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Kristen and Robert on the set of Eclipse - Photos!

His Golden Eyes made a video of the photos that were shoot of Eclipse the other day! Check it out!

David Slade Tweets again!

There is a twitpic from David Slade's twitter page of the Mountain top location in Eclipse! He also tweets about what they were filming and how annoying the paparazzi are. They just need to go away seriously!

"6am mountain. A black bear strayed close to us. We shoot solid through, sun burnt and tired we return at sunset."

This is what he had to say about what was filmed:

"Yes we were shooting Bella and Jacob's kiss on the mountain, its really a grueling emotional thing to have to shoot over and over."
"We had paparazzi on the ridge about 1/2 mile away, their pictures will look bizarre they would have had to use 1000mm+ lenses."
"Really really long paparazzi lenses make everything look terrible, one snuck close to set and was kicked off, another was arrested last week."
"I don't mind these pap pics, its just annoying when it stops us from shooting, or the images are completely unrepresentative of our shots."
"Today preparation, and the day off, tomorrow editing."

MTV Trailer Preview

Here is the preview of the trailer that most of you already saw. It is coming out in front of Sorority Row, and let me just say its way better and clearer seeing it in the theatre.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Tent Scene was filmed on Eclipse Set today!

Just like Malicous Mandy said one of my favorite scenes in Eclipse! To read more about it click here. I love this photo! Its so funny!

Ashley talks to MTV about Breaking Dawn!

Check out more here at MTV!

The new 'New Moon' Trailer is Awesome!

Ughh...I gave in and saw it. It is awesome! Way better than Twilight! More action and just...more! I didn't want to see it but they convinced me. This trailer will be shown at the MTV Music Awards on Sunday! So if you can't wait till then go here to watch it. Thanks to @myRobPattinson for this one! It is coming out in the theaters now before Sorority Row! So go check it out!

New HQ Promotional Photos of New Moon

{via TwiFans}

Eclipse Director David Slade updates his Twitter!

So here is what is going on today or yesterday depending where you are on the Eclipse set!
To follow David Slade on twitter go here.

Edward still drives the same Volvo!

So by now most of you must have seen the pictures that were spreading across the web of Eclipse. In those photos were photos taken of Robert Pattinson standing and getting out of a Black Volvo. Everyone went into a panic since Edward drives a silver Volvo not a black Volvo. So who else but Twilight Lexicon to track down the answers. The Lex talked to Summit and here is what they had to say:

Lexicon Staff: "There are pictures of Robert Pattinson standing in front of a Black Volvo. Is that Edward's car or is it a background vehicle? If it is Edward's car, will it be recolored in post production? For most fans, maing Edward's Volvo anything but silver is kind of like deciding that the Batmobile is purple."

Summit Answer: "Edward is driving the exact same car he drove in New Moon."

So there you have it! Edward drives the same Volvo he does in New Moon. So now the question is have you seen the car he drives in New Moon? Because I sure haven't. =) Never satisfied am I...hehe...

{via Twilight Lexicon}

Edward Cullen vs Stefan Salvatore: Who is your choice?

Seeing as the Vampire Diaries premiered last night... I watched out of curiosity. I wondered would it be exactly like Twilight or would it be another sucky vampire show like many others. So my conclusion after watching it was was okay, so far so good. It kept me interested but the previews gave it all away, so I knew pretty much what was going to happen. Anyway back to my point. Who would you choose? Edward Cullen or Stefan Salvatore? They do have simialr traits in my opinion.

Intense Stare: They both have that stare where you just don't want to look away. You know which stare i'm talking about...the dazzling stare as Bella would say. I thought the way Stefan looked at Elena was exactly how Edward looks at Bella.

Glorious Voice: Then there is the way they both speak. They both keep you very interested and wanting more with every word. Very seductive and hypnotizing even.

Style: The way they both dress similar to each other. Maybe its just me or maybe because they are vampires and everything they wear looks sexy. =) Oh and if I'm correct I did see Stefan busting out those Ray Ban glasses just like Edward. That is if my eyes weren't playing tricks on me.

Brunettes: Now you see Edward prefers Brunettes. So does Stefan if you watched the episode. He choose Elena, maybe because she resembled someone from his past. But either way he choose her rather than Caroline. Just like Edward told Bella he choose her over Tanya.

So given these examples and by what you saw last night (if you saw the show) and knowing what you know about Edward Cullen. Who would be your choice? Vote of the poll or leave a comment!

"Twi-Hard: Tell Your Twilight Story" Sweepstakes!

Movieset is having a contest, You have to explain your affection for Twilight and you could be entered for a chance to win an HD camcorder plus other great Twilight-releated prizes. The winner can explain why they joined "Team Jacob" or "Team Edward", or extol on the Vampire vs Werewolves feud, or film your next trip to Forks, Vancouver or fan convention. You can post your fan experience on the web to capture the eyes of other fans around the world just in time for "Twilight Saga: New Moon" to arrive in theaters. Click here to see what you could win!

Radar Online's Interview with Chaske Spencer Part II

In part two of RadarOnline's exclusive interview with Chaske Spencer, best known as Sam Uley in New Moon, the actor opens up about his chemistry with his beautiful co-star Tinsel Korey, what a pro Kristen Stewart is, and even what he thinks the werewolf tattoo means.

Radar: Tinsel had said that Kristen was really shocked by the scar, what was it like to film with the whole group, Kristen and Taylor?

Spencer: It was really good. Everyone has a different way of working; I learned that a long time ago. Kristen is an old pro, she's been working since she was a child. She comes ready to go. She's got her character down; she knows what she wants to do. She's very open to ideas as well. She's ready to play. Taylor is the same way, he's been working since he was a kid as well. I have a hard time thinking him of a kid, because he's got that man body, but he still has that baby face. The thing is they're both good people, that's what I love about them. They're both egoless. We did a scene in Emily's home and Kristen got all her scenes done and she stayed. She stayed for us to do all our close ups. You don't have to stay, you can get a stand in to come in and say all your lines but she stayed the whole time. And it was a long day. So that shows what kind of integrity and what a trooper she is. I really tip my hat to her on that. Taylor is working, when he's not doing his scene he's getting his muscles pumped, with all of us, we're all doing push ups between scenes. Those two, I like working with them, they come in they're ready to go, but they also know when to have a good time. They keep it light on the set as well, which is really good for an actor, you have to stay relaxed on set.

To read more from the interview click here

Fansite Friday: Interview with Chris Weitz Part II

This is their final Fansite Friday. They are finishing it off with a continuation of Chris Weitz's interview. It is a totaled 25 minutes of an interview on set. To go check it out click here to go to the Twilight Lexicon.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ashley is learning how to kick butt on the set of Eclipse!

Source: MTV Movies

Peter Facineli shares a key 'New Moon' line--but not in charcter

Larry Carroll got to talk to Peter Facinelli about New Moon and what his favorite line in the movie was. Here is a bit of the interview:

MTV: When it comes to the "Twilight" films, there are two types of scenes: Those in Stephenie's books, and the new ones Melissa Rosenberg added. Do you feel an extra level of excitement shooting those, because they're so new?

Facinelli: I do. A lot of people keep asking "Hey, what happens in 'New Moon'?" And you say, "Well, if you've read the book, you know what happens." But I like the scenes that aren't necessarily in the book, that get to tell a little bit of the backstory. It adds another element to the moviemaking, and it's a little surprise for the fans.

MTV: We've been asking your co-stars to give us their favorite "New Moon" line in character. Can you do yours?

Facinelli: Oh, wow. Now I have to reach back a whole year and try to remember my lines from a year ago, when I can barely remember my lines the day of. ... OK, here we go: "Like everything else in life, I just had to decide what to do with what I was given." That's a line that Carlisle says.

To read more click here

Death Cab for Cutie talk inspiration behind 'New Moon' song

Want to know the secret behind "Meet me on the Equinox?" MTV talks to the band to find out:

"I think they're still trying to find a place for the song in the film," "We keep hearing either the beginning or end...we have about as much information about this movie as [MTV] viewers do. We wrote a song for the thing and we don't know what's going on. So I guess we'll just have to wait and see."

The inspiration behind the tune is drawn more from Gibbard's own life rather than the lives of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, he explained.

"The song at its core is just about meeting another halfway, because life is very short, because there's only a brief period of time to really connect with people, and that it's important to recognize that," Gibbard said. " I haven't read all the 'Twilight' books, but I know a bit about them, and I think the song is really based on tones of the series.

To read more click here

Source: MTV

5 Reasons to Love Robert Pattinson

There is no denying it; we are all placed under the "I love Robert Pattinson" spell that will hopefully never break. Last summer, only a dedicated few knew this British actor was absolutely fabulous. It took the rest of the world a little longer to catch on, but eventually we did, and we gave it everything we have. There are many reasons to love Rob and we took on the daunting task of narrowing the characteristics to the top five.
Good Looking. His tussled hair, his chiseled jaw line, and his infectious personality had fans lining up after seeing his first Twilight based interview. Yes, there are many other important qualities to a person besides looks, but when you look like Rob, attention needs to be paid to the details.
British Accent. Crisps sound more delicious than potato chips, lift sounds worldlier than elevator and the loo is just more fun to say instead of bathroom. It is no surprise that Americans are infatuated with British accent; we view it as sexy, debonair, and mostly unique. So when Rob hit the scene, opened his mouth, and his British brogue popped out, fans fell deeper in love.
Gave Edward Life. Twilight Saga author Stephenie Meyer painted the picture of Edward Cullen as The Perfect Man. Not only was he painfully good looking, he was sensitive, caring, and a good listener. When Rob morphed into Edward, fans flocked to him because he was bringing their hero to life.
Humble. Without a doubt, Rob is the most famous person in the world; he tops Google trends, he has been in the top five of IMDb for the past year, and a week does not go by without him on the cover of a magazine. He has a great career, he can buy and do whatever he wants, however he never flaunts his wealth and stays humble throughout all the madness.
Part-time Musician. Not only can he rock out to Lynard Skynard late night on set he also has a voice that record labels salivate over. Rob scored himself a spot on the Twilight soundtrack last fall with friend Sam Bradley and it helped the album top Billboard charts. Pattinson also gifted pianist and fans will wait forever for him to be ready to release his own album.

If you have anything else you like about Rob write it in the comments.

{via TwiFans}

Happy Birthday Renesmee!

Today is our beloved Renesmee Cullen's birthday! Daughter of Edward and Bella Cullen. She was born on September 10th, 2006, according to the Lexicon bio. She is described as having "shiny bronze-colored hair" that falls "in ringlets" and "chocolate brown eyes." Here skin runs hot, only a few degrees cooler than Jacob's and "glowed like backlit alabaster, the color in her cheeks was rose petal against it." (BD22,BD23) Just in case you don't know what her talents are or to refresh your memory just in case you forgot. Renesmee can project her thoughts into another mind when she touches them with her palms. She also has the ability to enter any mind she wishes, even ones that are shielded like Bella's. So since we do not have an exact photo of her yet since we don't know if Breaking Dawn will be made and if she will be an actual child or the work of CGI. The photo above is a representation of what she may look like. Give some love to Renesmee in the comments! Just don't call her Nessie otherwise Bella will attack you...haha...

Want to read more about Renesmee? Go here

Have you seen this?

A New Moon puzzle ball! This looks so cool! I can see Alice on the side and I wonder the way the back looks. I think though it would take a while for me to make the pieces stay. I take forever at puzzles...hehe....but I haven't seen this around here. Have you seen it?

Want to see where Rob is sitting at the VMAs?

Here it is:

New Photos of Rob, Kristen and Taylor on the Set of Eclipse!

Check out some awesome new photos from the set of Eclipse! Courtesy of! I think by looking at the pictures most of you will know what scene this is from. But you know what after looking at them again. I don't remember Bella taking off when Edward is there...hmmm...maybe they changed the scene. I like Bella's hair though much better than last time we saw her in the florida scene. If you notice Edward no longer has the silver volvo now its black? Wonder if its that color in New Moon? To see more photos click here.


Video Tour of The Twilight Saga's "Forks"

ReelzChannel has put together some videos for those of us who can't make a trip to Oregon of all the sites filmed in Twilight. Click on the photo to go to the videos!

To see the rest of the videos click here

Chaske Spencer Interview with Radar Online

Radar Online sat down with Chase Spencer to talk about New Moon and Eclispe:

Radar: Have you started filming Eclipse yet?
Spencer: No, I leave Sunday.

Radar: Are you excited?
Spencer: Yeah, I am, I’m excited to get back to work. I like to work so it’s kind of like waiting around getting ready to get back into the game.

Radar: Hurry up and do nothing until you get started?Spencer: Yeah, I’ve been going to the gym and hanging out with friends, and going to rock show, because when I was up there last time filming New Moon I was up there for a while so in my down time I try to make sure I stay relaxed.

Radar: I understand that Chris Weitz said for the last movie you guys did Wolf Camp? Tell me about that?
Spencer: Yeah, I like the choice of words, Wolf Camp. It was like a basic training. I had been going to the gym before I went up to Vancouver and just to keep in shape I go to the gym regularly but when we got there it was a whole different beast all together. They got us a trainer, and he had helped out the actors in 300 get in shape. It was really cool, me and the other guys, the wolf guys, we were pretty jacked that we were working out with the guy who was affiliated with 300. I think we were more excited about that than anything else. So what they did is he threw us into circuit training and muscle confusion workouts and we hit it pretty hard for about an hour and hour and a half. First thing in the morning that’s what we’d do. And then we just eat all day. It’s pretty much four to six meals a day plus three to four protein shakes a day as well.

Radar: What about when you’re done filming?
Spencer: I took like a week to eat anything I wanted and then I just traveled to clear my head and took my own road trips. I got back to the gym and continued to work out. It’s different though, my workouts are not like his. Not like the Wolf Camp workout.

To read the rest of the interview click here

Source: Radar Online

False Advertising

Stephenie Meyer has updated her website to report some false advertising. Apparently there has been some websites such as MySpace and Facebook that have been displaying ads offering a chance to win Midnight Sun. I have not seen this but it is a hoax. DO NOT give out any personal information or even click on the links. You never know they may be a virus or something.

Also there is 71 more days until New Moon and I'm getting my tickets today! Woo hoo! I'm so excited! There is a countdown widget on the New Moon page on Stephenies site so grab it if you want it.


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'New Moon' Star Jaime Campbell Bower talks to MTV News

MTV News got to talk to Jaime about being in both Twilight and Harry Potter. He is handsome, witty and starring in the high-profile role of Volturi vampire Caius, Bower has one secret weapon at his disposal that his co-stars don't: two other high-profile projects scheduled to wage war on our pop-culture awareness soon. When MTV caught up with Bower, the up-and-coming Brit was eager to deliver some suprising news about his accent, walking in the "Potter"/"Twilight" footsteps of Robert Pattinson, and why he enjoys tearing people apart.

The Actor declares his favorite scene is a little on the bloody side:

Source: MTV News

Kristen Stewart's on Fashion Week Wish List?

According to Popeater, the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week starts this week in New York and the stars of fall's television lineup will be hitting the front row to gawk to each other and at the Spring 2010 collections from the front row. Kristen Stewart is apparently a hot commodity this year. Here is what the have to say:

There is one starlet designers have been desperate to land but no one has been able to lock down --Twilights' Kristen Stewart. She's taping the third installment of the series, 'Eclipse,' in Vancouver all through this big week and so far isn't scheduled to attend any shows. Maybe, though, we should wait and see. "If anyone does get Kristen at the last minute, that means they shelled out some big bucks to get her here," one designer (who was not able to shell out those bucks) sighed.

To read who else is a hot commodity click here.

Source: Popeater

Ashley Greene Makes her Fashion Predictions on the Eclipse Cast for the 2009 VMA's

To read more click here

Source: MTV

Kristen Stewart Nylon Outtakes

Here are some outtakes from the Nylon photo shoot that I have not seen before. To see more photos from this photo shoot check them out here at

Eclipse Set Update and Cast Spotting

Kristen Stewart, Elizabeth Reaser, Nikki Reed, Jackson Rathbone, Micheal Welch, Christian Serratos, and Bryce Dallas Howard were all spotted in Vancity. Nikki, Kristen, and Elizabeth were all spotted around Vancouver doing the usual shopping, walking around and getting something to eat. Christian and Micheal were together with one of their friends and Mike's girlfriend walking around. Byrce was also seen walking around getting coffee, while Jackson was merley just seen walking around.

According to Lainey, this is what they have been working on this week: "Bella" goes to see "Jacob" at his place. They are in his bedroom talking about how much she is in love with "Edward". For all of you who have read the book you should know which part this is.

To see photos click here and here.

Source: Lainey Gossip

The 411 on Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner Facts:

Taylor Daniel Lautner was born on February 11th, 1992 in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Taylor appeared on "My Wife and Kids" (2001), "Summerland" (2004), "The Bernie Mac Show Show" (2001), and the Nick & Jessica Variety Hour (2004)

Taylors feature film breakthrough was "Shark Boy" in The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D

Nationality is French, Dutch, German, and Native American

Has a younger sister named Makena

Obtained his drivers license in 2008
Has a Maltese named Roxy

High School is Valencia High

Dad's name is Dan, mother's name is Deborah
Does not have a Twitter or Facebook account
One of People Magazine's 100 Most Beautiful People 2009

Has a crush on Megan Fox

There is your daily 411 on Taylor Lautner for all you Team Taylor Fans!

{via Examiner}

More of Twilight Novel Novice's Twilight Saga downloads!

For those of you who are twilight fanatics! Twilight Novel Novice has made some incredible downloads that include bookmarks, notebook covers, and more desktop wallpapers. You can even make patches out of the photos to stick on to your backpack! To check out all the cool things being offered click here.


Ashley Greene to be MTV Fashion Correspondent

MTV News once again takes the red carpet to new heights by giving the audience unprecedented access inside the VMAs during the “2009 VMA Preshow” on Sunday, September 13 at 8pm ET/PT. MTV News reporters Sway & Tim Kash along with our celebrity guest fashion correspondent, Twilight’s Ashley Greene, will bring fans all the red carpet action from right outside New York’s iconic Radio City Music Hall. Inside the iconic venue, reporter Jim Cantiello & Kim Stolz will scour the backstage areas to track down all the VMA secrets and show last minute, behind the scenes prep. MTV has also tapped popular video blogger iJustine (Justine Ezarik) to be our “Twitter Correspondent” during this year’s VMA Weekend and red carpet pre-show. iJustine ( has a following of more than 600,000 on twitter. Justine will be analyzing worldwide Twitter responses as participants in the VMAs hit the red carpet through a new, engaging, real-time Twitter visualization experience provided by design firm Stamen ( and social media monitoring company Radian6 ( Additionally, viewers tuning into the preshow will also get a first-look at the video for the highly anticipated movie “Fame.”

To read more click here

{via Twilight Lexicon}

Alice's Yellow Porsche has been spotted!

Twilight Gossip has some photos of vehicles that may potentially be in the new movie Twilight Saga Eclipse. There is Alice's Porsche, Emmetts Jeep, and Volvo but I'm not sure who that belongs to it looks nothing like Edwards from Twiligt. To see the photos click here.


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Death Cab for Cutie Reveal Secrets of 'New Moon' Video Shoot

Their first idea was to go big, as in "cameos by Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner." Of course, that was mostly just wishful thinking, so they went with option number tow: make a smart, stylish lip with the directorial tandem known as Walter Robot, a pair of guys known for making smart, stylish clips (including DCFC's VMA-nomination "Grampvine Fires").

To read more click here

By the way they describe how the video is going to be shoot and by hearing a piece of the song, I think this song is going to be played when Edward leaves and Bella goes into her depression in her room. What do you think?

Source: MTV

Ashley Greene's Black and Blues Explained

Radar Online has gotten to the bottom of those nasty bruises that Ashley has been sporting. Even though we already may know where they are from. They elaborate a little more.

Getting in the role for Alice isn't just looking pretty and putting on a short wig. Ashley's been doing martial arts, jujitsu, and even wire training now that she's back filming the third installment in the Twilight Saga Eclipse, hence the bruises. "Ashley gets connected to wires so that she can look like she's flying for the fight scenes," a source close to the actress exclusively tells us. "She's been doing intense training and filming and that's how she got the bruises."

To read more click here!

Like I said in the previous post the Newborn fight is going to be awesome!

Hear the 1st single and Preorder the New Moon Soundtrack now!

You can now listen to a snippet from the 1st single from the soundtrack, Death Cab for Cutie "Meet Me on the Equinox'! Just go to the audio player on the homepage of to hear it now. Then on Septemeber 13th during the Video Music Awards visit to hear the entire song!

If you want to be one of the very first people to dowload the song, you can now pre-order the soundtrack through the Official New Moon Soundtrack Pre-Order site. Every option will deliver "Meet Me on the Equinox' to your inbox on the evening of September 13th, before it's available anywhere else! Plus, ordering the standard, deluxe, or limited edition bundles will get you added to the Twi-Insiders Email Alert list. They'll be sending weekly email updates with exclusive information and updates about the soundtrack. Here is what every package includes:


Peter Facinelli tweets what is in store today on the set of Eclipse!

I also read somewhere but I won't go into detail as to not give out the set location that "Vampires" could be seen jumping from tree to tree on set! Just imagining it...the Newborn Fight is going to be awesome! Follow Peter on Twitter if you are not already here.

Interview with 100 Monkeys!

RockStar Weekly had a chance to talk to the entire band about coming to Vancouver, how they originally got together, and who really wears that banana suit. They also talked to Jackson about Twilight "New Moon," and also broke the ice about his lead role in the 2010 epic The Last Airbender, the new film from director M. Night Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense, Signs).

To hear the interview click here