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Collider on set Interviews with Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner

'New Moon' Kellan Lutz, Niiki Reed and Billy Burke answer Fan Questions

Robert Pattinson Addresses the Pregnancy Rumors with MTV

ET Interviews with Rob, Kristen and Taylor

This is a sneak peak into the interview's with all three. Monday there will be showing the extened interviews with everyone Rob, Kristen, Taylor, the Cullens, the wolfpack, and the Volturi.

Robert Pattinson Video Interview Access Hollywood Part 2

Taylor Lautner Access Hollywood Video Interview Part 1

Taylor Lautner Video Interview with Access Hollywood Part 2

Taylor Lautner's Interview with Access Hollywood

LOS ANGELES, Calif. --

Don’t worry, Twihards – Taylor Lautner will be taking his shirt off again.

Despite reports that “The Twilight Saga” star would be keeping his six-pack under wraps from now on, Taylor told Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson at the "New Moon” junket in Los Angeles on Friday that he’d be willing to bare his torso if the role required it.

“If there’s another character later on in life that requires [taking my shirt off], I’m not opposed to it,” Taylor said.

The 17-year-old actor, who gained 30 pounds of muscle for his role as big-time werewolf Jacob Black in “New Moon,” also revealed his dining secrets to pack on the pounds.

“I had to be putting something in my mouth every two hours,” Taylor said. “Meat patties, sweet potatoes, raw almonds – it’s not fun. A lot of protein.”

But the work was worth it – the added weight helped win back the role following “Twilight,” where his character is physically much smaller. But that wasn’t the only change between the movies.

“I was concerned,” Taylor said of holding onto the part. “I knew where my character had to go. [But] he transforms mentally and emotionally as well.”

These days, Taylor is amazed by his own transformation fame-wise — and the devotion of “Twilight Saga” fans.

“[Kristen Stewart and I] went to Brazil and Mexico and we have these passionate, supportive fans everywhere we go,” he said, adding that swarms of them greeted the pair at the airport earlier this week. “There were barricades. It’s awesome. We’re not showing up to airports and feeling lonely.”

“New Moon” arrives on November 20, but Taylor said the next film, next spring’s "Eclipse" has just wrapped as well.

“There’s a great scene in ‘Eclipse’ that we just finished filming – the tent scene,” Taylor revealed. “Bella is freezing and Edward is forced to let me crawl into the sleeping bag with her to keep her warm.

“It’s not as heartbreaking,” he continued, explaining that having the trio of himself, Kristen and Robert Pattinson on screen lent itself toward comedy. “I find [‘Eclipse’] pretty funny. There’s a lot of ribbing going on.”


Kristen Stewart taking a break at LA New Moon Press Junket

To see more photos check out Radar Online here

Kristen Stewart on the Gossip: It no longer bothers her

Kristen attended the press conference today in Los Angeles promoting The Twilight Saga: New Moon, she said she'd finally found a way to cope.

"The whole rumor, tabloid stuff, it's so obviously false," she said, holding forth solo before a press mob, enthused and energetic and seemingly very happy about the whole thing.

"I became a part of a show, a ridiculous show, with false realism, like a soap opera, but it doesn't bother me. I don't take it personally, because I have gotten so much experience with this, it's gotten easier."

In fact, K.Stew now insists she gets it, how fans can get carried away, too.

"I totally understand that people have a hard time seeing us outside of our characters," she said, admitting she's very also very attached to hers, the lovestruck Bella Swan.

"I'm very protective of her. I feel a shared ownership, its weird," she said. "Maybe I am an immature girl as well; I really feel like if you think you need to do it, you need to do it, and 'it' can be anything. Be extreme. Go for it. I know this is a movie about immortality and mortality, but you only live once."

Source: E! Online

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson talk to MTV about their characters Edward and Bella

"I feel very much like I can't really tell a huge difference between myself and Bella anymore, as odd as that sounds," she admitted in an interview released by Summit Entertainment. "I'm used to playing really distinct characters that are so far away from my normal reality and in this case, the only thing that I was really worried about was just making sure it was absolutely honest and open and vulnerable and very present."

Following the 2008 original film — and the worldwide vampire craze that exploded as a result — Stewart had no problem falling back into step with her co-star Robert Pattinson on set. Much like Stewart, Pattinson had gone from a relatively low-key public profile to one of the biggest stars on the planet after his turn as vampire Edward Cullen. But once on set for "New Moon" — which hits theaters on November 20 — they easily found the same rhythm the duo maintained during "Twilight."

"We're both pretty instinctual, impulsive actors," Stewart explained. "We don't really hash things over and over because we both know our characters fairly well. It was easy to step back into the project because it was something we [already] did. Once you play someone — it's a strange thing — you don't forget who they are. And we work together well, so it was easy."


Cast Interview with ExtraTV

Robert Pattinson Video Interview with Access Hollywood

WolfPack Interview with Access Hollywood

Robert Pattinson talks to Access Hollywood

Rob was at the press junket in Los Angeles on Friday and sat down and talked to Access Hollywood about New Moon.

“I don’t walk around with my shirt off all the time!” he joked, poking fun at the often bare-chested “New Moon” wolf pack. “It’s like driving a fancy car – you’re insecure about something.”

Robert, who plays vampire hunk Edward, said he’s more worried about his famous hair.

“I’ve actually just got rid of my dandruff, which is great,” he laughed.

Jokes aside, Robert was serious when it came to “New Moon,” where he takes a secondary role to Taylor Lautner's Jacob Black.

“It’s my favorite book,” he said, adding that the Stephenie Meyer novel influenced how he approached his performance in the rest of the “Twilight Saga” series as well. “I really connected to [it] really quickly.

“It think it’s an improvement [on ‘Twilight’],” he continued, noting that he was able to make some changes to Edward’s character, being out of the spotlight. “It was nice not being the lead.”

Less nice however, has been dealing with the tabloid rumors that seem to crop up every day, including one that linked Robert to a traffic accident.

“I may have just walked into a cab,” Robert explained. “That was so innocuous – there were no fans there. It was 4:30 in the morning.”

But it was another movie set rumor that scared his dear old mum.

“I had a heroin overdose in New York as well, that was an exciting one for my mother,” he said of another false report. “I’d been working so much, I didn’t answer the phone. I’m so ignorant. I don’t think it had set in that anyone read [the tabloids].”

And while he wouldn’t comment on the rumors swirling about the status of his relationship with co-star Kristen Stewart, Robert did answer an Access fan question about dating older women.

“I’m open to pretty much anything,” he said.


Access Hollywood: New Kristen Interview Part I and II

And they just keep pouring in More New Moon Stills

Source: HitFix

'Twilight' comes to Showtime in January

According to HitFix, Showtime has finally given the premiere date for 'Twilight'. The cable network has announced that 'Twilight' will have its television premiere on Saturday, Jan. 23, 2010.

People's Top 5 Best Things about 'The Twilight Saga: New Moon'

Since People got a chance to see the movie already here are the top 5 best things in their opinion: *WARNING SPOILERS*

Jacob Black's Body: Photos of Taylor Lautner's amazing transformation from a scrawny kid to a rippling teen werewolf already have been making the rounds for months. But the first time Lautner rips off his T-shirt to reveal his muscled chest onscreen, the sight is still gasp-worthy. In fact, Lautner sizzles and smolders throughout New Moon as he walks the line between friendship and romance with Bella (Kristen Stewart). Though Bella's heart belongs to Edward (Robert Pattinson), Launter may steal Pattinson's heartthrob status right out from under his pale nose.

Bella and Edward's Reunion: When Edward comes to the (incorrect) conclusion that his love, Bella, is dead, he decides there is no choice but to commit vampire suicide. Of course, the only person who can save him is Bella. When she launches herself through a crowd and across a fountain in an Italian square to push Edward out of harm's way, the sparks that fly between the soul-mates are like fireworks.

The Wolf Pack: The actors who play Jacob Black's gang of strapping pals provide the perfect mix of teen tension and ferocious loyalty that exist between the group of guys who realize that one and all are actually werewolves. They snarl and yelp, tease and torment each other, and of course, fight together just like Twilight Saga author Stephanie Meyer describes in her series.

Dakota Fanning: She plays the pint-sized vamp, Jane, who wields a daunting power – simply by concentrating she can cause her victims to convulse in excruciating pain. She's not in the movie for very long, but when she focuses those red eyes on her targets and softly whispers, "Pain," everyone will squirm.

The Sense of Humor: While the Twilight series is based overwrought teenage angst, director Chris Weitz lightens the mood with some well-placed humor. Bella's human school friends provide comic relief. When one of them has to leave a horror movie because he's ill, Launter's character laughs and says, "What a marshmallow." And when a member of the wolf pack accidentally changes from human to werewolf right in front of Bella, another member quips, "Well, I guess the wolf is out of the bag."

Source: People

Poll results: New Moon Spoilers Good or Bad?

Well the results are in and the majority who voted said they like all the spoilers! Thanks for voting everyone!

More UHQ 'New Moon' Stills

To see more click here

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List of Tracks from 'New Moon' The Score Released

Oh my oh my! There is a track named "Marry Me, Bella" !!! Here is the full list

1. New Moon
2. Bella Dreams
3. Romeo & Juliet
4. Volturi Waltz
5. Blood Sample
6. Edward Leaves
7. Werewolves
8. I Need You
9. Break Up
10. Memories of Edward
11. Wolves v. Vampire
12. Victoria
13. Almost a Kiss
14. Adrenaline
15. Dreamcatcher
16. To Volterra
17. You are Alive
18. The Volturi
19. The Cullens
20. Marry Me, Bella
21. Full Moon

What do you think of the titles?? Are you excited?? I can't wait to hear it! The New Moon Score will be released on November 24th. You can pre-order it from, Barnes and Noble, or Borders.

New Moon Press Pre-Screening

The press had a screening of 'New Moon' last night and many are giving their comments out on twitter. Not revealing too much but everyone pretty much gives it a thumbs up! Here they are off the record:

“I was very impressed not only by the visual effects and the movie, but by the acting itself. Chris Weitz is bad ass.”

“Just saw New Moon. Better than Twilight and crowd just applauded at end. Leaves on a soap opera sting….”

“I’m not allowed to say anything! But be sure to follow me tomorrow at @celebuzz – Big day for RPattz news!”

“I enjoyed it more than Twilight, lot of frenching! RT @mytwitherapy: @JasonKennedy1 so….how was the new moon press screening?!?!? ”

“@shaunssanctuary just came frm seeing NM.I guess it’s every girl’s dream to have a vampire & werewolf fighting over her!”

“One word: amazing! I was very impressed all around – visuals were stunning. The underwater scene..le sigh. And Summit was fabulous!!”

“ @LarryCarroll: “New Moon” was genuinely awesome. A lot of people are about to be very happy.”

{via TwilightLexicon}

New Moon Cast Tour has begun and hits Canoga Park, CA

New Moon Cast members Edi Gathetigi, Christian Serratos, Alex Meraz, Bronson Pelletier, Kiowa Gordon, and Chaske Spencer posed for pictures during their first stop at Nordstrom on November 5, 2009.Check out more photos here.

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Untagged New Moon Stills

New 'New Moon' Photo Stills

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New Moon On-Set Details from the Cullens

Which of the New Moon cast would you choose to help in fight?
Nikki: Jackson
Kellan: None. I wouldn’t need the help in a fight!
Ashley: Kellan
Jackson: Nikki

Which member of the cast would you get to style you?
Nikki: Kellan
Kellan: Alex Meraz, who plays one of the werewolves, has good style.
Ashley: Rachelle Lefevre, although Kristen and I have the same taste in jeans
Jackson: Ashley

Who in the cast would you go to for relationship advice?
Kellan: Ashley Greene. We’re very close and it’s great to have someone especially as you work with them, just to talk to for advice.
Nikki: Elizabeth Reaser. She has a good head on her shoulders
Ashley: I ask Kellan a lot about guys because he’s honest with me and she’s new but Bryce Dallas Howard is really nurturing and kind of motherly.
Jackson: Peter Facinelli. He’s got a wife, kids, beautiful home. That’s gorgeous. Someday hopefully, I’m taking tips from him.

Which member of the cast would you get to cook dinner?
Nikki: Peter Facinelli
Kellan: Ashley
Ashley: Peter Facinelli – he always says he’s cooked too much and invites us round to eat it!Jackson: Peter Facinelli

Which member of the cast would you like to be stuck on desert island with?
Nikki: Kristen Stewart
Kellan: Ashley
Ashley: Jackson
Jackson: Ashley

Which member of the cast would you like to get drunk with?
Nikki: I don’t drink
Kellan: Jackson
Ashley: Jackson
Jackson: Rob Pattinson – we used to go to a bar and do open mikes together

Who would you go for a shoulder to cry on?
Nikki: Elizabeth Reaser
Kellan: Ashley
Ashley: My Eclipse co-star Bryce Dallas Howard
Jackson: Nikki

Who would you have a one night stand with?
Nikki: Elizabeth!
Kellan: Bella’s Mum (actress Sarah Clark)
Ashley: Can I say Jackson again? Although I don’t have one night stands!
Jackson: Elizabeth

Which is the gender cliché that you’re embarrassed to say you succumb to?
Nikki: I actually really enjoy putting on make-up, not because I think I look better, but I really like art and painting.
Kellan: Football, sport in general. Although I have a lot of female friends who are into football just as much as me, that’s why I love hanging out with the girls, they get so into it and that’s sexy to me.
Jackson: I can’t clean. I really can’t, I’m not very good at it, I’m actually a poor cleaner. My level of cleanliness is far below most, I wear the same pants every day, I get at least 2-3 wearings out of my socks. Not in a row - they sit in my dirty pile.
Ashley: My dog is spoilt, I buy him clothes. I love girl movies and girl wine. I definitely get very excited over clothes, like really excited.

Source: Glamour UK

Ashley Greene, Jackson Rathbone, Nikki Reed, and Kellan Lutz in Glamour Magazine

Okay these magazine scans are beyond adorable! I think they would make such a cute couple! *Update* 2 more scans added of Nikki and Kellan! This is the November issue on stands now.

New official 'Eclipse' movie Poster

Will Robert Pattinson be People's Choice for Sexiest Man Alive 2009?

At the Lainey Gossip site they have an annual prediction of who she thinks may be the Sexiest Man Alive. On her list is Robert Pattinson. The list of people chosen is a prediction at who maybe voted as the SMA not who you want to be the SMA. So here are the pros and cons she wrote up for Robert Pattinson. Lets see if you agree:

Arguments For:
1. He’s very, very pretty
2. He’s very, very, very pretty
3. He’s prettier than everyone
4. His meteoric rise. Pattinson is undoubtedly one of the most famous faces on the planet. His has been an impressive ascent fueled by a fanbase that is at best ardent, at worst obsessed, and at its most alarming, f-cking crazy
5. This fanbase, the Twilight Nation, will buy anything. And the bottom line is always a consideration. People wants to sell. Twi-Hards will buy. If they name Edward Cullen the Sexiest Man Alive, they will reward the magazine with A LOT of money
6. In case you haven’t heard, Summit is marketing a movie called New Moon. In case you haven’t heard, Robert Pattinson is the star of New Moon

Arguments against:
1. Most of Pattinson’s predecessors have had to rough it before becoming it. Pattinson is beautiful. But beyond Twilight he is still unproven. Pay your dues, boy
2. There is time. After New Moon there is still at least one more movie. Think of the Lord of the Rings example. The Oscar came after the final film was released
3. At only 23 years old with undoubtedly more opportunities, with more respectable projects, Pattinson will be a contender each and every year. Giving it to him now could deprive him of one later on. He can’t win it at 24, and 25, and 26, and 27, as much as Twi-Hards want him to, it’s just not reasonable
4. The Man Cred. Does he have any Man Cred? Depp has Man Cred. Pitt does too. And Clooney. Even McConaughey. And definitely Jackman. The ladies love Rob. And that’s certainly the priority. But the Sexiest Man Alive is usually accepted by the men too. Pattinson is still very short on Man Cred
5. Most importantly though…as much as the studio wants it… does HE want it? Pattinson appears to be an unwilling and uncomfortable heartthrob. His reluctance seems genuine. In the past, the SMA has held this title with pride. The offer is extended by the magazine. He usually accepts gracefully and eagerly. And he takes his victory lap with humility but also with a sense of duty. It’s like winning a beauty pageant. The crown comes with great responsibility. And it rests not on the head of an awkward, fumbling monarch, but on a king who will bear it confidently. By all accounts, Pattinson is not ready for this level of fame and attention. And if he does end up courting and receiving the prize, his shy guy, oh no not me routine, wouldn’t that be totally disingenuous?

He WILL be the Sexiest Man Alive eventually. For sure. But he needs to grow into it

Do you agree or disagree with this? Who do you think will be the next Sexiest Man Alive? To see who else is on her predictions list check it out here

Source : Lainey Gossip

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Kristen Stewart talks about the one question everyone wants an answer to with EW

I love this about Kristen. To me she is very blunt and honest and I like that about her. She does not give a rats ass about what other people think. I say thats is something good to teach a younger audience. To not give a crap about what other people think. Anyway back to the topic, here she is firing back to that question everyone wants an answer to.

Asked about the endless rumors of her supposed off-screen romance with Pattinson, for instance, Stewart got nicely fired up. “I probably would’ve answered it if people hadn’t made such a big deal about it,” she said. “But I’m not going to give the fiending an answer. I know that people are really funny about ‘Well, you chose to be an actor, why don’t you just f—ing give your whole life away?! Can I have your firstborn child?’”

Pattinson himself, who clearly loathes confrontation, tried to softly interject with philosophical statements about the need for an actor to hold onto his individuality. But Stewart cut him off. “I’ve thought about this a lot,” she said. “There’s no answer that’s not going to tip you one way or the other. Think about every hypothetical situation: ‘Okay, we are. We aren’t. I’m a lesbian.’ I’m just trying to keep something,” she said. “If people started asking me if I was dating Taylor, I’d be like ‘F— off!’ I would answer the exact same way.” Without missing a beat, Pattinson looked at Lautner, promising “Me too.”

To read the whole thing click here

Source: Entertainment Weekly

New 'New Moon' Clip The Volturi

The Twilight Saga: New Moon Volturi Featurette

Trailer Park | MySpace Video

Sorry for the late post. But at least its up. =)

Anya Marina's 'New Moon' Video "Satellite Heart" Premiere

'Satellite Heart' Anya Marina

Anya Marina | MySpace Video

New Teaser Poster for The Twilight Saga Eclipse

Dread Central gives us the fist look at the new Eclipse poster. It's okay but I expected more. I guess we will have to wait for those. The poster was displayed at this year's AFM in LA.

So what do you think of the poster? You like?

Kristen Stewart Vanity Fair Outtakes

These are from back in 2008 and are not the best quality but here you go!