Friday, August 7, 2009

Kiowa Gordon talks to MTV about the Wolf Pack

Kiowa Gordon got to talk to MTV last night at the Band Slam premiere. To read more of the interview not in the video click here

Source: MTV

Want to know where the Twilight stars will be seated?

Eonline has the exclusive! According to Mark Malkin the Twilight cast is sitting in the second row right behind the Black Eyed Peas. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will be sitting next to each other. Also in their row: Jackson Rathbone, Justin Chon, Ashley Greene, Taylor Lautner, Kellan Lutz and Nikki Reed. DirectorCatherine Hardwicke is directly behind them, as are Megan Fox, Miley Cyrus, Cameron Diaz and Hugh Jackman.

But don't get to confortable with the seating arrangements it may change. According to an executive of the show the Twilight cast can sit where ever they want. So I guess we will have to tune in on Monday to see.

Twilight Cast on GDNY

Its not really an interview like the one with Ashley on Good Day L.A. They are showing bits and pieces from Comic-Con. If you want to watch here it is

Yet again more photos from Glamour Magazine

Here are more pictures of Ashley, Nikki, Rachelle, and Noot from the Glamour Magazine Shoot. Each photo gives a description of how to get their look. So go check it out here.

Ashley on Good Day L.A.

Jimmy Fallon Parodies Robert Pattinson again

Kellan and Elizabeth hit the gym and Taylor signs autographs

Is it me or does every time we see Kellan he is looking more and more HOT!! I don't know...I think I might be changing to Team Emmett! He and Elizabeth were hitting the gym yesterday. Can't wait to see that fighting scene in Eclipse! Taylor was also seen yesterday signing autographs for the fans while he was on his way to dinner it seems. To see more photos click here.

Fansite Fridays

Several Fansites got the chance to visit the set of New Moon. Go check them out to read all of their reports.

Twilight Beauty Giveaway

ELLE Magazine is giving away some of the Twilight Beauty Products that won't be available till later on in the year. All you have to do is upload your best Twilight-inspired beauty tutorial on ELLE Video Star between now and Friday, August 14 at noon EST and you could be one of ten lucky fans to win a pretty-tough peewter that is very sheer and vanilla-scented. Click here to enter the giveaway!

Source: ELLE

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Christian Serratos Talks To MTV

MTV got to talk to Christian at while she was at TwiCon. Here are some of the things they asked:

MTV: What do you have in your "Twilight" clothes collection?

Serratos: I have a lot of "Twilight" gear. I love the hoodies that say "vampires" and "werewolves," but I refuse to get one because I can't choose; I have to have them both. I have the Team Edward T-shirt, but I also have Team Jacob.

MTV: Why is there no "Team Human" stuff?

Serratos: That's what I'm saying! I think we should take it into our own hands.

To read the rest of the interview go here

Source: MTV

Noot Seear talks Twilight and Robert Pattinson got to speak to Noot Seear at Comic-Con. She will be playing a "fisher" in the movie New Moon. Noot describes her character as "a kind of siren, she attracts tourists to bring back to her feeder people. Basically, she's human bait." Here is one of the questions asked:

Do you look at Robert Pattinson and think, yikes, that's going to be my life in a few months?
I’m not sure it will be the same thing. My part is relatively small, and then I’m not coming back until the fourth film, so I’d like to think I can stay under-the-radar. All that fame, I mean, I know it’s something Rob has been struggling with, because it happened so quickly to him and in such a massive way. I like being able to walk down my street without being recognized, and I don’t like people knowing my business. So what I’d prefer, rather than go for some big blockbuster after this, is to build my career up slowly, with some indies, things like that. Good scripts, good directors. I’ve managed to have a lot of longevity as a model because I never got overexposed. I’m hoping I can have the same kind of career as an actress.

To read the rest of her interview click here

Fight battle: 'Edward vs Angel' Who would win?

Who do you think would win in the battle of Angel vs Edward? I'm not sure on this one. I don't remember much about Angel since the show of Buffy the Vampire Slayer came out so long ago. Did he have any special abilities? MTV got to talk to the creator of the show Joss Whedon before he went into his panel at comic -con and here is a video of what he had to say:
Do you agree?

Source: EW

More photos from Glamour Magazine

Just Jared Jr. had some more photos of the girls in Glamour Magazine. I especially like this one of Ashley. Her makeup looks so pretty. Make sure to pick up this September issue of the Magazine. The girls show their day and night looks and share their beauty secrets and dish on cast hookup rumors. I love what Ashley said when asked about cast hookups "I'm glad I don't have a boyfriend. It'd be hard to tell him I have a crush on Jackson Rathbone!" So cute! To see more of the photos click here.

Well hello Mr. Cullen

So we got a false alarm in the twitter world today saying we were going to see Rob leaving Kristen Stewarts house. Wrong! Robsten fans were so hurt until they saw these pics of Rob in a porche convertible! The first thing I said when I saw these was OMG!! Looking hot there Mr. Cullen. Edward would approve.

Source: Popsugar

Eclipse cast out for dinner in Vancouver

Taylor, Kellan, Ashley, Jackson, Bryce Dallas Howard, Peter, Nikki, Elizabeth Reaser, and Xavier Samuel were all out last night for 3 hour meal that wrapped around midnight according to Lainey. Kellan has gone back to the dark brown hair. I must say he is looking hot! I think it looks much better than him in with blonde hair. Jackson is also looking good as well. I like that whole messy look. It goes with him I think. According to Lainey Jackson's training is a little more involved than the others. In addition to working out in the gym, and fight instruction, he's also on horesback, so he'll be getting riding lessons.

For more photos of the cast click here

Christian Serratos and Justin Chon at Texty Teen

Christian and Justin attended the 2009 Totally Texty Teen Choice Awards Pre-Party yesterday in Hollywood. Don't they look so cute. Christian will be joining the rest of the cast up in Vancouver later this month. She spoke to Ok magazine about going back and said: "I feel like we're all going to have a blast. I feel like we all know our characters and we've all had a lot of help with Stephenie Meyer, too. She's there on set and if we have a question, she'll answer our question. She's just really chill. She's really supportive. She likes what everyone's doing, so I think everyone just wants to make her happy, as well as the fans, so it works out."

To see more photos of them at the event click here.

Team Edward or Team Jacob:Personality Quiz

Reelz-Channel wants to know what Team you are on. So go over to their site by clicking here and take the Personality Quiz. At the end you will see if you are Team Edward or Team Jacob personality wise. I would like to say I got Team Edward...woo hoo! Thank goodness...I don't know what would have happened if I got the other let me know who you get.

Reelz is also looking for the Ultimate Fan. In advance of the New Moon premiere, they are on the lookout for Two ultimate fans: One to represent Team Edward and the other to represent Team Jacob.

Twilight Beauty in Glamour Magazine

Nikki Reed, Noot Seear, Ashley Greene, and Rachelle LeFevre are featured in the newest issue of Glamour magazine. They are all featured in and article called "Twilight Beauty". How to go from daytime pretty to nighttime sexy: tricks for after dark glamour. Don't they all look gorgeous.

Lets Discuss: Is Twilight bad for your love life?

Glamour magazine has an article about whether or not Twilight is bad for your love life. They looked at it from a feminist point of view and this is a bit of what they had to say:

Bella has no outside hobbies.
After she moves to Washington, Bella makes a few friends, but she’s not interested in them. Mostly her life is about Edward, Edward, Edward. But what relationship can survive that? Take it from Simone de Beauvoir, who writes about this in The Second Sex:
Two lovers destined solely for each other are already dead: they die of ennui, of the slow agony of a love that feeds on itself. (658)
Outside interests breathe life into a relationship. If you want a healthy one, you better get a life, whether you’re a dead vampire or not. On the other hand, Romeo and Juliet were teenagers obsessed with each other, so I don’t know what to make of that.

Bella is brainwashed.
Bella tells us repeatedly that Edward the smug vampire is “too perfect,” (256) “flawless,” (261) and has an “angel’s face” (262). I nearly got brainwashed. But it’s like, he could kill her at any second, yet she continues to trust and lust. Of course he doesn’t kill her, so we’re supposed to be grateful and think highly of him. Such manly restraint!
But he is always talking down to her about her safety, like she’s a porcelain doll. He tells Bella he can’t leave her alone for a second. Even doing laundry, he speculates she might fall into the dryer. Really? There’s nothing wrong with being a klutz, but even joking like she can’t possibly function…well, that doesn’t do wonders for a girl’s confidence. It turns her into a dependent. And as my mom says, no one loves a helpless woman. Obviously, for the story, it’s the knight in shining armor thing, I get it, but I don’t have to like it.

Is this the way you saw it when you first read the book? I sure didn't. I thought it was a great story and it is just a story. Some people might read to much into it. Later on though when I stopped reading the books for a while I thought well Edward is just a bit controlling and doesn't let Bella do anything. On the other hand I love Edward. The way he speaks to Bella about how much he loves her I think is really sweet although sometimes cheesy but sweet. I really don't think it gives out false expectations about relationships. Some may be similar but not the same. So what do you think? Do you agree that this is true?

To read the other two points given click here

Peter describes 'New Moon' Flashback Scene in Detail

MTV recently interviewed Peter on all those rumors spreading around that there would be a nude scene in New Moon. The rumor recently started when Jaime Campbell Bower's joke got taken in the wrong way. He had said "We just all sit there, completely naked for one scene." But Peter clears up the rumors by saying "We did film a flashback scene, but we're fully clothed in our garb from that era," "It's pretty cool. I think people are going to dig that. I like doing the flashback scenes, because you et to dress up in different time periods. It's set in a time, I think the 1800s, where I have traveled to Italy and I was living with the Volturi."

To read more of the article at Aceshowbiz click here.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Twilighterlovee!!

Well if you didn't know Twilighterlovee's birthday was on Monday. It was her sweet sixteenth birthday! Of course MME and MMB wanted to join the party. When will they ever miss a party! They were there for the big cake unveiling. It was great. I am a bit jealous since I did not get a cake like this. It was a New Moon Cake. I tried to get a piece of Jacobs head but she wouldn't allow it. MME was almost close to getting a whack at it but was unsuccessful. Even with his vampire speed, she caught him just in time. Oh...MME and MMB want to send a shout out to Twilighterlovee: You are the coolest girl ever Vero even though you did not introduce us to our siblings. We love you very much! Follow @Twilighterlovee on twitter she is awesome!

Taylor and Nikki out and about in Vancity

Taylor and Nikki were spotted walking around Vancouver taking pictures with fans and what not this afternoon. No sign of Rob or Kristen yet. Hopefully they will be up there soon. I think they won't join the rest of the cast until after the Teen Choice Awards. To see more photos click here.

Taylor headed to Vancity

Here are some photos of Taylor as he arrived at LAX this morning. He will be joining the rest of the Eclipse cast who are already in Vancouver working out and going thru rehearsals. To see more photos click here.

Cast seen out and about in Vancouver

Peter was seen walking around in Vancouver. They are having two weeks of rehersals and then one week of fight training.

Here is also a photo of Ashley and Elizabeth Reeser walking after a workout and a photo of Xavier looking as though he was also working out. Also according to Laniey Gossip between sessions she is told the actors are still getting wardrobe fittings and makeup consultations, and individual meetings with director David Slade. To see more photos of Alice and Esme =) go here

Source: Splash News/PunkD Images

Rob has landed and has me love stoned!

In L.A. that is. He was seen at LAX carrying his own baggae. I was listening to a song while viewing these stoned by Justin Timberlake. I think this part goes with him:

Those flashing lights come from everywhere
The way they hit him I just stop and stare
I'm love stoned from everywhere, and he knows
I think that he knows
Think that he knows, oh, oh

And now I walk around without a care
He's got me hooked, it just ain't fair, but I
I'm love stoned, and I could swear
That he knows
Think that he knows, oh, oh

Haha...too funny! Anyway to see more pics go here

Random Post...Random Photo

So I was googling Robert Pattinson and this photo shows up:

My first reaction when seeing this is "What the MONKEY!" Yes I know I have weird with it. Anyway I've never see this before. Well its from a movie called the Haunted Airman in which Rob comes out. According to imdb, the movie was released in 2006. Its about a injured RAF pilot who is confined to a wheelchair and is committed to an eerie hospital where he starts to loose his mind. Weird huh? Have you seen this movie? I think I may need to check it out!


Rob tops the list as the Sexiest Man in the World!

UK Glamour magazine had a poll asking who would you pick as the sexiest man in the world. Of course the man of the hour one Mr. Robert Pattinson. He beat out many others such as Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Hugh Jackman, and David Beckham just to name a few.

Well do you agree? Is he the sexiest man in the world? In my world he is but what about yours.


'Twilight' vs 'The Vampire Diaries'

There is all these new vampire shows coming out that had not yet been seen till Twilight appeared such as True Blood. Now there is this new show called 'The Vampire Diaries' based on the book by author L.J. Smith.

One of the characters from the show Paul Wesley was asked if he has seen Twilight. He says that he purposely didn't watch the movie prior to shooting the pilot for his series, because he didn't want it to influence his performance in anyway considering the similarity in subject matter.

"And now, I've seen parts of it," he says. "I think if there are similarities to Robert Pattinson's character in 'Twilight,' so be it."

Have you read any of the books? Do you think it is similar to Twilight at all and will you be watching the show?

To read the rest of the article at ETonline click here

"The Vampire Diaries" premieres Thursday, Sept. 10 at 8 p.m. on The CW.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Has a new cast member for Eclipse been found?

Well according to Variety there has been. Its seems Jodelle Ferland from Silent Hill has been cast as a vampire who has just been turned. You know who that is don't you? Bree! Thats who i'm guessing. So what do you think? Think its true? Do you think she will make a good addition to the cast? There has been no official word from Summit yet but with rehearsals starting for Eclipse we are soon to find out!

Source: Variety

New Moon Vertical Calendar

These scans are so awesome! Thanks to JasperCullenFan for posting these. I knew I should have also bought this one. I'm going back now to go get it. I love the smile that Edward is giving Bella right before he kisses cute! Check out some of the photos and see the rest here.

{via Robsessed blog}

Peter and Kristen prepping for Eclipse

Lainey Gossip has the scoop Peter has arrived in Vancouver. Kristen was also spotted in Santa Monica getting her assessment. According to Lainey it is standard before beginning work on a film. For insurance purposes. Rob is due for his next week. She also says Kristen had her wig fitting last week. They have tested a few and will continue to test different styles until they get it right. Its not like Kristen could have the hair she has for Joan Jett to film for Eclipse as Bella. I don't think extensions would have worked. She will wear a wig this film more than likely.

Breaking Dawn Special Edition

Did you get yours yet? Well if you haven't it's not really like I thought it would be. I thought it would be just like the Twilight Special Edition that had a case but no, this one looks just like the regular book only it has extra features. The cover of the book is the poster which is a picture of the character study of Edward and Bella by Young Kim, Illustrator of the Twilight Graphic Novel and contributing illustrator to The Twilight Saga: The Official Guide. The book also comes with a DVD of the Breaking Dawn Concert Series and the Lyrics of My Never featured on the album Approaching Normal by Blue October. Did you know that the front man for the group Justin Furstenfeld is Team Edward? I didn't know that and thats pretty cool. I also found out that the song Hate Me by Blue October describes Edwards exact emotion from New Moon when he's walking away from Bella. A bit of the DVD was shown on Enews today and here is a bit of what was showed:

Source: Enews

Jackson describes Intense Birthday Scene in New Moon

Just listening to this...I can't wait for November! Check it out!

New Moon Calendar on Sale Today

Don't forget today the New Moon Calendar went on Sale at Borders. There is also a smaller calender that you can buy that can be put in your lockers. Here are some of the photos found on the calendar.

To see the rest of the photos included in the calendar click here.

Win Tickets to the New Moon Premiere

Teen Vogue is giving you the chance to win tickets to go see New Moon. Click here to enter.
Source: Just Jared

Peter had a Rob experience

Popsugar caught up with Peter yesterday at the TCA party in Pasadena, CA. The stars from three networks Showtime, CW, and CBS come together to promote their shows. Peter was in attendace with his wife Jennie Garth who were both promoting their shows Nurse Jackie and 90210. Here is what Peter had to say about being at Twi-Con and having a Rob moment:

"It was phenomenal! It was probably the biggest event I've been to. 3000 fans from all over. I had a woman come in from Columbia. Another woman came in from Germany. It was pretty amazing. I don't know a lot of fans who would fly in from other countries for a weekend. At one point we were doing a Q & A and we were throwing paper airplanes into the audience that had the casts' signature on them. So I wanted to try and get one in the back [of the room], so I decided to run it to the back. It seemed like a good idea, but halfway through it got really scary. I don't know how I made it back. I thought to myself — now I know what Robert Pattinson feels like."

Source: PopSugar

Give your Team a tagline - Edward or Jacob in New Moon

I love this! The Twilight Examiner has asked what would be your Teams tagline. The books New Moon and Eclipse show the pros and cons of Vampires and Werewolves as they relate to Bella. There has been merchandise already such as I love boys who sparkle for Edward but I haven't really seen any for Jacob. Or maybe thats because I don't pay attention to Jacob merchandise. Sorry I'm Team Edward all the way. Here are some of my favorites that have already been posted on the Examiners site:

Posted by someone named ME! LOL!
Team Alice because all good things come in small packages
Team Emmett because bear hugs are better

Posted by Cassie
Team Switerland...working toward peace everyday

Posted by Dee
Team Edward because diamonds are forever

Posted by Lynx: I thought this one was pretty funny
Team Jacob: Cause I'd rather have a dog, than a pet rock

What would be your tagline? Do you like any of these?

New Moon Merchandise Close Ups

I have posted these before of the New Moon Merchandise that is coming soon but some have not yet been seen. Well not by me anyway so here are some close-ups of the new 'New Moon' figures that will be coming out in October of Jacob, Bella, Edward, and Alice. Also Bella's dress from New Moon will soon be seen at Hot Topic and a keepsake ornament of Bella and Edward from Hallmark that will be coming out in 2010. I have to say the Edward face kind of freaks me out. His eyebrows look weird but maybe he looks better once I see it in person. I like the Alice doll and the Bella doll this time around. The Alice doll however kinda reminds me of that girl from Harry Potter. I forgot her name I might remember later.