I would be somewhat disappointed to see Peter Facinelli and Elizabeth Reaser, Carlisle and Esme, go; but I still have to look up the names of the other Cullens actors.)

Check out the article here

Source: EW

Statement from Summit regarding Rachelle

The Twilight Lexicon has brought it to us again first from Summit regarding Rachelle:

We at Summit Entertainment are disappointed by Rachelle Lefevre’s recent comments which attempt to make her career choices the fault of the Studio. Her decision to discuss her version of the scheduling challenges publicly has forced the Studio to set the record straight and correct the facts.

Ms. Lefevre’s representatives were advised as early as April that THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE was expected to start shooting in early August.

If Ms. Lefevre was, as she describes “passionate,” about being part of THE TWILIGHT SAGA, we feel that she and her representatives would have included us in her decision to work on another film that would conflict with the shooting schedule of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE.

It was not until July 20th that Summit was first informed of Ms. Lefevre’s commitment to BARNEY’S VERSION, a commitment we have since been advised she accepted in early June. Summit had acted in good faith that she would be available to fulfill her obligations both in terms of rehearsals and shooting availability for THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE. We feel that her choice to withhold her scheduling conflict information from us can be viewed as a lack of cooperative spirit which affected the entire production.

Furthermore Ms. Lefevre took a role in the other film that places her in Europe during the required rehearsal time, and at least ten days of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE’s principal photography. This period is essential for both rehearsal time with the cast, and for filming at key locations that are only available during the initial part of production.

Contrary to Ms. Lefevre’s statement, it is simply untrue that the Studio dismissed her over a ten day overlap. It is not about a ten day overlap, but instead about the fact that THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE is an ensemble production that has to accommodate the schedules of numerous actors while respecting the established creative vision of the filmmaker and most importantly the story.

The fact remains that Ms. Lefevre’s commitment to the other project – which she chose to withhold from Summit until the last possible moment – makes her unfortunately unavailable to perform the role of Victoria in THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE.

After reading all the statements from both sides I can say that I am very confused at the moment and don't know who to believe. What is your opinion on all this?

Source: Summit

Rachelle Speaks out!

We all read Summits offical release stating that Rachelle was out. Here is what she had to say:

“I was stunned by Summit’s decision to recast the role of Victoria for ‘Eclipse,’” Rachelle said in a statement to Access Hollywood.

“I was fully committed to the ‘Twilight’ saga, and to the portrayal of Victoria,” Rachelle continued, explaining the turn of events that led to the casting change. “I turned down several other film opportunities and, in accordance with my contractual rights, accepted only roles that would involve very short shooting schedules. My commitment to ‘Barney’s Version’ is only ten days. Summit picked up my option for ‘Eclipse.’ Although the production schedule for ‘Eclipse’ is over three months long, Summit said they had a conflict during those ten days and would not accommodate me. Given the length of filming for ‘Eclipse,’ never did I fathom I would lose the role over a 10 day overlap. I was happy with my contract with Summit and was fully prepared to continue to honor it. Summit chose simply to recast the part.”

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Jackson grants dying fans last wish

Jackson Rathbone is making a dying fan's dream come true-by treating her to a behind-the-scenes tour of his band's upcoming concert.

He's offered to let the 14-year-old fan hang out backstage with the band at Saturday's show in Dallas, Texas- and the star is convinced the selfless act is the least he could do.

Jackson says, "We're all very lucky people and helping others makes us who we are." sweet of him. Its always nice to do good things for people.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

5 Eclipse Scenes that need to be in the Movie

The Reelz Channel has come up with the 5 scenes that are a must have in Eclipse. Lets see if you agree or if you have something that you want to be in the movie. Sound off in the comments.

Chapter 15 the 'Wager'

This chapter has everything: Jacob kissing Bella against her wishes, Bella punching Jacob and breaking her hand, and Edward gallantly stepping up to defend his woman. Here's hoping Melissa Rosenberg writes this whole chapter into the screenplay — especially Edward's "If you ever kiss her again, I will break your jaw for her" line. There's no doubt about it: Theater audiences would swoon.

To see the rest click here

Rachelle LeFevere replaced by Bryce Dallas Howard

The Lexicon brought it to us first! The News that Rachelle will be replaced by Bryce Dallas Howard in Eclipse. Here is the offical statement from Summit!


Actress Rachelle Lefevre Will Be Replaced By Howard In The Role Of Victoria

Los Angeles – July 28, 2009 – Summit Entertainment announced today that Bryce Dallas Howard will take over the role of “Victoria” in the studio’s upcoming production of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE. Actress, Rachelle Lefevre, who portrayed the character in TWILIGHT as well as the upcoming release of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON, will not continue in the role due to scheduling conflicts with another commitment the actor has made. THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE will start filming in Vancouver this coming August.

THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE, the third film in the studio’s TWILIGHT film franchise based on Stephenie Meyer’s blockbuster book series, will be directed by David Slade from a screenplay written by Melissa Rosenberg. The film will be released theatrically in North America on Wednesday, June 30, 2010.

“We are incredibly happy that Bryce has agreed to come into the franchise,” said Erik Feig, Summit’s President of Worldwide Production and Acquisitions. “Rachelle brought “Victoria” to great screen life and Bryce will bring a new dimension to the character. The franchise is lucky to have such a talented actress as Bryce coming in to fill the role.”

Howard most recently starred in TERMINATOR SALVATION as Kate Connor and has been seen in SPIDER-MAN 3, LADY IN THE WATER, and THE VILLAGE. She was nominated for a Golden Globe for her leading performance as an actress in the HBO film AS YOU LIKE IT.

In THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE, Bella once again finds herself surrounded by danger as Seattle is ravaged by a string of mysterious killings and a malicious vampire continues her quest for revenge. In the midst of it all, she is forced to choose between her love for Edward and her friendship with Jacob — knowing that her decision has the potential to ignite the ageless struggle between vampire and werewolf. With her graduation quickly approaching, Bella is confronted with the most important decision of her life.

New EW Portrait of Kellan, Nikki, and Rachelle

Here is a new photo all three from Comic-Con. To see more photos click here.

Cullen Photos from New Moon Website

Here are some of the individual photos that can be found on the New Moon website. There is also one of Bella that has been included.

Rosalie from Twilight to New Moon

So what do you think of the way Rosalie looks from Twilight to New Moon? Her hair in Twilight looks a little lighter compared to New Moon. Then again it could be the lighting. The makeup this time around is really good though. I think it looks better on the Cullens this time around. The eyes also seem to pop out more in New Moon. Either way I think Nikki does a great job as Rosalie.

Rosalie photo from Birthday Scene in New Moon

Here are some photos from the birthday scene in New Moon in case you haven't seen them and a new one of Rosalie!