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More 'New Moon' Promo Pics

Robert Pattinson in Joepie Magazine

Full Scan of Rob's picture in Joepie Magazine.

New Moon Trading Card Scans

The girls over at twilightxchange went to Target and picked up a couple of New Moon Trading Cards. Here are the scans! To see more click here

New Wolf Pack Promo Still

Ashley Greene's Q&A with Seventeen Magazine

Ashley talks about her downtime on set, Kellan's washboard abs, and her first impression of Rob.

Downtime in Vanouver
"We'd shop. We were right on Robson [Street in Vancouver], it's kind of a shopping strip, and there's a ton of stores that just line it. I got really cool jumpers. And I went to H&M, of course, because I love that store!"

Best Scene to film
"Italy was really fun. The Porsche in particular — Kristen and I were just talking about how we were laughing and singing in the car. I'm sure everyone who was making the film was like, 'What's the deal?' We were quoting Anchorman and singing 'Afternoon Delight.' Yeah, very weird!"

She almost crashed the Porsche!
"I had to learn how to drive it with a truck driver, which was really fun. And he said I was a really great driver. But then I had to race this Porsche up all these really narrow roads and avoid pedestrians. So I was a little preoccupied, but I did it twice, and it looked really good! I guess I was really close to the wall though. Driving on set makes you nervous, like when a cop is behind you; you're not doing anything wrong, but because the cop is behind you, you get nervous."

Her guy Friend's Funny Habits
"Kellan was like, 'I guess I don't have to wear my shirt when I'm walking my dog.' And I'm like, 'Kellan, most people wear shirts when they walk their dog.' What's really sad is that his shirt is off so much that I know what his abs look like. And I saw this Photoshopped picture of him, and I was like, 'That's not you! You're wider than that! It's not like I stalk you, you just never have your shirt on!'"

YouTubing Between Takes
"Michael Sheen and I, for some reason, we bonded over this [funny] YouTube stuff, and so we would be cracking up, and then the scene would start and I was supposed to hate him, so it made it a little more difficult."

First Impressions
"When I met Rob, he literally didn't make any impression on me. He's quiet, he's not very outgoing, he wasn't like, 'Hey! What's up? I'm Rob!' So with Catherine, she was basically like, 'So, that's Rob.' And I was like, 'Oh, cool.' And it's just so funny now looking at it, because every girl swoons over him."

Having Alice's Power in Real Life
"I think it'd be a little bit of a burden. I'd feel so much pressure if anything [bad] would happen, and I don't think I would have time to just live, because everything can change, once you know the future and if you try and change it — nothing would play out the way it was supposed to. I think it's better that life is kind of like a mystery, I think that's what drives us. So it would be cool for a minute, and then it would drive me crazy probably, like reading people's minds. That would drive me nuts! You really don't want to hear what people are thinking. I'm okay with just smiling and saying hello!"

To read more click here

Twilight Stars land on Empire's 50 Sexiest Movie Star List

For the Women:

Kristen Stewart ranks at #7 on the list!
The subject of much fangirl opprobrium, thanks to her on-and-off-screen relationships with Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson, Stewart still places high on the list because a) she's staggeringly beautiful and b) her don't-give-a-fuck attitude is sublimely sexy. In the likes of Twilight and Adventureland, she's a world away from her debut in Panic Room, when she looked like a Macauley Culkin tribute band.

Most alluring as... Em Lewin in Adventureland - sparky, human, and plenty sexy, in a surly, take-no-shit kinda way.

Interests include... She's a voracious reader, with favourite authors including Kurt Vonnegut, Charles Bukowski and Albert Camus. No word yet if Stephenie Meyer's on the list...

Ashley Greene ranks in at #32
You might not have seen any of the Twilight series. You might never want to. Or maybe you've watched the original so many times you've broken the DVD and your bedroom is essentially a shrine to Robert Pattinson. However you feel about the movie, there's no denying it, Ashley Greene is a grade-A, 100 per cent stunner. Just look at her eyes, her beautiful, beautiful eyes.

Most alluring as... Prescient vampire chick, Alice Cullen.

Interests include... Shopping, vampires and seeing the future.

For the Men:

Robert Pattinson ranks in at #2 behind Johnny Depp
A recent addition to "Sexiest" lists everywhere, Robert Pattinson and his messy mane have won hearts all over the world with his turn as veggie vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight Saga. Those over 25 may roll their eyes, but the combination of plum roles in hit novels (see also: Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire), a posh accent, musical ability and that enormous haystack on his head means half the teenage world adores him.

Most alluring as... Gotta be Edward Cullen, with all that restrained passion and the penchant for melting glances.

Interests include... He's also a talented pianist and guitarist, and contributed tracks to the Twilight soundtrack.

Taylor Lautner ranks in at #35
What's that? Another young Twilight upstart with his top off sneaking his way into the Empire sexiest list? You're damn right. Star of The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D and Cheaper by the Dozen 2, he'd been keeping himself busy before he hit the big time in the Twilight series - though with less screentime spent topless, obviously.

Most alluring as... Jake-abs. Specifically, whenever he's topless in Twilight. So for the most part, whenever he's in New Moon then.

Interests include... Enjoys playing football and baseball. He is also a keen martial artist, winning tournaments internationally.

Kellan Lutz ranks in at #36
One of the lesser known Twilight men, Kellan might not have the star power of some of his co-stars, but he does have one great thing going for him: a ripped six-pack and a youth film franchise that shows no sign of stopping. There'll be a few more incongruous scenes with Kellan wandering around half-dressed for a good while yet, we can promise you.

Most alluring as... He may be man of few words, but he's in Twilight, what more do you need? Off the silver screen he does seem to have attracted a large female fanbase who squeal uncontrollably with delight so he's doing something right.

Interests include... Football, boxing, skateboarding, track, baseball, basketball, lacrosse, swimming, tennis, racquetball, badminton, snow skiing, and snowboarding. So sport, then.

Kristen beat stars such as Penelope Cruz and Halley Berry. Rob beat out Brad Pitt and Hugh Jackman! Do you think they should have been ranked higher or lower on the list?

To see who else made the lists click here

Source: Empire

Amazon 'New Moon' Soundtrack MP3 Deal!

Check this out! If you would like your 'New Moon' Soundtrack at a cheaper price this is the place to go. For today only Amazon is offering the Soundtrack in an MP3 version for only $4.99! So if you don't want the cd cover and all that other stuff just the songs you can go here to get it now.

Remember the offer is only availabe today October 16, 2009!

More photos of Kellan Lutz in August Man

Kellan Lutz is appearing in the November issue of August Man Magazine. In the magazine Kellan says he's amped up his workout routine for his Twilight role as Emmett Cullen.
"Emmett's a juggernaut, a bulldozer, a brute," he says. "His strength is well, his strength. So while Jackson might be working on his wiry speed and tactics, I'm building up to clothesline the enemy with my bare fist."
Make sure to pick up the issue! To see more photos click here

Source: Just Jared

'New Moon' tunes hit stores Today!

Variety has an aritcle on the Twilight Saga: New Moon Soundtrack release.

After last year's "Twilight" pic yielded a blockbuster soundtrack, there was no shortage of established and emerging acts eager to contribute tunes to the next installment, "The Twilight Saga: New Moon."

All the songs on the "New Moon" soundtrack, which hits music outlets Friday from Chop Shop/Atlantic, are previously unreleased and exclusive to the film. Album's release date was moved up four days after film's closely guarded music leaked onto the Web Monday.

Album, intensely anticipated by "Twilight" devotees a month before feature's release, should prove to be a key component in pic's opening, according to Atlantic Records g.m./exec VP Livia Tortella.

"Summit has a very scrappy marketing aesthetic," Tortella said. "They know how to work with a record company."

About half of the 15 acts on the album consulted with "New Moon" director Chris Weitz before penning their tunes, according to Chop Shop's Alex Patsavas, who co-produced the soundtrack album with Paul Katz, head of Eye2Ear Music and Summit's music liaison.

"A good number of the songs were the result of meeting Chris and spending time in the cutting room with the already edited movie," Patsavas said.

Set features indie rock acts like Lykke Li, Bon Iver & St. Vincent, Sea Wolf and Grizzly Bear alongside better-known acts such as Muse (also heard on the first "Twilight" album), Radiohead lead singer Thom Yorke, OK Go and Death Cab for Cutie, who cut lead-off track "Meet Me on the Equinox."

The soundtrack "appeals to a slightly older demographic, a more artistic demographic," Tortella said.

Patsavas noted the tracks move away from the more hard-rocking feel of the first "Twilight" package to reflect the content of the pic itself.

" 'New Moon' has a more somber tone in many ways," Patsavas said. "A quieter feel for the music seemed to make sense."

Added Katz: "The music is cool, but it's a manifestation of the film ... It has a lot to do with Chris' view of things, plus Alex, who is a maven of that (indie-rock) world."
The first "Twilight" soundtrack has sold nearly 2.3 million copies to date, according to Nielsen SoundScan figures. Nearly a year after release, it hovers at No. 77 on this week's U.S. album chart.

The "New Moon" soundtrack was a top Twitter topic all week, especially Wednesday, when the "New Moon" album began a one-day streaming on pic's MySpace page.

To read the rest click here

Source: Variety

New 'New Moon' Merchandise at Hot Topic

This is the front of one of the new shirts availabe at Hot Topic. It features new never before seen photos. Will you buy it?To see more merchandise check out Hot Topic here.

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Jack Huston talks The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

IESB got the exclusive interview with Jack Huston who plays Royce King in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. He talks about 'New Moon' and his future projects.

IESB: How did you get involved with The Twilight Saga: Eclipse? What is it like to become a part of that whole phenomenon?

Jack: I literally just got back last Saturday, from filming my last little bits on it. I went in for David Slade, who's the director, for another part that was written as a 19-year-old freshman who's blonde-haired and blue-eyed, which I knew I wasn't. That couldn't be less like me. But, I went in and took a very different spin on how the character was written, and went a little nuts in the room, and David and I really got along, so he said, "I wanna get you in this movie somewhere." So, he called me up a couple weeks later and said, "There's this other part. Would you like to do it?," and he offered me that.

IESB: So, who are you playing in the film and how does he fit into the story?

Jack: I play this guy called Royce King, who is the fiancé of Rosalie (Nikki Reed), before Rosalie was a vampire. It's her backstory. It's in 1933, during the Great Depression, and he's a wealthy son of a banker. He's a blue blood who takes a shine to her, but she's not as nice as she seems and he has his comeuppance.

IESB: When you play darker characters, do you like to keep the mood light on set, in between takes, to off-set that, or do you prefer to stay in character?

Jack: It depends on what the scene is, actually. If it's a really dark scene, then one tends to go to a bit of a darker place. But, even if you're playing a dark person, I don't think you can be dark, all the time. It depends on where you are. If you're in the middle of doing a scene and you're in between takes, sometimes you need to keep a bit of a distance, just so that your head space is fresh and not diluted by anything else. Normally, in between scenes, I'm fine.

IESB: When you work on something like that and you see how crazy it's become for the cast, does that make you hope you never have to deal with that, or is it just part of the job that you have to deal with?

Jack: There's two sides to that. When these kids first signed on, they probably didn't expect that, at all. They were doing what they thought was a little movie, and it turned into this huge franchise. The buzz behind it made it one of the biggest franchises ever. I think they were all very surprised by it, but they can all now go off and do any movie they ever wanted, and demand massive paychecks.

The flipside is that, for now, it must be very difficult walking down the street with everyone looking at you and paparazzi follow you. That's not easy for anyone to deal with. It can't be easy, and I wouldn't expect it to be easy, but I guess that's sometimes the price of fame. With this, no one expected it and it just all came so quickly and suddenly that it must be quite a shock, so I guess I'm sympathetic.

To read the rest of the interview click here

Muse might be on the Third 'Twilight' Soundtrack too!

'New Moon' Promo Shoot: Edward Cullen

{via Twifans}

Vanity Fair's Twilight Watch: On the set of Eclipse with Ashley Greene

Vanity Fair has an awesome interview with Ashley Greene where she talks about New Moon, cast reunions, and how all this has changed her life. Here is a bit from the interview:

Your role as Alice Cullen becomes more significant as the series continues. What was your experience filming New Moon?
It was incredible, and I think the timing was right. I’m glad that [my role] wasn’t that big in the first one because I was wide-eyed and nervous. By the second one, I had the time to fully develop this character, and I’m really comfortable with Alice Cullen now. It’s going to be sad to be done with it. I was really excited when I read the script because I had, of course, read the book and you never know how they’re going to translate it, how it’s going to read, and filming it was great. Chris [Weitz, the director] was awesome.

Have you seen the finished film yet?
I got to see it a month ago. I’m really happy … I’m really excited about it. When we saw it, it was completely unfinished. It was one of the first cuts, and it looks really good. The first thing that went through my head was, “Oh my gosh, it’s beautiful!” The way that it’s shot … Javier, our D.P., he did such a beautiful job. We all look really, really good!

How much does it differ from the first film?
It’s more dangerous; it’s darker in the costumes, scenery, and tone. The Volturi come in, and they definitely make them look scary. I think that’s why the lighting was so important; it was key. A good part of it is in Italy …

To read more click here

This is a great read with really good questions rather than the same boring ones. Check it out!

Source: Vanity Fair {via @VerboseComa}

Kristen Stewart 2009 EW Outtakes

Here are two new photos of Kristen from her Entertainment Weekly photo shoot with Taylor.

Outtakes of Kristen Stewart in 2006 Nylon Magazine

Here are some outtakes of Kristen from 2006 in Nylon Magazine.

To see the rest click here

Source: kstewartfans

Nikki Reed is Team Jacob!

Her New Moon Escape
"It got really overwhelming when we wrapped the second film with publicity. Having people wait outside of my house sort of gives me a panic attack. I'm a believer in the concept that people should not be followed and photographed everywhere. I decided to leave for a little while, and it turned into a two-month vacation in Greece!"

Missing Out on Vancouver
"We got to really enjoy and explore Portland because we were a little bit more discreet [than we are now]. Shooting the second film was a game of hide-and-seek where we couldn't go without being followed and looked at."

Kristen & Nikki Chill Time
"Music is a big part of our lives. She plays guitar, and I learned how to play guitar. About a year ago, we went guitar shopping. She picked out my guitar with me. It was fun. So we play, we just sit around and jam."

The Real Rosalie
"I think the voting scene was my favorite because it was very heartfelt and [director] Chris Weitz was very open with me playing with my dialogue, and I gave a really, I think, heartfelt speech at the end of that. It gave me the opportunity for the first time to show that Rosalie's not just a crazy nasty person, she's got a soul, and she genuinely cares about her brother and her family and the safety of everyone."

Nikki's Rebellious Act
"We were shooting at night at the end of filming, and the night I wrapped finished shooting at 9 in the morning. Kristen and I decided that we were going to go back to someone's place, and everyone ended up coming, and we had this sort of crazy party in the morning."

First Impressions
"The first time I met Jackson [Rathbone] was on the flight to Portland, and he had his guitar and his glasses, and I was thinking to myself, Oh boy, another introverted musician/actor. [Laughs] And I don't really know what I thought of Rob. My opinion of Rob has always sort of been the same. He's a great guy, he's really talented, [but] we're not as close as the rest of the cast."

African Safari Adventure
"Kristen and [ex-boyfriend] Michael [Angarano] and I spent every day together, without a distraction, without a computer, without a phone, without a moment to [ourselves]. And we all stayed in the same tent, because I was supposed to stay in a different one, but obviously I got scared."

Why She's on Team Jacob
"I'm the only one of the cast members that's Team Jacob, but I am. And that's because I feel like a bit older than everybody else, and I feel like part of being a kid is having the mentality that Bella has with Edward, which is I'm willing to sacrifice my family and my life, literally my life for this person, because he's my everything. She's consumed by him. And for me, that's never been healthy. I've done that before, and I really do take these books seriously. I look at them as being very metaphorical, and for me, Jacob is the one. He's the right one for her. He's her friend, he loves her unconditionally, and she doesn't have to sacrifice anything for him. Relationships are, of course, about compromise, but I don't think they're about giving up a part of your life for somebody."

Forbidden Love vs. Simple Love
"I think so many young girls get caught up in the challenge of being with somebody who's dangerous, who's bad, who's enticing, who's all of those things, and you forget what it's like to enjoy simple love."

Setting the Record Straight
"I can't win, even if I say something relatively bland. A few weeks ago I was at this event, and they said, 'You missed Rob's birthday, how do you feel?' And I said, 'I called him, it's fine.' And they wrote, 'She's clearly bitter over the breakup.' I'm like, what breakup? Rob and I were never together."

Source: Seventeen {via Twifans}

Ashley Greene and Kristen Stewart-Pics from Dress Rehearsal

Here are some rare pics from the Twilight Dress Rehearsal of Ashley Green (ask Alice Cullen) and Kristen Stewart (aka Bella Swan) which according to New Moon Movie the Ashly photos seem to be both from Twilight and New Moon. The photos on Top are from New Moon and the bottom photos are from Twilight.I think in one of the photos on top she kinda looks like Kristen. What you do think of the photos?

Justin Chon at the Pusan Film Festival

Justin Chon (aka Eric Yorkie) attened the Pusan Film Festival and could only find on picture of himself.

He tweeted the above picture saying 'why did the pusan film festival invite me if they make it seem like i wasn't even there. only photo i scrounged. post it everywhere!!' POST IT EVERYWHERE!!! I WANT TO STICK IT TO THEM FOR BEING MEAN!!!

So here is the post Justin! Stick it to them good! =)

Hot Topic: The Twilight Saga: New Moon Soundtrack Release Party

Stop by any Hot Topic location on Friday, October 16th at 7pm to hear The Twilight Saga: New Moon Soundtrack, with special messages from featured bands and get 10% off any purchase during the release part. *Plus, purchase your copy of the CD and get a special gift!**

To find a store near you click here

People Magazine Special Edition

(NEW YORK) – This week, PEOPLE publishes a special newsstand-only issue all about the Twilight sequel New Moon. The biggest day of the year for vampires is usually Halloween, but this fall it’s Nov. 20 – the debut of the film New Moon. For those who can’t wait, PEOPLE put together this special issue filled with exclusive on-set photos, interviews with the cast and a preview of all the suspenseful – and steamy – scenes in Twilight’s next chapter.

After Twilight raked in almost $200 million last year, producers quickly got the cast – including insta-stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart – back together to film the next chapter of Bella Swan’s species-crossed love affair with Edward Cullen. “Twilight is about first love; New Moon is about heartbreak,” director Chris Weitz tells PEOPLE. “That requires the actors to go to some very dark places.”

New Moon “is the beginning of a love triangle,” says Taylor Lautner who plays Bella’s best friend and werewolf Jacob. “I get nervous trying to represent Team Jacob in the right way. This guy is some pretty good competition,” admitted Lautner (before a scene with Robert Pattinson). “The fans would love anybody who played Jacob. I’m just lucky to be the one who got the chance.” Thanks to flashbacks, “there is more Edward in the film,” says Weitz. “Viewers will see him more often than Bella sees him in the book.”

This special collector’s edition also takes a look at the chemistry between Kristen and Robert in both their professional and personal lives. Director-turned-matchmaker Catherine Hardwicke says that Pattinson and Stewart had sparks flying between them from the first “Action!” Everyone noticed the connection instantly – especially Pattinson himself. “When I read Twilight, and there are these moony descriptions of Edward as a godlike figure, I thought there was no way I could play him,” he recalls. “But when I got in the room with Kristen, there was a certain chemistry. She’s basically the reason I did the movie.” While filming Twilight, one romantic scene between Pattinson and Stewart told Hardwicke everything she needed to know. “When they were kissing,” she recalls with a smile, “Rob got a little passionate and fell off the bed!” Despite concerns about mixing love and work, the two finally succumbed to their feelings. “They’re genuine, and they’re very talented,” explains costar Ashley Greene of the common ground they share. “It’s like a secret potion that you can’t really pinpoint, but they both have it.”

PEOPLE also reports about all the hoopla surrounding the Twilight phenomenon – the screaming teens, the buzzing chat rooms, the collector dolls. Take it from Ashley Greene, the Twilight frenzy is out of control. “Kellan Lutz and I look at each other and go, ‘What is going on? This is so insane!’” says the actress who plays Alice. “It’s very different from anything that I’ve experienced. But the fans are so passionate. Seriously, this is the coolest job in the world with the best fans.” Craziest Twilight tie-in? Two adjacent corn mazes in Utah, expertly landscaped to spell out Team Edward and Team Jacob.

The cast is already filming part three of the saga, Eclipse, and hopes to begin work on part four, Breaking Dawn, in the not-too-distant future. “We’re all crossing our fingers, and we all want to finish the series,” says Lutz, who plays vampire Emmett Cullen. “And we want Stephenie [Meyer, author] to write more books if she could!”

PEOPLE’s New Moon special issue will be available on newsstands from Friday, October 16 – Monday, November 30.

Go here to visit Twilight Lexicon to see how you can get a $1.00 off coupon for this special collector's edition.

Vampire Chic creeps into Young Women's Fashion

The Chicago SunTimes has an article regarding "Twilight" and the two retailers Nordstrom and teen chain A'GACI who have launched vampire-inspired lines for juniors.

Created by Awake Inc. for Nordstrom, the collection includes T-shirts, tanks, hoodies, dresses and jackets that reflect the mood and spirit of the film (plenty of trees, birds and even a wolf motif). Some T-shirts have cute sayings such as "Bet You Can't Read My Mind," and several shirts encourage the endless debate between those who are on "Team Edward" and those who play for "Team Jacob."
And which "Team" shirt does Nordstrom predict to be the better seller? "That is a great question," says Nordstrom spokesman John Bailey. "We'll have to wait and see after the collection officially hits stores."

Some critics have wondered whether the "Twilight" books and movies are too dark and violent for tweens and teens, but Bailey says he's not concerned. "The 'New Moon' story focuses on love and friendship, and the characters just happen to be supernatural."
Prices for the Nordstrom collection range from $30 for a T-shirt to $48 for a jacket. The A'GACI T-shirts start at $11.50.

Will you be picking up any of this merchandise? We don't have a Nordstrom near by so I might check out A'GACI.

Will Team Edward Fans switch to Team Jacob?

According to Anna Kendrick this may happen. Marc Malkin from E! Online caught up with Anna at a cocktail party where it was announced she will be receiving the Rising Star Award at the International Film Festival in January. They spoke about her upcoming movie Up In the Air and New Moon. Here is what she had to say about Robert and Taylor.

"Taylor will certainly capture the hearts of many people who thought they only had eyes for Rob," "He's so cute. He's such a cutie."

"You meet Taylor and there's something really special about him," Kendrick said. "He's so warm. He's so different from Rob and different from Kristen. There's something about him that feels he's sort of built for this."

Not that she thinks there's anything wrong with R & K. "God bless them," Kendrick said. "They seem to be handling it so well, so much better than I could ever imagine it for myself. I don't know how they manage to stay so normal and level-headed."

In fact, she wishes the tabloid crap would stop already. "There's a part of me that gets frustrated that they're on the cover of a magazine and it's says they're engaged!" Kendrick griped. "You just want to scream. You just want to hold the magazine up and scream to everyone in the supermarket, 'This isn't true!'"

To read more click here

So what do you think? You think after watching New Moon if you are a Team Edward Fan you might switch over to Team Jacob or Team Switzerland? I highly doubt I will but I'll let you know after I watch the movie.

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Then there was more HQ 'New Moon' Stills

These photos are popping up everywhere! Here are three more courtesy of Spoiler TV.

New Moon Run Time Clarification

{via @Twilight Twitter}

Even More 'New Moon' Stills from New Moon Website!

Thanks to kstewartfans we get to see the HQ pictures from the new "Volturi" seciton from

New Moon's Noot Seear in 'Harpers Bazaar' Law & Order Set: Crimes of Fashion!

Noot Seear who will appear in The Twilight Saga: New Moon as Heidi is featured in a pictorial for the November issue of Harper's Bazaar portraying a murderess facing the heat from the stars of Law & Order. To see more photos from the shoot click here.

New VF Outtakes of Rob and Kristen

Aww...I love these!! Especially the one of Rob kissing Kristen on the cheek! So cute! For some reason that picture looks photo shoped. But I don't care. So here they are via Lion_Lamb.