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MTV to Air New 'New Moon' Specials

Set your TiVo's and DVRs again because MTV will be premiering a 'New Moon' special Monday Nov. 16th.

On Monday, November 16, at 10 p.m. ET/PT, MTV will air "Love Bites," an exclusive half-hour special examining the lives, love and literature fueling Hollywood's current obsession with "Twilight" stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Utilizing new interviews, never-before-seen footage and the vast library we've accumulated over the last few years of being the fans' top "Twilight" news resource, we'll show you the couple affectionately known as "RPattz" and "KStew" like you've never seen them before.

In case that isn't enough of an Edward and Bella blowout, we'll be following that show with "New Moon Revealed" at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT. Hosted by our own Twi-Hard reporter Kim Stolz, the show will explore the "Twilight" phenomenon while answering the fans' most burning questions from the serious to the sublime to the just plain silly.

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Robert Pattinson T4 Interview

New Moon stars visit Munich

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Mattel introduces new Jacob Barbie Doll

What do you think of the new Jacob doll? Well you get it?

Time Talks about the appeal of Twilight

Here is a piece from the article which I found very interesting and is the subject of everyone's gossip:

Edward wasn't that easy. "The bar is so high," Hardwicke says. "Every two pages there's a comment about how gorgeous he is ... I met all of these guys I felt were quite good, but they didn't have that special other quality that they were alive for 105 years." She took Robert Pattinson and three other actors to her house in Venice, Calif., to run lines with Kristen. They played the biology-class scene in the dining room. They moved the cars out of the garage and did the "How long have you been 17?" scene there. Then they did the kissing scene on Hardwicke's bed. "I played it like a guy who is beating himself up a lot about everything," Pattinson says. "I don't think anyone else did it like that. I guess I tried to ignore every aspect of the confident hero of the story." It worked. Stewart and Hardwicke were sold.

Selling Pattinson to Summit was tougher. He wasn't a star — his biggest role was Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire — and he didn't look like a star. "He was disheveled," Hardwicke says. "He was a different weight. His hair was different and dyed black [he had just played Salvador DalĂ­ in Little Ashes]. He was all sloppy. The studio head said, 'You want to cast this guy as Edward Cullen?' I said yeah. And he said, 'Do you think you can make him look good?' I said yes, I do."

By all accounts, the chemistry between the two leads was intense, maybe too intense. "After I cast him, I told Rob, Don't even think about having a romance with her," Hardwicke says. "She's under 18. You will be arrested." It was the beginning of the real-life are-they-aren't-they, did-they-didn't-they speculation that is now an ongoing subplot of the Twilight story. "I didn't have a camera in the hotel room. I cannot say," Hardwicke says. "But in terms of what Kristen told me directly, it didn't happen on the first movie. Nothing crossed the line while on the first film. I think it took a long time for Kristen to realize, O.K., I've got to give this a go and really try to be with this person."

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Did you read the article? Do you think it was right for Catherine to out some of things said from Kristen?

Source: Time

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Which style so far is your favorite of Kristen Stewart on the 'New Moon' Tour

From left to right which outfit of Kristen's is your favorite vote the poll or leave your answer in the comments!

HitFix Video Interview with The Cullens

Reelz Channel Interviews Taylor Lautner

Stephenie Meyer on Oprah

Twilight saga author Stephenie Meyer gave her one and only interview in the run-up to New Moon’s Nov. 20 release to Oprah Winfrey this afternoon. And from the screams that met Oprah’s introduction—”I understand we have some Twilight fans in the house”—it was clear that Meyer was on home turf. At this point, her back story is familiar to even casual observers: Exhausted, stay-at-home mother of three who’s never even written a short story dreams about a vampire boy and a human girl one night and just runs with it. But it was only during this chat with Oprah that I realized how much Meyer really hits the talk show’s sweet spot when it comes to female-centric stories about reconnecting with yourself. Said the preternaturally youthful looking Meyer about raising kids: “A lot of who I was and my crazy imagination…that person was on the back-burner.” The rest of the segment was as you’d expect: Complete box sets of the novels were given away willy-nilly to gasps. Robert Pattinson’s allure was discussed to screams.

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USA TODAY: Classic Romantic Triangle Takes Monstrous form in "New Moon"

Pretty-boy vampires? That's so the last issue of Vanity Fair.

Time for a seismic shift in the Twilight heartthrob universe as a different type of sexy beast takes over when New Moon rises in theaters Nov. 20.

The scene that seals the deal arrives about a third of the way through the second gothic romance based on author Stephenie Meyer's cash machine of a supernatural soap opera.

Distraught teen heroine Bella (Kristen Stewart) has become quite the daredevil ever since bloodsucking beau Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) decided he was no good for her and ran away. Seeking an adrenaline rush, she ends up sprawled on the side of the road and bleeding after crashing her motorbike.

To the rescue is childhood friend Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner), the sweet Native American lad who has bulked up into a buff Adonis ever since his werewolf urges started to kick in.

When he suddenly pulls off his T-shirt to tend to Bella's wounds, beefcake is definitely served.

"Did you know you're sort of beautiful?" she asks while dizzily gazing upon him with fresh eyes.

As Lautner, 17, speaks on the phone, you can practically feel him blushing. "It's kind of awkward for me and a little embarrassing," he says of exposing his new physique, the result of packing on 30 pounds of muscle to continue playing Jacob. "But it was what was required for the character."

Where once there were two, now there are three as a love triangle begins to form between Bella and her potential monster mates. And, despite the horror-flick trappings and inherent dangers, the conflict in the Twilight saga is as classic as anything found in Jane Austen's novels.

Edward is the first love, an obsession fueled by the flames of desire and the torture of heartache when he isn't near. Jacob is the loyal buddy, the guy you're at ease with and who knows you better than anyone, who slowly evolves into something much more.

Choosing teams

It's a fantasy that many find irresistible. "We want to be fought over," says relationship expert Gilda Carle. "It makes us feel more like a prize. And a suitor wants to fight over us, so he feels he has won a prize, something not so easily gotten. In real life, triangles are horrible. But by vicariously enjoying them in books and movies, we can deal with them more appropriately."

And more competitively, too. Ever since New Moon was published in 2006, fans have been declaring themselves members of either Team Edward or Team Jacob.

Attachments have only deepened now that Edward and Jacob have been made flesh on the big screen by attractive actors. "It's been amazing to watch this group of relative unknowns now on the front of magazines on a weekly basis," says TwilightMOMs media director Kirsten Starkweather, 40, of Clovis, Calif. "A lot of people who didn't care for Jacob in the book have changed their opinion of him because of how Taylor plays him. I do think this movie will bring Jacob and Taylor to the forefront."

There are pros and cons on both sides. Edward is an immortal who looks like a brooding male model, will never age even though he's over 100 years old, dresses like a rock-star poet and whose skin sparkles in the sun. Drawbacks: A "vegan" vampire who feeds on the blood of animals, he is no fun in restaurants. And he's icy to the touch.

Jacob is a blue-collar high schooler who will stop aging as he continues to shapeshift, has animal magnetism to spare, is half-naked most of the time since his body temperature is 108.9 degrees and is a gifted mechanic. Drawbacks: He has a nasty temper that causes him to change into a raging wolf the size of a horse. And he isn't Edward.

"New Moon is really a lay-up to the triangle," says Melissa Rosenberg, the screenwriter for all the films based on the book franchise so far, including next summer's Eclipse. "Edward is the ultimate guy in Twilight, and there is a massive following for him. The challenge of New Moon is to set up the third leg of the triangle, with Jacob being strong enough competition for him. That way, Bella's choice in Eclipse is an actual dilemma. But in New Moon, it's the audience who is torn."

Pattinson, 23, the bed-headed Brit who plays Edward, jumped out early in the cover-boy sweepstakes after the first film took a nearly $400 million bite out of the worldwide box office. Jacob, a mere human then, had only a couple of scenes. But Lautner is already catching up, especially after his maybe-girlfriend, country cutie Taylor Swift, blew him a kiss and mouthed his name while hosting Saturday Night Live.

Growing charms

In New Moon, "Edward does make a stupid mistake by leaving Bella, and that allows Jacob in," says director Chris Weitz. "You can understand why Bella starts to develop feelings for him. He's the right man at a frightening time for her, and his devotion is touching. Even die-hard Edward people will understand."

Stewart, 19, certainly enjoyed the change of pace on camera. "Both of them make me feel completely different," she says of her co-stars. "Taylor is an impulsive actor, not Method at all. It's very easy to smile with him. With Rob, we both tend to worry and over-analyze everything."

As for any rivalry between the two male leads, "I think Rob enjoyed teasing Taylor about his exercise regimen," Weitz says. But Pattinson appears more than ready to share the paparazzi-propelled burden of Twilight mania. "Rob would like me to say, 'This is Taylor's film. Rob isn't in it at all.' But subtraction equals multiplication in this case. It will create more hysteria, not less."

Lautner says there is only one team when it comes to making the movies. "We all get along great and we're in this together. Rob did a terrific job of bringing Edward alive. I just hope fans believe I did the same for Jacob."

Even Twilight's creator isn't above playing favorites, however.

While she was bringing Jacob to life on the page, Meyer herself couldn't help but fall for his charms. The character initially existed in the first book as a device to explain the tense relationship between his Quileute tribe and the Cullen clan to Bella, a newcomer to Forks, Wash. He grew into a central character, however, in New Moon, and Meyer even went back and put more of him and his father in Twilight while it was in the editing stage.

As she wrote on her website: "Jacob was my first experience with a character taking over – a minor character developing such roundness and life that I couldn't keep him locked inside a tiny role. ... Even when Jacob only appeared in Chapter 6 of Twilight, he was so alive. I liked him. More than I should for such a small part."

Casting drama

Still, the werewolf has been the underdog from the start, even if Bella would have to make the sacrifice of becoming a vampire herself to stay with Edward.

"I became Team Jacob in early 2007, and back then, it wasn't as easy to find a fellow Jacobian," says Kat Johnson, 39, of Phoenix, who oversees the almost month-old "When we did find each other, we clung to one another for support, steadfast in the belief that Jacob is a better and healthier choice for Bella. There is a satisfaction that comes from rooting for the character who is up against all odds, for his victory is that much sweeter."

Adding to that feeling is how Lautner was almost dropped from the New Moon cast because Weitz, who took over for Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke, didn't think he could fill out Jacob's superhuman dimensions.

"When Taylor was first cast, there were a few who wondered whether he would deliver," Johnson says. But, in the end, "he convinced us he could be the Jacob we grew to love from the book."

So much so that there was outrage when it appeared he might be replaced in New Moon. Instead, Lautner locked himself in the gym and proved his worthiness. "He completely became Jacob in that his discipline and persistence was so like Jacob."

Ultimately, the love triangle is about more than picking a team. It's about the need for a young girl to check out what else is available before she settles down.

"For me, as an adult, it would not be believable if Bella fell in love with one guy and devoted her entire eternity to him by giving up her humanity," says Lori Joffs, 35, from the Nashville area and creator of Twilight Lexicon. "It's better if she has another option and can see what a future with Jacob would be like. That way she would know she couldn't live without Edward."

Screenwriter Rosenberg agrees. "It's not just about which boy do I want. It's a lifestyle choice. With Jacob, you'd have an earthbound life, a normal life in some ways with family and children. Edward represents the ethereal, fantastical life. That makes for a strong triangle. Frankly, just choosing which boy or girl you want is a little shallow.

"For Bella, it's a matter of life or death. Literally."

Pattinson, left, is Edward; Taylor Lautner is Jacob.

Kristen Stewart T4 Interview

Twilight Cast in Madrid

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EW exclusive: Which of Robert Pattinson's costars does he find most difficult? His hair.

“I swear to you I’ve never experienced anything like this. It’s every single day,” says New Moonstar Robert Pattinson of the constant on-set fuss surrounding his character Edward’s signature mane. During a break from shooting Eclipse, the next film to be adapted from Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight novels, Pattinson — sitting alongside costars Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner — recounts the continuing saga. “InTwilight, they wanted me to have extensions down to my hips.” (“He’s a liar,” Stewart interjects playfully. “He doesn’t remember. He’s remembering how they made him feel, but they were just, like, down to here [pointing to her shoulders].”) Pattinson continues. “So I told them ‘Look, that’s just not going to happen.’ I said, ‘It looks like this already, I’ll come to set like this.’”

“I sound so stupid, but in a lot of ways the hair is 75 percent of my performance,” the 23-year-old actor admits, his locks now comfortably hidden under a Yankee’s cap. “So in the second one I said, ‘Listen, I need to tone down the hair. Let’s make it a little more real, a little bit more…Method,’” he says with a laugh. “And then in the third one, I’m doing fight scenes and there’s a strand going down my forehead and they’re like, ‘We need to do it again because no one will recognize you! No one will know who it is!’ I have to look like the poster at all times. Just in case they want to use any clip for the trailer. Any clip at all! There were about five people in different departments who, because of my forelock, ended up in tears.”

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Picture from Jimmy Kimmel Show

Source: kstewartfans

Jimmy Kimmel Sneak Preview with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner

New Exclusive EW Portraits

This issue goes on stand Friday. Check out some of the photos:

New Moon at Burger King

New Moon is hitting over Burger King as the fast food chain giant is introducing new products from the New Moon Movie. During Comic Con Burger king crown were introduced but now they are also offering New Moon trading cards and New Moon water bottle (for a limited offer) when you buy the 6-pack BK Burger Shots meal.

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MTV Rough Cut: Kristen Stewart

Bella Makes a 'Natural Progression'

In 'New Moon' The Absence of Edward is 'Most Shocking'

Robert Pattinson had gotten more confident

Kristen wants Chris Weitz to direct Breaking Dawn

I want to do nothing

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart reveal to MTV what makes them a good pair

He's thoughtful," Stewart explained recently when we asked the actress to name the quality in RPattz that means the most to her. "I don't want to be specific. It's funny to talk about your friends in [these terms], because this is now going to be the one thing that's my favorite thing about Rob. It's going to be the thing."

Way back in March 2008, when MTV visited the "Twilight" set, two things were obvious: Kristen and Rob were going to set the big screen on fire, and the duo were growing close. Onscreen, Edward and Bella are romantic, honest and protective of one another; offscreen, Rob and Kristen have a funny, self-deprecating dynamic that has helped them grapple with all the insanity of the saga's explosion.

"It's strange, because she's changed over the movies I've done with her," Rob said of his leading lady. "I think from the first one, I was so quiet [and] very determined to do something on the first movie. I wanted to look very serious, and it made her, I guess, a little bit more reticent about how to deal with me."

These days, the duo fly around the world attending premieres and events together, and all those hours together have undoubtedly made life easier than it would be if only one was experiencing all this fame alone. "He's real," Stewart said of Pattinson, arguing that he hadn't changed — and that's a good thing. "He's a real guy."

"As we've been doing stuff together," Pattinson said of his favorite quality in Stewart, "I guess what I admire is that she's more stubborn than me in a lot of ways. I mean, she really stands up for what she thinks is right and is generally on the same page with what I think is right."

"[Rob] has gotten more confident as he's gotten older," Stewart said, explaining that although he's still the same guy on the inside, he's no longer the shy, giggling actor we first interviewed in Portland nearly two years ago. "Just as all of us have gotten to know ourselves a bit more, because we're constantly put in a position of self-reflection. If you're constantly asked about yourself all day long, it really makes you actually consider what you're saying, and you're in a position where people are listening.

"I've seen him grow a lot, and I've seen him get more comfortable with his position [as a celebrity]," Stewart added of Pattinson. "But I also don't see any change in who he is."

Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner talk Chris Weitz

Charlie Bewley talk to Fear Net about 'New Moon'

Your role as Demetri in New Moon is your first big break. Tell me about life before Twilight – what were you doing for a living and how did you first pursue acting?

Well, it's fairly diverse and abstract and all over the place. I grew up in the middle of England in a wonderful old farm house that was a bit of an adventure playground for me. I didn't really have too much of a leash when I was a kid, and I kind of ran amok a little bit. I wasn't too worried about my academic studies; I was good, academically, but I was more interested in being active and getting out there and making stuff and blowing stuff up and kicking things. I was a real sportsman. And when I left school having failed my exams badly – I just didn't concentrate, I was too ADD -- I went traveling. I started snowboarding, I went traveling in Europe, I had a multitude of jobs. I was a henna tattooist. I was a pot washer. I was a ski instructor. I just loved throwing myself at the most abstract things. I ended up painting walls in nightclubs, it was very strange. I did a ski season in Canada and came back with a girlfriend and went to university for four years doing French and Business. I saw myself in the financial sector and became more material with life. I went back to Whistler and rediscovered my more organic roots and decided that I'd done so much in my life, there was something great inside me but I didn't know what it was. I sat myself down and thought, "What could I do for the rest of my life?" All I thought about doing was acting. So I started to act and found myself in Vancouver, got a headshot, found an agent, and just began to act. I was in an audition room a year later standing in front of Wyck Godfrey and Chris Weitz, and that's when I booked Demetri.

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Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, and Chris Weitz at the London Fan Event

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Video Of Kristen Stewart at UK Fan Event and Press Conference

Kristen Stewart at London Premiere of 'The Twilight Saga: New Moon'

What do we think of her dress? Like or no like? I think it's not her best dress. They say she wasn't smiling much either.

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner on the cover of Entertainment Weekly

Team Twilight meaning Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson will be together on the cover of Entertainment Weekly on November 20th, the release date for New Moon. However, I can show you the cover!

Also, each star had their own quote on the cover and here's what they said:

Taylor Lautner: "Yeah, the gym was a major part, but I also studied the books and the character too."

Kristen Stewart: "It's a trip to sit back and look at the sexual objectification of these dudes."

Robert Pattinson: "The hair is 75% of my performance."


New Moon Hot Topic Tour Continue

Here is Charlie Bewley and Daniel Cudmore at Cherry Hill yesterday.

Hundreds of Twihards turned out to meet Charlie and costar Daniel Cudmore, who play Volturi guard members Demetri and Felix in the latest Twilight Saga installment, during the Nordstrom- and Hot Topic-sponsored promo tour. The lucky ones who camped out last weekend, some for more than 12 hours, made a purchase to get either a photo or an autograph from the Volturi vampires. Just 75 Nordstrom shoppers got their photos professionally taken with the boys, while 500 Hot Topic customers got their "New Moon" posters signed.

Ashley and Kellan hit up Illinois "Westfield Fox Valley Mall"

MTV News caught up with the photogenic pair moments after their autograph session ended in the mall's "New Moon" paraphernalia packed Hot Topic. We'll share our fun-filled conversation with the duo soon right here.

But, the action began long before Kellan and Ashley arrived. MTV News touched down in Chicago early in the day to hang with the fans, many of whom had camped out Halloween night to collect the coveted wristbands ensuring them an autograph.


Kristen Stewart talks pregnancy rumors with The Insider

Kristen Stewart talks to ET about New Moon and Robert Pattinson Rumors

Kristen Stewart sits down with ET's Samantha Harris and talks about everything from how Rob Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are different, to commenting on rumors that she and Rob are dating offscreen.
Kristen tells Samantha about those who ask whether she and Rob are an item: "The only way that I'm able to stay sane is to protect myself, and like, I know that it doesn't matter how you answer a question, it's going to tip. Someone's going to say, 'She's totally with him,' or, 'No, I don't think she is,' so it's sort of like, I don't care. You just have to seriously be like, have it, have it all. Take my, you know what I mean, just like, you want my shoes? Here you go, what size do you wear?"

She also explains how Rob and Taylor are different in real life, "I mean, they're just completely different guys. I mean, Taylor's like really happy-go-lucky. He's really light and actually that sort of mirrors, that's how Jacob is too. He's always smiling and he's sort of ... he's just a really good guy."

On Rob she says, "Rob is a really good guy, too. He's like a little bit more ... I don't want to say that he's more complicated because I bet if you broke down their character, I bet they're both equally complex. I think Rob considers things a little bit more, I think he drives himself a little bit crazier, like as well as I do. If we could take a lesson from Taylor, I think me and Rob could probably both have easier lives."
I really like this interview.
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Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner recieve 5 nods for People's Choice Awards

Favorite Movie Actor: Robert Pattinson, Brad Pitt, Hugh Jackman, Johnny Depp, Ryan Reynolds.
Favorite Movie Actress: Kristen Stewart, Anne Hathaway, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock.
Favorite Breakout Movie Actor: Taylor Lautner, Chris Pine, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Sam Worthington, Zachary Quinto.
Favorite On-screen Team: The Twilight Saga: Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner; Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Gint; The Proposal: Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock; Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen: Shia LaBeouf and Meagan Fox; X-Men Origins: Wolverine: Daniel Henney, Dominic Monaghan, Hugh Jackman, Live Schrieber, Ryan Reynolds,
Favorite Movie: Twilight, The Hangover, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, The Proposal, Star Trek.

Vote for them here at People's Choice

Twilight Saga: New Moon TV Spot "The Battle"

Bruce Weber's portraits of Robert Pattinson: Part Two