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They just keep on coming more EW Outtakes


Rob walking in Vancity

Rob ducked out of a cast party in Vancouver last night, wearing his standard hoodie. It was a rainy night in Vancouver, but he still had a smirk for the cameras as they followed him. Wonder what they were saying? Last night the cast had a dinner and he left early i'm guessing since he was walking solo. To see more photos click here

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Friday, September 18, 2009

New 2010 Twilight/New Moon Calander

It has all new pictures. How many more calendars can they make?? I think I already have two! Seen two other different ones I don't have now this! Will it ever stop? I hope not! =)

To order your now go here to Barnes and Noble!

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Rob sends a message via Peter's twitter

So as most of you know on Twitter Peter Facinelli had said if he reached 1 million followers he would have Rob or Taylor tweet everyone a message. Well today was the day he reached that mark. Though I am a bit confused since it still says 992,968 and not 1 million. Anyway here is the tweet from Rob. Though I think it would have been nice if it would have been more than Hi yea thanks and whatever. But somethings better than nothing I guess. =) Hopefully he will get Kristen or Jackson to send a tweet next!

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Access Hollywood Interview with Rachelle Lefevre

New Photo of Edward and Bella

Here is a new photo of Edward and Bella and some other goodies!

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Twiligth Vehicles at Jacob's House

According to Malicious Mandy, these vehicles were parked outside Jacob's house.
Bella's Truck, Motorbike, Carlisle's Car, Edward's Car, Jacob's Car, Billy's Truck

We could guess which scene this is going to be by the vehicles on set. It could be when Carlisle comes to fix Jacob's injuries after the battle. They are probably going to show when Bella goes to see Jacob. You can read the summary of this scene at Twiligth Lexicon:
...the Quileutes managed to overcome their prejudices enough to call in Carlisle. Edward was there too, and Charlie grudgingly admits to being pleasantly suprised by his solicitude for Jake...Bella arrives at La Push to find the Cullens gone and Jake awake...When Bella enters Jake's room, he's waiting for her, carefully composed.
To see more photos from the set visit her blog here

Peter Facinelli on the set of Eclipse

Looks like they are rehearsing for one of the scenes. Obviously since Peter is not in costume. He has the makeup on though. The wolfpack can also been seen in these photos being covered up in robes since its probably cold out. Dr. Cullen is looking very nice indeed and love that Killers shirt! Especially since I can see those muscles! Yummy...haha! To see more photos click here. You can also see director David Slade in one of the photos.

Source: RadarOnline

Rachelle Lefevre says Fame hasn't changed Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

People Magazine caught up with Rachelle at the Entertainment Weekly and Women in Film pre-Emmy parton in L.A. on Thursday night.

"When you go from being a relatvie unknown to being a success overnight, you definitely grow in leaps and bounds," says Rachelle Lefevre, who plays evil vampire Victoria in Twilight and the upcoming sequel New Moon. "The thing that was most striking for me was the way in which they didn't change." "If you can weather the fire and come out on the other side and you're still recognizable to everybody who knew you before, I think that's indicative of a larger grace."

Source: People Mag

RadarOnline Interview with Edi Gathegi

RadarOnline has an interview with Edi Gathegi on how scary his character Laurent will be in New Moon.

Radar: How scary is your scene?
Gathegi: Let's just put it this way. I told Stephenie Meyer that my goal would be to scare every 14 year-old girl, and she looked at me and said "Edi, you're so sweet and you have such a little baby face, no one is going to be scared of you at all." Then she saw the movie and the dailies said, "Ok Edi, you scared me!" And I said "That means a lot coming from you," especially since she told me I wasn't even going to be able to BE scary!"

To read the rest of the interveiw at RadarOnline click here

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Werewolves arrive to Vancity!

Julia Jones, Alex Rice, Boo Boo Stewart and Gil Birmingham arrive in Vancouver today. Alex Rice will be playing Sue Clearwater the mother of Leah (Julia Jones) and Seth (Boo Boo Stewart). To see more photos check them out here.

Source: Radar Online

Want your Boyfriend to be 'Twilight's Edward?

We showed you the Alice costume now here is the Edward costume. You have seen the hair now you can have the peacoat too. Hot Topic also has the Twilight inspired costume and here is the description:

Girls like boys who sparkle, so why not become Edward this Halloween? Start with Social Collision's Deep Blue Indie Fit Jeans and a classic pair of Converse Chuck Taylor Low Tops. Next, add a Grey Twill Peacoat to keep your sparkly skin warm during those cold evening hours. After that, all you need is a pair of Black Retro Sunglasses to add a little mystery to your brooding good looks. You're all set!

To order click here

Want to be Alice on Halloween?

Hot Topic now has a Alice inspired costume. Well I don't think Alice would actually wear this but you could probably change it up a little bit. Here is the description for the costume:

When you look into the future, what do you see?'s you...dressed as Alice this All Hallow's Eve! To start your transformation, pick up Tripp's Black Lace Cap Sleeve Corset Top. Black Pull-On Jeans are the next step in your transformation from human to vamp. Oh, and Alice would just love these Black Double Strap Mary Janes, so don't forget those. Now go save Bella before you're late to the Halloween Part!

To order it click here

Have the paps gone to far?

Yes I know I post the pics and I enjoy seeing them but when it looks like these pics it kind of creeps me out. Unless these pics were sent by a member of the gym, if they do have members. I think it may be a little creepy for a pap to get a membership to a gym just to take some photos of the cast. Kellan was photographed at the gym yesterday in Vancouver during his break from filming Eclipse. I have posted one of the photos because lets face it Kellan is hot and man does he have a bod but did they go to far in trying to get this photo?

You look at the rest of the photos here and be the judge!

Source: RadarOnline

Eclipse set update! David Slade tweets!

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'New Moon' sells out 63 showtimes 64 days before opening

According to the LA Times, Fan frenzy is alredy breaking records for "The Twiligth Saga: New Moon." Online ticket sellers MovieTickets and Fandango report that the follow-up to last year's hit from Summit Entertainment, which sold $191.5 million worth of tickets in the U.S. and Candada, is selling out screenings earlier than any other movie to date.

"New Moon" has sold out 50 showtimes of nearyl 22,000 offered on Fandango and 13 showtimes of 2,912 offered on MovieTickets. Most of the sold-out shows are at or around midnight Nov. 20, when the movie debuts. The two websites started selling "New Moon" tickets extraordinarily early--Aug. 31 for Fandango and Sep. 10 for MovieTickets--as theater chains they work with began scheduling screening in anticipationof a huge first weekend. The first "Twilight" grossed a stellar $36 million on its Friday opening, reflecting pent-up demand among fans of the best-selling books.

For most movies, online ticket sales start about 45 days before they debut. Though "New Moon" holds the record for selling out screenings the earliest, 20 Century Fox's event film "Avatar" started offereing tickets even earlier on Aug. 21, more than four months before the film's Dec.18 debut. Neither Fandago nor MovieTickets have yet sold out any "Avatar" shows, although they're currently offereing only a tiny fraction of the nearly 25,000 available for "New Moon."

Source: LA Times

Christian Serratos and Michael Welch attend Mi-6 Nightclub

Christian Serratos and costar Michale Welch attended the grand opening of Mi-6 Nightclub in West Hollywood on Tuesday night. Christian talked to Life&Style Magazine about Eclipse and spilled a few set secrets:

One of her favorite scenes in the film:
"When Bella, who is played by Kristen Stewart, helps Angela address graduation invitations and opens up about Edward wanting her to stay away from dangerous Jacob."

On how long it took her to prep for her character:
"I spend about an hour and a half in hair and makeup. I get really anxious and want to jump right into my scenes."

On the new actors in the movie:
"Bryce Dallas Howard and Xavier SAmuel are really great to have on set. Everyone is so professional and nice. It's become a really hugh, fun family."

On what she does on her off time on set:
"I brought Titanic with me this time. I've also been listening to a lot of MIA."

On who hangs out with who:
"I usually go with Mike Welch and Justin Chon. The last time I went out with Kristen, Rob Pattinson and Ashley Greene, it took Rob almost an entire hour longer to get there because it took him so long to get out of the hotel!"

To see more photos click here

Source: Just Jared Jr.

'New Moon' Soundtrack Listing to release this Friday?

According to the New York Times the track list would be completed and announced on Friday. Here is a bit from the article:

Ms. Patsavas, known for her work on television shows like "Grey's Anatomy" and "Gossip Girl," said she was confident that the "New Moon" soundtrack would include Thom Yorke, Bon Iver and Band of Skulls. Death Cab for Cutie's "Meet Me on the Equinox," the first single, had its premiere on on Sunday, as part of a "Twilight" promotional blitz surronding the MTV VMA's. There has been extensive speculation in the music industry all summer about who else would be included. Representatives of Grizzly Bear and the Killers said those groups would be on the soundtrack, but Ms. Patsavas declined to comment, saying the track list would be completed and announced on Friday.

To read more of the article click here

Are you excited? Who else do you think will be included on the soundtrack?

Eclipse set update!

Vancity Allie and Malicious Mandy have some awesome pics and info about what was being filmed on the newborn army in Vancouver. By the looks of all the Vamps I think its going to be very good! They scare me already...hehe... Go check out all the photos and info here for Vancity Allie and here for Malicious Mandy!

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What would you take with you in 2012?

The Mayans predicted that a series of catastrophic events will devastate our planet in 2012. If the human race were to survive, what works of film, art, literature and music would you choose to preserve? In the coming weeks, the entire global community will be asked to nominate and vote on the selections.

So far Nominations and Votes have already been made for Film and Art. For Film guess who was their top choice? 'Twilight' was chosen as Top Choice for Film chosen to preserve after 2010. You still have a chance to vote for Literature and Music you would choose to preserve. So far for literature the nominations have been made and Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga is in the lead as Top Choice.

Go vote for your choice of Literature and Music to preserve here.

Jack Huston talks to E! News at the G-Star Raw Fashion Show!

Eclipse's superhot newbie isn't anticipating having to face screaming fanggirls clawing, pushing, shoving and biting for his attention. The actor plays Royce King II, the good-on-paper finance to Nikki Reed's Rosalie Cullen, in a flashback sequence.

"I don't think I will [face the madness] because of my part," "I'm actually kind of a nasty guy. I'm her fiance who ends up basically trying to rape her. It's rather horrible."

To read more of what he told click here

Source: Eonline

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner drive Vancouver crazy!

The Vancouver Sun has an article about how the 'Twilight' phenomenon has changed their little town of Vancouver.

Vancouver has seen stars aplenty since the city graduated into one of North America’s film and television centres. A-listers such as Sean Penn and Robert De Niro are seen walking down the street and dining without bodyguards. Heck, Goldie and Kurt felt so comfortable they bought a house here some years ago.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were molested by paparazzi, but they had a new baby and the public had a right to know what the little tyke looks like. They weren’t mobbed by fans, only the working press.

“Celebrities have always felt quite comfortable in Vancouver and that’s part of our charm and our competitive advantage,” said B.C. Film Commissioner Susan Croome.

History will record that 2009 was the year that everything changed. When filming started last spring on New Moon, the second story in the Twilight saga by author Stephenie Meyer, fans flocked to filming locations in the hundreds, creating unprecedented security headaches for the producers.

Twilight stars Rob Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart are back in Vancouver making the third film, Eclipse, until the end of October and the hysteria shows no sign of letting up. The young stars are tracked by fans to their hotel and favourite restaurants and any bars and clubs where they might try to sneak a drink or see a band.

Fans travel from all over North America and as far away as New Zealand to track their vampire heroes in the hope of getting a picture or an autograph. Some have succeeded, many more failed.

To read more click here

What do you think? Have the fans and websites all gone to far and crazy over 'Twilight' and the cast? I know a difference in the paparazzi but have the fans gotten crazy and out of hand?

Kellan Lutz at Monarchy Collection Fashion Show

Here are some photos of Kellan at the Monarchy Collection Fashion show. You can see more photos here.

New Entertainment Weekly Outakes of Kristen and Taylor

Kristen looks so pretty in all these photos! Hopefully some more come out soon that are not tagged but for now enjoy!

Want to have Edward hair for Halloween?

LMAO! spotted this wig at a costume store. Seems to resemble Edward in a way. I still can't stop laughing at this. I think I will buy it for my boyfriend so he can wear it and I can touch his nice "Night Time Romeo" hair...hahahhahahahaha!! This is too funny.

Team Jacob fans this is for you!

This is an inside look at the New Moon book that was just released yesterday. It has a pull out poster for all you Jacob fans out there.

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Hallmark "Twilight' and 'New Moon' product Info

Thanks to Bella and Edward for the following information they recieved after emailing and requesting information from Hallmark. Here is their response:

Thank you for contacting Hallmark.

Hallmark "Twilight" greeting cards began arriving in stores in August, 2009 and new ones will continue arriving through early fall. Many include sound from the movie soundtrack or attachments such as bookmarks and stickers.

"New Moon," the second movie in the "Twilight" series, will arrive in theatres this November. Cards based on that movie will be available this fall and early 2010. Some "New Moon"=based cards will include sound or fold-out posters.

E-cards based on "Twilight" are also now available.

Sending situations currently include love birthday and anyone birthday. Halloween and Valentine's Day cards are also planned.

"Twilight" and "New Moon" party products will be available in stores later this fall and will include a lenticular cup (lenticular gives the impression of a moving scene when tipped from side to side), button favors and a large sticker. A mobile greeting will be available at Halloween, and Keepsake Ornaments of Edward and Bella, the main characters in the series, will be available in 2010.

In addition to "Twilight" and "New Moon," "Hallmark also has licensing right to the movies based on the last two books in the series "Eclipse" and "Breaking Dawn."

The products will be available in Hallmark Gold Crown, mass-channel and party specialty stores.

We appreciate your thinking of Hallmark.

Hallmark Consumer Care

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

'Twilight' Actress Anna Kendrick is Fine Without RPattz-Level Fame

Anna Kendrick got to sit down and talk to MTV at the Toronto International Film Festival. The 24-year-old has had a front-row seat as co-stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have become paparazzi targets whose every sneeze becomes tabloid-news fodder. After seeing what those two have endured, Kendrick is thankful for the relative obscurity of her part in the vampire saga.
"I would have gone insane at this point!" she told MTV News. "They're so levelheaded. They've handled it so gracefully."

To read more click here.

Chris Weitz Talks 'New Moon' with Box Office

Weitz talks to BoxOffice about the power of break-up stories and his family's gratitude to vampires - a lineage that stretches back to his grandparents.

There are so many films about vampires, vampire romances, teenage romances—what is it about Twilight's love triangle that's catalyzed this phenomenon?

To me, it has a lot less to do with vampires and werewolves than with readily identifiable emotional situations. Bella has a choice between the loving friend who's nearby and the distant, unattainable object of her affections. That's a pretty common scenario, and unfortunately also, so is being dumped. I know I've experienced it—pretty much anybody except the incredibly lucky has experienced it—and the supernatural element of things just allows for a degree of wish fulfillment. We can play out these scenarios on a grand scale. When you get broken up with, you'd like to think that if you just did something brave enough, something amazing enough, you could rescue the relationship that's been broken. And you would like to think that the person who's left you has left you for your own good against their heart. That's usually not the case, but in New Moon it happens to be, so that's a lovely way to fulfill one's wishes. A great thing that Summit as a studio understands is that there are dark places that the movie has to go in order for it all to work. They're not afraid of the angst and the sorrow that's in the book. In a way, the film can be kind of a throwback to weepies as well as very cutting edge in terms of visual effects.

To read more of the interview click here

New Moon Film-Based Book Cover Edition Released Today!

Today marked the release of the new film-based cover edition of Stephenie Meyer's New Moon! Amazon has alerted pre-ordering customers that the books have now been released for sale, and are on their way to your mailboxes by sometime around September 22nd. That said, they are now available on bookshelves everywhere as well. So go pick your up your copy now.

Ashley Greene talks to MTV about 'Eclipse' being more guy friendly

To read more click here

Source: MTV

Take 40: The Used Reveal the Title Track on the 'New Moon' Soundtrack

Take 40 has an exclusive interview with Bert McCracken of The Used. Bert revealed in his interview that The Used will have the song, "For You I Would," on the 'New Moon' soundtrack, and the song is set to be the title track:
Publicity for the 'Twilight' sequel 'New Moon' is heating up as the film's release date, Novemember 19, creeps closer. *squeals excitedly* reported this morning that Death Cab For Cutie will have the lead single for the 'New Moon' soundtrack, a song titled 'Meet Me on The Equinox.'

But we have some more exciting New Moon goss!

When we spoke to Bert McCracken of The Used yesterday, he revealed that a new song of theirs entitled 'For You I Would' was set to be the title track!

"It's gonna be a big deal," Bert told "We wrote a really awesome original song for the movie."

Bert also said that former Nine Inch Nails musician Danny Lohner produced the track.

You can listen to the interview here.

Have you heard Meet Me On The Equinox by Death Cab For Cutie? Didn't like the song at first but its growing on me. What about The Used? Do you like their music?

Hottie...Hot...Hot...Kellan Lutz on the Cover of August Magazine

OhLaLa Magazine gives an exlusive look at Kellan's cover shoot & spread for the Malaysian magazine August.

Actor Kellan Lutz was photographed by Mitchell Nguyen McCormack and styled by Joseph Episcopo for Malaysian Magazine August.

{via CullenBoysAnonymous}

Funny Twilight Pics

Here are some funny Twilight Pics courtesy or TwiFans! I selected a few I thought were pretty funny. To see the rest click here.