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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson talk to Seventeen Magazine

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Kristen Stewart's Adventureland Costar has a copy of New Moon?

This sounds like total BS just to get the paparazzi to shut their pie holes! As it's usually done on TMZ they follow celebs with the camera and ask them random dumb questions. They saw Jesse Eisenberg who just came out in Zombieland which is awesome by the way, and asked him if he has seen Twilight or is going to see New Moon. Which of course his costar from Adventureland Kristen Stewart stars in. What does he say? "Oh I have it in my backpack." Yes you heard that right. He says he has a copy of New Moon in his backpack and is supposably going to watch it on the plane? YEA RIGHT! I doubt that dude! Something only a dumb pap would believe. I just see Summit handing over a copy to you. Yea...BOGUS! Check out the video below.

Pocket Adventures: Makeovers...Makeovers...Makeovers!

"Its makeover time MMB!!"
MMA:"There you are MMB! Its time for makeovers! I was in that box forever so there is so much making up to do!" MMB:*sighs*"Okay MMA okay because it's you."
MMA:"Where is my brother?" MMB:"Oh I think I saw him over there"
MMA: *raises eyebrows* "What are you doing?" MME: "What does it look like I'm doing? I fell and I can't get up MMA!" *chuckles* MMB: "Are you okay MME?"
MME:"I'm fine love." MMA:"See... he's fine MMB lets go!" MMB: "MMA is going to give me a 'makeover' I'll be back soon!"
MMB: *stunned* "What is all this MMA?" MMA:"Oh nothing...this is just my beauty"
MMB:"What are you looking at?" MMA:"I don't think we can do anything with that face since your skin looks fine now, but let me see if I can accessorize this outfit!"
MMA:"Here this ribbon might do the trick." MMB:"Ribbon!!"
MMA:"There that looks good."
MMB:"MMA! I look like Rambo!" MMA:"You do not! You look fabulous. Let's ask MME how it looks."
MMA:"MME..what do you think of MMB's new look?"
MME:"What is this?" *chuckles*
MMB:"SEE!!!! Even MME thinks I look ridiculous!"
MMA:"Be nice MME! She looks fabulous and you should tell her so!"
MME:"You look beautiful MMB as always. It doesn't matter what you wear." *hugs* MMA:*huffs* Yes...yes...she looks beautiful....
MMA:*sighs* Get a room people!!
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The Moment that Changed Stephenie Meyer's Life Forever!

The LA Times has a new photo from Stephenie's comic book that will coming out along with The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Here is a bit from the article:

It is interesting, I suppose, to ponder perceived conflicts between Meyer's Mormon background and her success with tales of the supernatural but, of course, anyone who's read the books knows all of it is just a mask for the Team Edward vs. Team Jacob lovefest over Bella. If you're into Stephenie and the "Twilight" wave, you'll probably want to get this book because there could be tidbits you didn't know (i.e. - The first Twilight book was initially called Forks.). Through the good people at Bluewater, we've gotten a sneak peek at it, and here is the panel depicting the dream that led to her creation of this 'tween monster franchise.

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New Robert Pattinson Photo Shoot

I just have one word for you HOT!!! Check out the rest here at ROBsessed!

Fan-Made New Moon Video

Aww...I love this! Bella and Edward Moments. Here is a screencap done by Thinking of Rob of this video!

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Self Magazine Photo Shoot with Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz, and Rachelle Lefevre

We had heard a while back from Rachelle on twitter that she was doing a photoshoot with Ashley and Kellan and here it is. They all look so cute!

Check out more here.

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Take a listen to bits of the 'New Moon' Soundtrack at Amazon!

You now can listen to samples of all the songs on The Twilight Saga: New Moon soundtrack. Amazon has previews of several seconds for each of the songs. Take a listen here. Let us know what scenes you think the songs will be featured and if you like any of them!

Some Friday Funnies!

Here are some Friday Funnies to brighten up your day! Enjoy! Click photo to see better.

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Knoxville News wants your questions for Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner!

Kristen and Taylor will be attending "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" premiere in Knoxville, benefiting Variety - The Children's Charity of Eastern Tennesse on November 17, 2009. The people of at Knoxville News will be interviewing the stars and want YOU to submit your questions for Taylor and Kristen! Submit your questions here to increase your chances. Make sure you think of realistic and creative questions.

History of one of the sets in 'Eclipse' Bloody Alley

Malicious Mandy has an awesome post letting us know some of the history of one of the sets that will be used in the movie 'Eclipse.' Which part of the movie will this set be used? Check out the post below. Anyway here is a bit from her post and you can read the rest here.

While better known for crime, homelessness, and hardcore drug-abuse, Gastown is also home to a particular alley that gets a lot of play on historic Vancouver walking tours - Blood Alley! Located off of Carrall St. right next to Gaoler's Mews, Blood Alley is fairly stereotypical of a Gastown alley - there's brickwork lining half of the alley and nearby buildings; there are ornate aged lamps and railings clustered together at it's entrance; and there are homeless Vancouverites huddled together out of the rain. What makes Blood Alley famous is not it's aesthetic appeal, but that it is home to perhaps the largest amount of rumours, myths, tall tales, and outright fabrications in Vancouver history.

As with any place that has such a controversial past, trying to find information - especially correct information - on Blood Alley is slightly difficult. My first "fact" about Blood Alley came from a friend who told me that it was so named because unsuspecting ship-workers of the Granville townsite would walk through the alley after pay-day only to get murdered if they didn't surrender their cash. After a little fact-finding mission, I also learned that Blood Alley may have also been the site of the city's first civic buildings, butcher shops (who would toss blood into the alley at the end of the day), and public hangings. Simply trying to connect the dots on Blood Alley is a difficult task at best for the uninformed.

Pretty creepy isn't it!

Source/via Malicious Mandy

Eclipse News Update/Breaking Dawn to be filmed in Portland?

According to Lainey Gossip, Xavier Samuel (Riley) was on set Wednesday shooting 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse getting soaking wet. If you saw my other Eclipse set updates from director David Slade's twitter you would have seen he tweeted having to be filming in the rain over and over again. Lainey tells us exclusively (at press time) that Xavier is working on what's intended to be the OPENING SCENE in Eclipse. "Riley" in human form is being terrorised down an alley in Seattle pursued by a sinister shadow which turns out to be "Victoria." There is footage of this at Lainey's site if you want to be spoiled.

As far as 'Breaking Dawn' news she states it might not be filmed in Vancouver since tax incentives are being pushed foward in a bid to take back British Columbia. We have heard before that Oregon wanted the return of the Twilight films. They've introduced major tax incentive etc to lure the production back. There is also more info on her site about the crew not being held back for 'Breaking Dawn' and she is told as of press time the intention to begin production on the fourth and final movie Breaking Dawn is in September in Portalnd!

To read more information and to see video and photos of both Xavier shooting Eclipse and some of Taylor shooting for Rolling Stone click here.

Photos Stills of Robert Pattinson in the film 'How To Be'

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