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New Robert Pattinson Interview from Japan

I love this interview. Here is a rough translation of the questions for Part 2:
0:02 How do you like Japan?
0:56 Do you have any hobbies?
1:34 How do you want to spend your 30s
1) You're very good at memorizing scripts
2) You are very smooth with kissing (or kiss scenes)
3) You wish that there was no such thing as paparazzi
4) You'll freak out if you lose your cell phone
5) Your rival is Zac Efron
6) You want to be/the challenge to be James Bond some day
7) The Twilight Sensation is still unbelievable for you
8) You think it's hopeless to fall in love with a co-star

New Moon DVD Preview? Maybe?

Yes this is out already...the preview I mean. I'm not sure if this is real but I guess it will give you and idea at what the DVD might look like or will look like for 'New Moon'

New Empire Outtakes

I love these photos. I especially like the 2nd one. So cute! Which is your favorite photo?

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Which Team Are You? Poll Results!

You the people have voted! We had a lot of people vote for this one, well not a lot but more than the usual. Unless you were voting more than once...hehe...Anyway, with more than 75% of the votes the winner is
Thank you to everyone who voted!!

'Twilight' Soundtrack Nominated for a Grammy!

The nominations for the Grammy's were announced last night! It was nominated in the following categories:

Best Compilation Soundtrack Album For Motion Picture, Television Or Other Visual Media

Best Song Written For Motion Picture, Television Or Other Visual Media for Decode

The ceremony, which will air January 31 at 8/7c on CBS, will honor your favorite musicians - here are the nominees that were announced on tonight’s broadcast!

To read who else was nominated click here/here

Kristen Stewart talks 'New Moon' and the Impact It Has Had On Her Life

On A small round table rests a tall glass of Coke and a thick ashtray.A pale white hand choked by leather wrist-bands reaches down and stubs out a cigarette.

Its owner coughs a little.Surely that's not Bella Swan, the pure and innocent heroine of the teen film phenomenon Twilight?She turns around and peels off her trendy black Ray Bans to reveal her fierce green eyes.Now there is no mistaking her.

This is Kristen Stewart, the 19-year-old Los Angeles actor who, with one stroke of casting genius, achieved teen idol status alongside her heart-throb co-star Robert Pattinson in the wildly popular vampire romance franchise Twilight."Everybody thinks it's the vampire thing - that it's a really alluring fad right now - but I really don't think it's the vampire aspect of it," Stewart says of the first film's success."For whatever reason, it is just a really effective, desperate love story.

Maybe it's been a while since there's been one people could get into."Wearing skinny black jeans and a ragged black cardigan, jet-black haired Stewart is here to talk about the franchise's highly anticipated second instalment, New Moon.To play Bella Swan, the clumsy, kind protagonist of author Stephenie Meyer's books, Stewart had to wear brown contact lenses to cover her famous green eyes.The first film has made more than $410 million worldwide since its release last November.

In New Moon, the emotional angst continues when Bella's vampire suitor Edward Cullen (Pattinson) leaves her, allowing werewolf Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner), to take the stage and create an irresistible love triangle."There's also a bit more action in this movie," Stewart says."The werewolves are introduced, and . . . the way it all pans out, it's quite tragic, really."But Stewart says the persistent rumours of a real-life romance between her and co-star Pattinson are baseless.

In fact, her mum Jules Mann-Stewart, who hails from Maroochydore in Queensland, hopes she finds a regular, down-to-earth Aussie bloke some day."Whenever things get out of hand she always tells me I need to go find a nice good Aussie boy on a ranch and live in the country," Stewart says."I'm like 'I don't want to live in the country in Australia with a rancher'."Stewart's mother moved to the US at age 18, and has taken Stewart back to her Aussie homeland on several occasions."I think Australians are much more honest," Stewart says."Maybe because I live in LA though. I feel like Australia is a little bit more on the surface of reality."

Stewart is thoughtful and betrays a mindset wholly consumed by films and film-making."I think that's a good plot device," she says of the vampire craze sweeping Hollywood."It's a good representation of the most heightened experience, a representation of extremes."The daughter of television producer John Stewart and script supervisor Jules, Stewart appeared in her "intense first movie", the indie drama Safety of Objects, at age nine.Since then she has carved a performance-driven career path that has seen her star alongside some of the best in the business.She played the daughter of Jodie Foster's character in 2002 thriller Panic Room, a troubled teen in Sean Penn's 2007 film Into the Wild, and co-starred with Robert De Niro in the comedy What Just Happened.The part she relishes most, though, was that of a teenage rape victim who stops speaking after the ordeal in the film Speak.She was just 13 at the time."It was a very personal experience," she says. "I felt like I'd done something that I learned from.

The film became really important to me. Before that, I just did it to have fun, it was a good accomplishment if you get the part; but now it's serious."She quit school a year later to pursue acting, completing her education by correspondence.

With her Twilight co-stars, she has learnt what it feels like to be mobbed by fans, an inevitable by-product of stardom that she takes in her stride."It never freaked me out, all the attention, because I didn't do it to get attention," she says."It could be a big problem for people who are young and unsure of themselves to be constantly judged and thinking they always need to be what everybody wants them to be."I've never wanted to be what people wanted me to be so I've never had that problem."

She wants to be contrary, which is why she is so enthusiastic about her upcoming film with New Moon co-star Dakota Fanning.The duo recently finished filming The Runaways, which tells the story of the 1970s all-girl rock band. Stewart plays singer Joan Jett, who she has come to idolise since meeting the rocker during filming.

Stewart also just wrapped the drama Welcome to the Rileys, in which she plays a teenage lap dancer opposite Sopranos star James Gandolfini. But lap dancing appears to be one thing, Hollywood's persistent portrayals of sex in film another."It has become a necessity," Stewart says. "If you're going to have a movie there has to be a sex scene. That is disgusting to me, unless it's related to the story."If I do a nude scene in a movie but it's tasteful - which is such a distasteful word - and it's appropriate, right and artistic, there are going to be 500 million people who freeze the frame and don't even see the movie."Sex in movies nowadays I feel like it's overdone. It's overdone in a really cheesy, Hollywood way."

The Twilight Saga: New Moon opens today.

More Movie Stills of Kristen Stewart in "Welcome to the Rileys"

Kristen Stewart heading to Sundance in 2010 for "Welcome to the Rileys"

Kristen Stewart, the 19-year-old co-star of the “Twilight” blockbusters, plays a New Orleans stripper in “Welcome to the Rileys,” which also stars James Gandolfini as a damaged businessman. Mr. Cooper noted that Ms. Stewart also has a noncompetition entry: in “The Runaways,” directed by Floria Sigismondi, Ms. Stewart plays a young Joan Jett.


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Ashley Greene on The Ellen Show

Kellan Lutz on the Bonnie Hunt Show

Melissa Rosenberg talks Eclipse with Reelz Channel

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'New Moon' Soundtrack: Hearing Damage

I love this song and found this video on YouTube that has parts from the movie in it. Check it out. Will have spoilers for those who haven't seen the movie yet.

New 'New Moon' TV Spot "Triumph"

Robert Pattinson Vanity Fair Outtakes Part 5

Source: Vanity Fair / via Thinking of Rob

Official Remember Me Poster

I really want to see the movie now! Dang MF! He never wants to see nothing good. :( Maybe I can change his mind ;) hehe

Discussion Time: Are Edward and Bella in an abusive relationship?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This indeed is an interesting question. EW has an article written by Tina Jordan who mentions she is a feminist(I'm not saying anything against feminist i'm simply typing what was written in the article) and mother of teenage daughters who has some problems with the book.

She mentions why does Bella always need to be rescued by men? Why can't she rescue herself occasionally? Why can't she drive herself places? Mentioning that in New Moon either Edward or Jacob is driving instead of her. I do remember she does drive once I think maybe more correct me if I'm wrong; but she drives in the book when taking Jacob to go get parts for the motorcycles. Also when they are going to drive the motorcycles for the first time. I only remember Jacob driving when she gets hurt and wants to take her to the hospital and after cliff diving. She also asks why all the male vampires have college degrees and so forth? Well maybe because they have been around for a 100 years or more and decided to spend their time going to school and junk? LOL!

So getting to the point there are two articles she mentions which can be found here that compare Edward to a stalker and one that asks if Edward is enabling domestic violence. I just thought really? Seriously? The post describes how the Edward-Bella romance has all the earn marks of an abusive relationship as defined by a national domestic violence group: "Does your partner look at you or act in a ways that scare you? Check. Make all the decisions? Check. Threaten to kill you? On their first date..."

I mean really. I read the books and didn't even think about half of this stuff. I just enjoyed the read. But after reading it over and over and if you over analyze everything written I guess you could end up thinking well Bella is in an abusive relationship. Which I would like to point out I don't think she is but there are things that may make you think that way. The way Edward is possessive in some ways only wanting her for himself. Not wanting her to be friends with any other boys such as Jacob. Maybe he can be a bit controlling at times maybe not. I don't think he is a stalker, but like I said if you over analyze everything and say well why is he going to her room at night and watching her sleep?

What do you think? Have you ever thought that Edward and Bella's relationship is abusive?

To read more of the article click here


2 New Photos of Kristen Stewart in Welcome To The Rileys

Kristen Stewart as Mallory
James Gandolfini as Doug Riley, Melissa Leo as Lois Riley, and Kristen Stewart as Mallory

Visit the IMDb page of Welcome to the Rileys here

Variety weighs in on Summit's 'Twilight' Dilema

Here is the article from Variety explaining who might direct Breaking Dawn and if the book will be split into two films.

The two-week $481 million worldwide gross of "New Moon" has vaulted Summit Entertainment into the big leagues, but it also has created a high-class challenge for toppers Rob Friedman and Patrick Wachsberger.

They will likely have to cut a few big checks if they decided, as rumored, to split Stephenie Meyer's final "Twilight" novel, "Breaking Dawn," into two pictures. Sources said Summit has set Melissa Rosenberg -- who wrote the first three films -- to finish the series, but Summit has to clear several hurdles before Rosenberg learns how many more scripts she'll write.

One of those hurdles is figuring out whether "New Moon" director Chris Weitz will respond favorably to overtures from the film company and the cast to shoot two more films, back to back.
Summit execs would not comment, but multiple sources said the company wants to go the two-film route, which means reopening negotiations and securing approval from the author. It also means making new deals with a principal cast that is only locked up for four films. If "Breaking Dawn" becomes two pictures, all of the key cast members will get fat raises, and the three principals -- Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner -- could land paydays in the eight-figure range.

That's what happened with key cast members when Warner Bros. extended its blockbuster "Harry Potter" franchise by turning J.K. Rowling's last book, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," into two films that will be released in November 2010 and July 2011. The global success of the franchise made the paydays worthwhile.

While the solution to most of Summit's challenges will be determined by its willingness to open its wallet, the prospect of a Weitz return is more complicated.

After feeling violated by New Line's altering of his pic "The Golden Compass," Weitz said he felt redeemed and reinvigorated by the success of "New Moon." Yet, just before the film's release, Weitz was steadfast that he would next direct "The Gardener," a comparatively tiny film scripted by Eric Eason, with Paul Witt and Christian McLaughlin producing. At the time, he said Summit was in discussions to fund that film.

Summit hasn't closed a deal for "The Gardener," probably because the film company wants Weitz to postpone it and work on "Breaking Dawn" instead. Can Weitz resist the chance to finish a global franchise he helped build, even though it will mean more time away from his family for a long shoot? That's the question the helmer and his reps will weigh shortly. Though Summit hasn't officially made Weitz an offer, sources said the job is his if he wants it. After bringing in "New Moon" at around $50 million and keeping the cast happy, he's the logical choice.

David Slade directed the next installment in the "Twilight" series, "Eclipse," which bows June 20.

HitFix also gives their opinion on the situation. Check out their view here.

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Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene, Jackson Rathbone, and Kellan Lutz plus more come together as one

The Twilight stars are some of many stars who are bringing their voice and power to make a stand against HIV and AIDS in the Coming Together As ONE campaign. These stars are asking young people to help fight poverty and disease in a series of public-service announcements for the One campaign.

One is a grassroots campaign and advocacy organization backed by more than 2 million people who are committed to the fight against extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa.

To learn more about the organization go here

Ashley Greene on Regis and Kelly

Ashley came out on Regis and Kelly today to talk about 'New Moon' check out the video here. Once it becomes available I will post.

Michael Sheen on the Bonnie Hunt Show

'Eclipse' Production News and 'New Moon' Mistakes

David Slade has tweeted some info regarding Eclipse here are his tweets below & follow him on Twitter here has put together some of the mistakes visible in New Moon. So far there is only 22. They did this last time for Twilight as well. Check it out here and see if you saw some of the same mistakes.

Robert Pattinson interview with Vikend (Slovenia)

Rob talks to the magazine about his music, working on New Moon, what is to come in Eclipse, and what he looks for in a girl.

What can we expect from the third movie, Eclipse, you wrapped that movie?
Yes, recently, we are preparing for the fourth part. Expect more characters, more interaction among main characters, relation between Edward and Jacob, fighting for Bella's affection is
accentuated. There is a war between vampires and humans, there will be more action, the movie will be a spectacle.

During making movies you probably don't have enough time for music, which is a big passion of yours; you've written two songs for Twilight?
Yes, I put music aside for a while. Acting and music are important for me, but it's difficult to do both of them simultaneously. I try and play some music or write new songs during movie breaks. I'll try to record something later this year....

Is this the announcement of your record?
I don't know... Maybe (laughter).

Well, girls will go crazy if you become a rocker!
That's true! Women love rock stars! (laughter)

What's necessary for a woman to impress you?
Money! there's never enough of it! (laughter)

Besides that?
A lot of patience!

I'm not the easiest person. I'm stubborn and I don't like people to tell me what to do; if people order me around I become irritable and evil.

Describe a perfect date....
Uffff..... I don't know, I'm not very good in dating as dating is understood in America.

What do you mean?
In England, having a date means going out with your boyfriend or a girlfriend. Here in America, everybody goes on a date as if it is nothing special. "I went out with three guys this week..." Yes, you are a whore then, right? (laughter)

To read the whole interview click here

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Robert Pattinson talks to MTV about 'New Moon'

FEARNets picks for 'New Moon's 5 breakout Stars

Fearnet picks the 5 Breakout Stars of New Moon who shine the brightest among New Moon's sprawling cast, whose careers are on the rise in the world of Twilight and beyond.

Name: Ashley Greene
Standout scene: Alice tells Bella to "put the dog out," meaning Jacob Black

There’s something about the pixie-like Ashley Greene that’s helped her win over diehard Twilightfans, for whom the casting of Alice Cullen – friend to Bella, sister to Edward - was absolutely pivotal. But it’s not just Twi-hards who love Greene; even non-fans (read: dudes) seem to single her out for her turns as Alice, no matter how much they might criticize everything else in the Twilightfilms.

Could Greene’s doll-faced beauty and sunny disposition have something to do with it? Or the fact that the 22-year-old former model graces the cover of Maxim magazine’s December issue? Whatever her secret, Greene is a star on the rise, and will appear next in the sports drama Warrior(romancing Twilight co-star Kellan Lutz), the Joel Silver-produced The Apparition for Warner Bros. and Dark Castle Films, and next summer’s third Twilight installment, Eclipse.

To read who else they choose as a BreakOut Star click here

Midnight Sun Fan Made Video Series Continuation

If you have not heard of Midnight Sun you must be living under a rock. J/k It is the unfinished novel by Twilight Saga author Stephenie Meyer. The novel is incomplete and is only in its 12th chapter draft. This story was unfinished due to its release without Stephenie's permission and it details the events of Twilight in Edward Cullens POV. You can read it here and is definitely worth the read. You get an idea what Edward is going through. These are some excellent fan made videos that are using some of the direct quotes from Edward in Midnight Sun. Check them out!
To see the videos from the beginning click here

Michael Sheen talks to Entertainment Weekly

EW chatted with Michael about his New Moon experience.

The actors had great respect for you.
It helps coming into something where they all know each other and have already done one movie together. They’ve also been involved in the whole phenomenon together so I think they’ve bonded a lot. So when you’re coming in to do a big scene like the one we did in the film, it helps if the character you are playing is higher status than the other ones. At least it gives you a bit more confidence. So that certainly helped.

What do you think audiences are responding to with Twilight?
I think it’s a whole combination of things coming together. Especially for adolescent girls and also for older audiences, Stephenie [Meyer] takes the incredibly powerful experiences you have as a teenager and treats them absolutely fearlessly and gives them the respect they deserve. The first book and film are about the first time you fall in love. And
New Moon is all about the first time your heart is broken. These are some of the most powerful experiences you can have in your life, regardless of your age. And there is a tendency to kind of trivialize those things as you get older, to kind of be patronizing about those things. And Stephenie treats them absolutely seriously. She also, very cleverly in a way, said that the vampires are stunningly gorgeous as a way to lure their prey. That’s very clever because in casting the film you have very beautiful people who are very good as well.

To read more click here

Entertainment Weekly talks to Ashley Greene

EW talked to Ashley before New Moon started breaking records. She will be heading out to Berlin in February to start filming the horror film Apparition.

What was your first reaction to New Moon?

The tone, the color schemes, and the warmth of it is beautiful. I think [director] Chris Weitz did a really fantastic job. And then after seeing Taylor [Lautner], I was really impressed. I mean, he’s a 17-year-old kid and he committed and gained 30 pounds and transformed into a completely different person than he was in the first one. He carried this film, and I think that’s a hard thing to do, especially when you’re up against this character Edward. It’s a lot to live up to, and I think he did it justice and he did a fantastic job.

If you could pick the director to helm Breaking Dawn, who would it be?

I just went to MoMA [NYC's Museum of Modern Art] and they were honoring Tim Burton, and I saw a whole compilation of his films and artwork and I just think he’s an extraordinary artist. I think it’d be really cool to have his spin on it, because it’s a very odd book, there’s some very weird moments. He would actually put a really weird and cool twist on it. And if we could do it the right way, it’d be great to have two films. You definitely want to get all the important parts in there and you know how hardcore and passionate the fans are about it, so one might be difficult and there would be something left out. So if we could do it right, it’d be great to have two films.

To read the rest click here