Gathegi confirmed that he's seen a cut of "New Moon" and said it follows Stephenie Meyer's novel closely. "That's the whole point of having Stephenie Meyer as a consultant for all the books, because you know she has final approval and final say and they're not going to do anything to upset the fan base," he told the audience. "You guys are the driving force behind this entire thing."

The 30-year-old spent about three weeks on the "New Moon" set and was met with a few happy changes from the first film. For one, the cloudy red contact lenses used to give the vampires their signature scarlet stares were replaced with sleeker models more closely resembling regular contacts. For another, Gathegi finally got to wear shoes. "God bless Chris Weitz," he said. "In "Twilight' we didn't have shoes, because in the book they don't have shoes -- you know, nomadic vampires don't have shoes. And I was cold, I was froze to death! But Chris was like, 'Well, wear shoes.' "

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Source: MTV