Saturday, September 5, 2009

Robert Pattinson Mark Segal Photoshoot!

This photos...ahh...made me melt! Most of them are tagged photos, but its fine just as long as you get to see Rob! Check more of them out here!

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UPDATE: Photos had to be taken down! Sorry!

Friday, September 4, 2009

New Rosalie Movie Still?

I think I may have seen this before but just in case I haven't posted it here it is. A new movie still of Rosalie in New Moon. She looks a little frightened doesn't she? Or is she hungry? Hehe...

Fansite Fridays! Interview With Chris Weitz

Today is Fansite Friday and The Twilight Lexicon brings us and interview with Chris Weitz. They said he talked to them for 30 minutes. After 5 they knew New Moon was in good hands, after ten they knew he was a genius, and after fifteen well you can read the transcript and decide.

New Moon Fansites Set Visit: His Golden Eyes,Twilighters Anonymous,Twilight Lexicon,Twilight Moms,Twilight Source/Imprint,Twilight Series Theories

Transcript by Kara of Twilight Moms, Matt of Twilight Source/Imprint, Laura of Twilight Lexicon

To read the interview click here

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ashley Spotted in Santa Monica

Ashley was seen in Santa Monica apparently going into a casting office to go to an audition today. To see more photos click here.

MTV talks to Kiowa Gordon

To read more of the interview click here

Source: MTV

Chris Walla from Death Cab For Cutie thinks Edward is a A--hole in 'New Moon'!? What the?!

Death Cab For Cutie talked to MTV about Edward vs. Jacob on 'New Moon' video set! They also were invited to see a 5 hour long cut of New Moon! No fair! But couldn't make it due to scheduling conflicts! WHAT!! I would have cancelled my whole schedule just to see it!
"OK, so again, having only finished the second book, I feel like I'm sort of out on a limb a little bit, because I haven't started the third book," Walla told MTV News. "So I'm really excited to see the film and sort of see if I feel like I'm still out on a limb. Like, I love Jacob. He's great. In the middle of the book, he's the one who's taking care of Bella, and, like, where's Edward? What is he doing? What an a--hole! But he comes through in the end, and, you know, we'll see what happens."

"We were invited to see a cut that was five hours long. It didn't have any effects orFoley or music or anything in it. And we couldn't make the schedule work, because it was five hours long," Walla laughed. "We haven't seen anything more than anyone else has seen. We've seen the trailer, and that's really about it. ... I think the trailer looks great. There was the one scene where Jacob explodes into the werewolf, and it's like, 'How are they gonna pull that off? What are they gonna do?' And it looks great. So I feel like the whole thing is really going to work."

To read the rest click here

'Eclipse' Fashion: Stars Graduation Outfits

Hollywood Crush has let us know where we can find some of the outfits worn by Jessica Stanley (Anna Kendrick) and Angela Weber (Christian Serratos):

Christian Serratos:

Though real-life graduation season has come and gone, the "Kimichi Blue Printed Navajo Dress" in Paris Rose that Christian is rocking is classy enough for a dinner party but casual enough for just a night at the movies. Throw your hair up in a half ponytail and grab a pair of purple ballerina flats to complete the ensemble.

Anna Kendrick:

In the small town of Forks there must only be few stores to purchase decent dresses, which would explain why Anna also showed up to the grad ceremony in a Kimchi design, this one is the "Blue Pinstripe Jane Dress" in Indigo. While Anna's black zip-up hoodie and turquoise running shoes look like she wore them for a comfortable stroll between takes and not for the actual scene, were digging the casual punk take on her adorable dress.

To check the rest click here

Is Robert Pattinson 'So Sexy It Hurts'? 'Twilight' Characters Get Their Own Theme Songs!

Hollywood Crush would like to submit the following classic songs they'd like to hear when they see the characters on camera again in November's 'New Moon':

Edward Cullen :“I’m Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred
Because the guy is sexy — and whether he’ll admit or not, he knows it. C’mon, wouldn’t you like to watch RPattz do his little turn on the catwalk?

Carlisle Cullen:“Smooth Criminal” by Michael Jackson
The patriarch of the Cullen clan has more charisma than Clooney, talks sweeter than honey, and — as noble as his bitings have been — making someone a member of the living dead has to be against some kind of law. We considered selecting Alien Ant Farm’s cover version, but something tells us the 369-year-old vampire prefers to kick it
real old school.

Rosalie Hale:“Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera
As described by Stephenie Meyer, she’s the most gorgeous woman on the planet, and Nikki Reed is certainly no slouch in the looks department. So, why is everybody always hating on poor Rosalie? As Nikki redeems the character in the upcoming films, we can imagine her belting out this tune, insisting that the words of the haters “can’t bring me down.”

Bella Swan: “Sugar, We’re Going Down” by Fall Out Boy”
One of the many reasons we love Bella is because she’s always falling down … or falling in love. We can imagine Bella telling Edward she’s “going down” the next time she hits a patch of black ice on her walkway. And as depressed as she gets in “New Moon,” Kristen needs a fun song like this to cheer her up a bit.

Jacob Black:“Hungry Like the Wolf” by Duran Duran
How cool would it be to see Taylor Lautner belt out this tune to KStew halfway through “New Moon,” just before he transforms? “Woman, if you want me, give me a sign!”

What theme songs would you give them? I like Rob's I'm too sexy! HA! It made me laugh just thinking of him coming out with that song...So tell me in the comments which would you choose!

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart: What's your all time favorite photo of the 'Twilight' Pair?

Hollywood Crush has put together a selection of their favorite photos and I have added some as well of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart together you can vote on the poll here to pick your favorite or just write a comment below!

From Vanity Fair, Nov. 2008

Teen Vogue, reportedly from early 2009

From InStyle, October 2008

From Entertainment Weekly, July 2008

From the MTV Movie Awards, May 2009

Twilight Premiere

Thom Yorke's contribution to 'The Twilight Saga: New Moon' soundtrack revealed?

According to the Examiner, While Death Cab's song "Meet Me on the Equinox" might be announced as a solid inclusion on the Twilight Saga: New Moon's soundtrack details about Chris Weitz's other selections, including Thom Yorke, are yet to be revealed.

Radiohead, which annonced that it wont be producing any new albums any time soon, is having an old song, "Feeling Pulled Apart by Horses," released according to an announcement on their Dead Air Space webpage.

The announcement was written by Yorke, and announced the "release of two more bits of work shortly."

Said Yorke,
They are loosely under the Thom Yorke name this time, although these days its all getting kind of blurry.

Feeling Pulled Apart by Horses is written & played by Jonny and I and is a radical rework of an old tune thats been kicking around without a home since 2001? i think.

The Hollow Earth is a bass menace that was born out of the Eraser period but needed a little more time.

Rolling Stone had more information about the two songs, and stated that "Feeling Pulled Apart by Horses" "is an older Radiohead track - circa 2001." The old tune being re-worked, saying Rolling Stone, "was originally the parenthetical title for 'Reckoner,' a song that eventually emerged in a much different form as the centerpiece of In Rainbows."

Rolling Stone also opined that "Feeling Pulled Apart by Horses" might be the song being included in The Twilight Saga: New Moon soundtrack.

Noticeably absent from Yorke's blurb on Dead Air Space is any mention of whether the song is his contribution to the upcoming soundtrack for the Twilight sequel New Moon, but given the timing of the release - the song will be available on conventional digital music service s on October 6th, two weeks before New Moon's release - "Apart By Horses" still seems to be the frontrunner in terms of Yorke's contribution.

Here the song! I found it on youtube. Take a listen and see if it will be good for the soundtrack and where do you think it will fit best in the movie?

Hollywood Crushes: Top Girl's Guide to Fall Movies

Hollywood Crush has decided to make a list catered to the girl-centric films coming out over the next few months. Not to say there aren't other films out there girls should love but here are 5 films about powerful ladies that they can't wait to see hit the big screen. New Moon was selected amongst the 5 DUH! So here is the one I picked out of the 5 besides New Moon that I would also like to see:

"Whip It!" (October 9)

Both Ellen Page's first title role since 2007's "Juno" and Drew Barrymore's directorial debut, "Whip It" follows the story of Bliss who, after years of constantly being forced into beauty pageants by her mother offers the ultimate form of rebellion and joins a Texas roller derby under the name of "Babe Ruthless." The film offers up all the ladies we love to see in movies, including Kristen Wig, Alia Shawkat, Drew Barrymore and Zoe Bell, among many others. Plus, it's about girls beating the crap out of others girls in a totally awesome way - in roller blades! It doesn't get any more badass than that!

To see what other movies were selected click here

Eclipse set Update: Riley shoots scenes in Bellas' Room

Ashley was spotted yesterday at the Vancouver Airport leaving home for an Early Labor Day weekend according to Lainey Gossip. I totally forgot it was Labor Day! =D Bryce Dallas howard was also spotted, all smiles, out and about in Vancouver heading to the movies again? As you saw on the post yesterday of the set update, filming has been mostly on a soundstage for scenes at "Bella's" house. Here is what they have been up to:

Wednesday's shoot involved a creepy Riley getting all stalkerish in Bella's room and "Edward" the hero realising someone was there! Thanks Lainey for the set update!

What scenes are you most anticipating in Eclipse? I really want to see the confrontation between Edward and Jacob when Bella punches him in the face. HA! That should be good!

To view more pictures of Bryce and Ashley check them out here!

Source: Lainey Gossip!

Forbes: Hollywood's Most Powerful Vampires has released a list of Hollywood's Most Powerful Vampires. According to William Patrick Day, professor of cinema and English at Oberlin College and author of Vampire Legends in Contemporary American Culture: What Becomes a Legend Most. "Vampires have become a substitute for fairy tales that adults couldn't tell themselves anymore. Vampires are dangerous and sexy and powerful and they have what humans want--immortality."
Edward Cullen takes the number 5 spot. Here is what they had to say about Edward:

As the love interest of Bella Swan in the commercially successful Twilight film, Edward Cullen plays a permanetly 17-year-old vampire. The Summit Entertainment movie, which is the first of three planeed, became a sensation. It reaped $191 million at the domestic box office, marking the first big success of independent film studio Summit Entertainment.

Rounding out the top 5:

1) Bill Compton
2) Angel
3) Spike
4) Blade
5) Edward Cullen

Here was how they determined the list:

Just for fun, we decided to see which versions of the vampire are the most popular (and potentially most lucrative) in entertainment. We considered all major vampire characters in wide-release films and television series in the last 30 years. (Characters in vampire-centric series who are not vampires throughout the majority of the storyline, notably vampire hunters and vampire paramours, were not considered.) Rankings were based on television ratings, inflation-adjusted box office performance, as well as presence in popular culture through blog and press mentions.

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New Edward and Bella Movie Still

This scan is from people magazine giving us a sneak peak and a new movie still of Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Bella (Kristen Stewart). What do you think? Like the new photo? Are you getting excited cuz I am!

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Eclipse Set Update!

According to Lainey Gossip Eclipse is shooting inside the rest of the week. On Monday, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were in "Florida" at a beach house with "Bella's" mother played by Sarah Clarke. Sarah left Vancouver yesterday after completing her scenes. Bully Burke is still in town. All filming on set this week takes place at Bella's house (on sound stage). Lainey is told exclusively from sources that the scenes include *SPOILER* for those not having read the books: "Bella" reading "Jacob's" letter, Bella and Jacob and their angst discussion, "Edward" telling Bella he'll always love her and that she will always be "his", and Bella hanging out with "Angela" and they talk about boys and Bella's Edward/Jacob love triangle.

So there you go folks! That's the latest to see photos of Billy Burke hanging around town and Sarah Clarke leaving Vancity check them out here

Ashley Greene Spotted Leaving Vancity

Ashley was seen earlier today leaving Vancouver and being dropped off at the airport with her dog Marlow. I don't think she is finished with filming yet but we will see if she comes back. Alice is in most of Eclipse. To see more photos of Ashley check them out at Gossip Center here.

Top 10 'Twilight' MTV Moments

MTV has come up with a list of the Top 10 'Twilight' MTV Moments from Spunk Ransom to 100 Monkeys. Take a look and see which was your favorite moment:

Don't Count Out Taylor
Barely a month after "Twilight" opened at the top of the box office, young Taylor Lautner had become the J.D. Salinger of the series — disappearing from the spotlight and leaving many to wonder whether we'd see him again. Just when the consensus among fans seemed to be that his role would be recast with a more physically impressive actor like Michael Copon
, we found Taylor at a tiny red-carpet event. Noticeably larger, he revealed that he'd been working out around-the-clock, was about to meet with "New Moon" director Chris Weitz and vowed to return as Jacob. Finally, "Twilight" Nation could breath a sigh of relief.

Kristen's Near-Death Experience
We all know that Kristen Stewart is a great dramatic actress, but when she said that filming the next film "killed me,"
that took it to a whole new level. As KStew's quotes rocketed around the Web, Twilighters became even more eager to see her "New Moon" performance.

Fach's Bikini Incident
Peter Facinelli. A one-of-a-kind Twitter bet
. A grown man in a bikini dancing down Hollywood Boulevard. Need we say more?

Catherine's Pimp Pad
Who else but MTV could get exclusive access to Catherine Hardwicke's house/office, the place where the "Twilight" movie phenomenon began? The affable director generously opened her home and gave us a tour
of the backyard where Lautner auditioned, the dining room where KStew read her lines — and the bed where she and RPattz first kissed.

The RPattz Surprise
In May 2008, we held a contest and landed "Twilight" fan Laura Culpepper as our guest correspondent. But what she didn't know is that we had arranged for Rob himself to tiptoe in behind Laura
while she recorded an on-camera segment and give her a sneak peek at "Twilight." Without a doubt, this is one of the most memorable pieces of video in all the "Twilight" fandom, revealing Rob's fun side.

To read more click here

Exclusive 'Extended New Moon' Trailer to premiere at 2009 MTV Video Music Awards!

"Twilight" stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner will appear on the show to debut an exclusive expanded trailer for "New Moon." The film's first trailer premiered during this year's MTV Movie Awards, and now the 26th annual VMAs are shaping up to be another bonanza for devoted Twilighters. On the day of the show, will debut the first single off the "New Moon" soundtrack, the Death Cab for Cutie tune "Meet Me on the Equinox." Based the second book in Stephenie Meyer's supernatural series, "New Moon" is set for release on Nov. 20, while the soundtrack drops on October 20.

I just hope Russell Brand doesn't suck as much as last year, and lets face it the only reason they are debuted anything Twilight on the show is to get more ratings. We all know all Twilighters will bring the ratings anticipating to see the trailer. Don't forget to watch the VMA's airing 9p.m. on September 13th on MTV.

Jackson dives into "Jasper's Backstory" for "Eclipse"

MTV: Jackson, what are you most looking forward to shooting in the next film?

Jackson Rathbone: I'm really excited to start filming "Eclipse." I got a chance to read the script, and we get to go back into Jasper's backstory. They actually had to ask me about my equestrian experience. I told them I can gallop and trot and all that. I used to ride. It's been two or three years since I've been on a horse, but I'm excited to get back up on the saddle.

MTV: So we're going to get to Jasper's Civil War backstory?

Rathbone: Yes, I get to shoot some Civil War stuff, and I'm also going to shoot a lot of fighting scenes. Which is great, because I just came off [M. Night Shyamalan's] "The Last Airbender," and I've been doing fighting for the last six months. So I'm ready to keep it on.

MTV: What kind of moves will you be pulling off? Just shooting guns? Obviously, it won't be highly-stylized martial arts stuff.

Rathbone: No, it won't be karate, it won't be kung fu, like the stuff we're doing in "Airbender." But even in "Airbender," the fighting styles I was doing were a little bit more loose, like street fighting. And that's kind of what this is; it's about evading.

MTV: Why is that?

Rathbone: Well, we're talking about newborn vampires that can't control their urges — they can't really think very quickly. So if you just let them go to their instincts and evade and attack them from side to side, you could get them; but if you try and go after them through force, they're going to win every time. So it's all about evasion.

MTV: Are there training scenes in "Eclipse" along these lines?

Rathbone: It's interesting; there's a lot of cool scenes where Jasper trains the Cullen family on how to fight the newborns. He gets to train Emmett — and Emmett is a born fighter — so he's telling Emmett all these techniques, and Emmett thinks he could just best Jasper [during their sparring]. Jasper ends up getting the best of him, because it's a war mentality, not just a street brawl. It's about thinking ahead; it's a chess game.

MTV: Cool. Will we see the scene where Jasper gets bitten?

Rathbone: Oh yeah, we have to see that. It's going to be great. I've been studying up a lot on the Civil War and that era. It really was a crazy time. It was all-out war on our own turf and between countrymen. That's terrible. It's an interesting time to see when Jasper was actually human and what his human form was and, when he gets turned, how intense and how dark he is. Then [we'll see] his realization of what he's become, him finding Alice and being redeemed by love.

To continue reading more click here

Source: MTV

100 Monkeys to Provide Soundtrack for Jackson's 'Girlfriend'

According to Hollywood Crush, Jackson will be producing a score for his movie 'Girlfriend'. When asked about it he said "You bet," he revealed with a smile when they caught up with him recently and asked if his band would be on the soundtrack to his soon-to-shoot indie film 'Girlfriend.' "100 monkeys are going to do a lot of composition work as well. One thing all of us are really interested in doing is not just putting our songs in soundtracks, but actually composing soundtracks like Johnny Greenwood from Radiohead did for 'There Will Be Blood.' We're all very much film oriented - three of us are actors, and all of us are composers - we love film, we think it's an amazing medium. And music and film go so well together."

To continue reading more click here

Watch "Twilight in Forks" Doc's First Trailer

According to MTV, last week we saw the creators of the first-ever documentary about Stephenie Meyer's successful "Twilight" vampire phenomenon revealed the existence of their movie and unveiled its poster. Now here you will see the first footage released about the flick.
"One of the things that you'll see in the film is how vampires actually relate to Forks, and whether there's some truth to the characters that you're familiar with," explained director Jason Brown when he handed over the film's hot-off-the presses first trailer. "This teaser give you a glimpse at that."

To read more click here

Source: MTV Movies

Want to know the New Moon Official Run Time?

This information is still unconfirmed:

The eventcinemas website ( has New Moon tickets on sale. When you buy the tickets, it states the movie run time is 120 minutes.

Stephenie Meyer in Vanity Fair's Top 100 Information Age Powers

Vanity Fair does an annual ranking of the top 100 Information Age. Stephenie Meyer has made the list as #82 and a new entry to the list:
82. Stephenie Meyer

STAGE OF GLOBAL CONQUEST: The Mormon housewife’s Twilight teen-vampire romance novels sold nearly 29 million copies in one year, capturing the top four positions on the USA Today best-seller list for 2008, making her the first author ever to do so. (J. K. Rowling came close with Nos. 1, 2, 3, and 5 with her Harry Potter titles in 2000.) The movie version of Twilight grossed $191 million in the U.S., and the film adaptation of her second book, New Moon, opens in November. Meyer has also inspired hundreds of Web sites from fans who call themselves “Stephen-ites” or “Twi-hards.”
MARITAL RELATIONS: Her husband, Christian, quit his job as an auditor to look after their three sons.
DAILY HABITS: Drives fast but doesn’t consume alcohol or caffeine.
LEGEND HAS IT: Meyer, 35, began writing as a 29-year-old Phoenix housewife in 2003 after dreaming of vampires one night. She wrote 10 pages the next morning before driving her sons to swimming lessons. She moved a desk into the living room and finished her 130,000-word first novel in only three months.
THORN IN HER SIDE: Stephen King, who said that “Rowling is a terrific writer and Stephenie Meyer can’t write worth a darn.”
NEW THORN IN HER SIDE: Jordan Scott, who has alleged in a lawsuit filed in August that Meyer stole ideas from her 2006 vampire novel The Nocturne, and used them in Breaking Dawn, which Meyer published in 2008. Meyer’s publisher has said that the claims are meritless.

Source: Vanity Fair

Reelz Channel Eclipse Quiz

Think you know everything there is to know about Eclipse. Test out your knowledge here by taking the Eclipse Quiz. Are you a newborn or vampire? Or does your expertise rival that of the Volturi?

Let me know what you get in the comments! I'm just a mere!

Source: ReelzChannel

Hobo Skate Company to have 'The Host' Merchandise

Stephenie has update her website by letting us know that "The Host" Apparel and Skateboards are now available for sale at the Hobo Skate Company Website. A portion of all proceeds go to the homeless.

I love the T-shirts. I might think of getting one. So go check out the merchandise here!

Is 2010 the Year of the Werewolf?

According to MSNBC 2010 will be the year of the werewolf just like 2009 was the year of the Vampire. Everything from New Moon's shape shifters to a remake of The Wolfman is slated.

"Vampires, more over: Werewolves are about to claw their way to the top. Besides the sudden sprouting of hair expected on Jacob (Taylor Lautner) come Nov. 20's release of the "Twilight" sequel "New Moon," MTV is getting ready to howl with a TV Version of the 1985 Michael J. Fox movie "Teen Wolf," about a high-school kid who discovers the strange effects of a full moon, says the Hollywood Reporter."

So what do you think? Is this the year of the werewolf. Judging from the trailers being shown at the theaters I think it is. But there might still be some room for the vampires.

{via Twilight Lexicon}

Rob on the cover of Bulgarian BFUN Magazine

The magazine is a scan from Bulgaria. The magazine mentions information on all the new characters, villians and everything New Moon. To see the rest of the scans check it out here.

{via ROBsessed}

Another Boggus Tabloid Rumor

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Engaged? Not likely. According to Eonline the tabloid's front claims the costars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have recently moved in together and are engaged. The article, however, doesn't mention anything about an engagement. An "Insider" supposedly tells the mag "If Kristen is looking for Rob, she'll say, "Has anyone seen my husband?" "And Rob loves to say "Have you met my lovely wife, Kristen? It's cute. They're like a couple of love-struck teenagers." Yea...uh...huh...that has nothing to do with someone being engaged. But as always the tabloids twist words around and make up a bunch of bull. So I guess its your choice to believe or not. The only reason I believe they put them in front on the tabloid is so they can sell magazines.

Source: Eonline

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Moon Midnight Show Tickets on Sale in some US Locations!

Not where I live already checked! Sooo not fair. Anyway, tickets are now on sale for midnight showing of New Moon in at least one American city! If they are not on sale yet where you live like me, you can plug in your email and they will alert you when the tickets are available.

If you go check the Fandago website and enter in Columbus, GA as your location, tickets are now available for the Carmike 15 12:01 am show!

Twilight makes Sci-Fi's list of 68 must-see sights around the U.S.

SciFi Wire has put together a list of must-see places for a Sci-Fi road trip and several Twilight-related destinations made the list. Check it out! See the Full list here!

{via TNN}

Twilight Movie and Cast Up for Scream Awards

The movie Twilight and some of the cast are nominated for Spike TV's Scream Awards which will air on October 27th at 10pm.

They are nominated in the following categories:

Best Fantasy Actor - Robert Pattinson (vote here)
Breakout Performance - Robert Pattinson (vote here)
The Ultimate Scream - Twilight (vote here)
Best Fantasy Movie - Twilight (vote here)
Best Fantasy Actress - Kristen Stewart (vote here)
Best Supporting Actress - Ashley Greene (vote here)
Breakout Performance Male - Taylor Lautner (vote here)
Best Ensemble - Twilight (vote here)
Scream Song of the Year - Decode, by Paramore Twilight (vote here)
Best Villain - Cam Gigandet as James (vote here)

So go get your vote on now, and make sure to tune in Tuesday October 27th at 10PM.

Source: Spike TV

New Moon Tops Fandago's list of Highly Anticipated Movies this Fall

'New Moon' is toping Fandago's list of Highly Anticipated movies that will be out this fall. Chis Weitz talks a little bit about vampires and werewolves:

The vampire-werewolf feud makes for a nice exploration of our won psyches, said "New Moon" director Chris Weitz.

"I suppose they're the two most relatable human monsters that we can think of. They nicely encapsulate restraint and passion," Weitz said. "Vampires and cold-blooded, literally, and werewolves are hot-blooded."

To read more about the other movies coming this fall click here

Source: Fandago

Robert Pattinson to appear in Cougar Town?

Well maybe not yet anyway. According to Aceshowbiz, Courteney Cox revealed who should ideally be her object of love on "Cougar Town" In the new ABC show, she plays a woman in her 40s who craves on younger men. Cox, who is also one of the executive producers, revealed that she would love to romance Robert Pattinson and co. "We'll have to do that," she responded to her co-star Busy Phillips' suggestion to have the "Twilight guys." Cox is said to be thinking about the idea adding "If the show is a success I'm sure it will be easy to do. But we'll have to see how it goes first."

So what do you think? Should Rob appear on the show "Cougar Town." Or should he just stick to the big screen?

To read more click here

Source: AceShowbiz

Monday, August 31, 2009

Us Weekly's: The Sexy Stars of the Twilight Saga New Moon

Yes you heard that right! Us Weekly is coming out with another collectors edition of posters and photos of the New Moon Cast. Guess they are trying to get all the money they can out of us. It will be available on September 25th. You can pre-order it now here at Barnes and Noble. Here is a sneak peak at some of the photos inside the magazine. Enjoy!

Twilight gets spoofed in the new movie Transylmania

Okay another one trying to cash in on some money. Seems now everyone is trying to get in on the vampires. Just this weekend I saw two movie previews for new vampire movies. One actually looked pretty good I might end up watching it. The movie I believe is called DayBreakers. Now this movie I just saw the preview too looks pretty dumb to me and I don't think i'll end up watching it but it attacks all things vampires including Twilight. Here is the Trailer for Transylmania:

According to MTV, The flick centers around a rag tag group of college students who embark on a study abroad semester at Razvan University in Transylvania. The trailer opens with an obvious parody of Bella's "Twilight" voiceover: "At the start of the new moon, I was absolutely positive of three things. First, Radu was a vampire. Second, my one birthday wish was to feel his kiss. Third, nothing could prepare my friends and I for our semester abroad in Transylvania!" And then dives into a slew of fright-night cliches. There's a picture-perfect girl sporting a grotesque hunchback. A cross-bow carrying vampire hunter who's obviously shopped in Van Helsing's closet. And a vampire who's dialect coach was mostly likely The Count from "Sesame Street."

So what do you think of the trailer? Will you end up watching it?