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First Movie Still of Kristen Stewart in The Runaways

Of all the bands to come out of the 1970s Los Angeles music scene, The Runaways are by far the most uniquely fascinating. This is partially due to their music but more so to the fact that they were teenage girls whose wild and reckless lifestyle was the stuff of legend.

Focusing on the duo of guitarist/vocalist Joan Jett and lead vocalist Cherie Currie as they navigate a rocky road of touring and record-label woes, the film chronicles the band's formation as well as their meteoric rise under the malevolent eye of an abusive manager.

Acclaimed video artist Floria Sigismondi directs from her own script, and her luscious camerawork captures every sweaty detail—from the filthy trailer where the women practice to the mosh pits of Tokyo. What really makes the film cook are the sizzling performances by Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart. Not to be missed,
The Runaways is an ode to an era and a groundbreaking band.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Update via Director's Twitter

We have got an update from David Slade on how the post-production for Eclipse is coming along:
  1. Still we have 200 days to go.

  2. Jacob & Bella are matching with intensity, & it's all even with the action sequences. Right now we are in a great state of balance.
  3. As we cut. Edward seems to be a really strong presence, the intensity of the love story & rivalry between Jacob is in the driving seat.
  4. Been quite a week, we almost have our composer, all fingers crossed for some great news soon.
  5. Wolf reviews today, looking better & better. The Eclipse story and they way we approached the film calls for a much more realistic approach.

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kristen Stewart talks to MTV Radio on Chris Weitz & Bryce Dallas Howard

Kristen Stewart recently spoke with MTV radio on the tabloid attention, Chris Weitz and Eclipse newcomer Bryce Dallas Howard, who will play Victoria in lieu of Rachelle LeFevre.

“Chris did a very different thing that I’ve never had a director do,” the 19-year-old explained. “He put together a syllabus of what we were supposed to achieve and how he was going to make it easier for everyone — sort of an introduction to how he likes to work. It not only introduced the idea of collaboration but said, ‘Please, everyone, love it and be invested and work hard.’ It was very encouraging. It had technical aspects of [the shoot] — how he was so sorry that so much of the movie was going to be CGI stuff that we would have to react to — but that he was going to always make us aware of what we were acting with and never leave us high and dry like a lot of effects movies [do], because you don’t know what you’re reacting to. It was a full rundown of how he planned on making the movie. Most directors are like, ‘Have you put together notes for our meeting?’ and it’s like, ‘No. That’s your job.’ ”

“It was really good [working with her],” Kristen said. “Bryce is scary. She is really oddly sweet as well, so it’s weird to see her switch back and forth. Victoria, for Bella, is an ever-present fear — even when Victoria isn’t around, she is scared that she is coming back. Bryce is such a good actress, and it was easy to be scared of her.”

“I’ve gotten more comfortable with it,” Kristen said of the media attention. “And the whole rumor/tabloid stuff, it’s so obviously false to me. Even before I became a part of it, once I was sort of the star of that, it’s like a show; it’s like a ridiculous show. With false realism, like a soap opera that seems real, but you’re not quite sure. It doesn’t bother me; I don’t take it personally."


Rachel Weisz looks foward to working with Robert Pattinson

BEVERLY HILLS, California — Until now, little has been known about the upcoming film "Unbound Captives," except for the fact that Robert Pattinson was going to star in it. For Twilighters, that was all they needed to know. The ironic thing is, RPattz's co-star, Oscar winner Rachel Weisz, has plenty of details to dish about the drama but knows virtually nothing about "Twilight."

"Meeting him was vampiric. He sucked my blood," laughed Weisz, remembering their introduction. "Wait, is he the vampire? He is the vampire, right?"

Yes he is, Rachel. And in "Unbound Captives," Pattinson is eager to portray a teen living in the Western frontier who was kidnapped by Comanche warriors at a young age; Weisz is slated to play the mother on a mission to get her son back. Co-starring alongside Hugh Jackman, Pattinson told us recently that "Captives" offers him a character who "can't really be more different from Edward," the leading man of "Twilight."

"It's an independent movie, and they are raising the money, so hopefully it'll happen," Weisz said of the flick, which will mark the writing and directing debut of veteran actress Madeline Stowe. "I don't know if it will [be made], but yeah, I'm very excited.

"It's a great screenplay, and [Pattinson and Jackman] are both great actors," Weisz added of why she is attached to the film. "I like to work with all kinds of talented people, whatever the age."

Weisz — who can be seen later this month in director Peter Jackson's drama "The Lovely Bones" — said another reason she's eager to work with RPattz is his mystique.

"He wasn't star-struck. He's got a whole rebel vibe, right? Yeah, that was his vibe," she said of their meeting. "He's kind of iconoclastic. He's flaunting authority. Yeah, pretty cool."


Kellan Lutz credits Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart with 'New Moon' Success

Kellan tells MTV, "The rest of us, we could suck, probably. It's Rob and Kristen who have the amazing chemistry. Without those two keystones, 'Twilight' could have flopped. It really could have."

They haven't told the rest of us actors yet," Lutz told the site. "I have read that they are talking to Rob, Taylor and Kristen to negotiate to make 'Dawn' into two movies. I'd love for it to be two films."

What of those wild rumors that "Twilight" will make its way from the big screen to your living room as a TV series? "I just heard that too," he said. "I don't know how. You already have the books, and the story's been told so beautifully. And there's already 'True Blood' and 'Vampire Diaries,' and they're both great. I don't know how it would work. Twenty-two episodes?"

So it's a yes to two "Breaking Dawn" flicks and a "not gonna happen!" to a "Twilight" TV show. And where does Lutz go from there? He's looking at romantic comedies and has a couple of action film roles in mind.

"I'm making this checklist as an actor," he said. "Right now, I just really want to be part of the 'Bourne' franchise, and the more I say that, maybe Matt Damon will read it and maybe I can play his brother."

He added, "I'd love to be Captain America someday."

Twicon Offerings Expanded, More Vamps at Conventions

Las Vegas, NV (HNN) – TwiCon, the premiere destination conference celebrating the vampire culture phenomenon, will thrill fans of the genre in two cities next summer.

On the heels of yet another blockbuster smash in the “Twilight” movie series, TwiCon will host a pair of conferences in year two, visiting Toronto June 24-27, 2010, and then taking on Las Vegas July 28-Aug. 1, 2010.

Fans attending the twin TwiCons – originally conceived to celebrate the “Twilight” series of books and movies -- will find the offerings expanded to include other segments of the vamp pop culture, including TV shows “True Blood” and “Vampire Diaries” and other popular book series such as the “Black Dagger Brotherhood.” They’ll also be able to rub elbows in Las Vegas with Daniel Cudmore, who plays Felix in the “Twilight” movie; and at both events with Sam Trammell, who stars as Sam in HBO’s “True Blood.” The cast additions to the event were announced today, with more boldface VIPs to be announced in the coming weeks.

“Few would argue that the Twilight saga is now a cultural phenomenon that has spawned popularity in several other series, movies and franchises related to the culture,” says Becky Scoggins, managing partner of the TwiCon event.

Last year, more than 3,000 fans descended on Dallas, TX, to celebrate the phenomenon, enjoying visits from special guests from the “Twilight” movie including Jackson Rathbone, Billy Burke, Kellan Lutz, Christian Serratos, Peter Facinelli and Alex Meraz; and dozens of fandom celebrities including The Hillywood Show, The Mitch Hansen Band and 100 Monkeys. The event captured worldwide media acclaim with representatives from MTV, Reelz Channel and Seventeen Magazine chronicling the event.

Programming in 2010 – to be held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino – will include mixers based on True Blood’s Fangtasia night club, Twilight’s Monte Carlo prom theme, cast Q&As from True Blood, Twilight and Vampire Diaries, with appearances by vampire romance’s most popular authors. Breakout sessions, concerts by fandom favorites and more round out the convention to make it North America’s most inclusive convention to date.

“I’m excited to expand our offerings to encompass a broader audience,” said Scoggins. “Our attendees will meet thousands of other fans who enjoy the same entertainment, and the opportunities to see the cast, attend concerts and hang out at so many parties is a vacation no vampire lover would want to miss.”

Registration for both conferences is now open through, with special early bird rates and incentives for those who register by Dec. 15, 2009. This year, due to fan requests, an all-inclusive “Platinum Package” has been added which includes all add-on activities and special VIP perks. A hotel room block at Planet Hollywood and at The Strathcona Hotel, the official hotel of the Canadian TwiCon event, has been reserved for fans.

Tickets begin at just $179 and are available at Tickets have been selling briskly and organizers expect all 3,000 tickets for Las Vegas and 1,800 for Toronto to be snapped up quickly, Scoggins said.

Bryce Dallas Howard talks to MTV about joining the 'Twilight' Family

Information regarding recasting of Victoria:
"It was actually a really unfortunate circumstance where the actress who everyone really cared deeply about, who has done an amazing job in this role, was unavailable. They were looking for someone to fill that slot. It was right before production actually happened, so of course there was intimidation there and feeling a huge responsibility to do my best."

Talking about the cast:
"They were really lovely. And yes, it's an incredible group of people. I have so much respect for them. There's so much frenzy surrounding them, and they've remained grounded, and their friendships are so genuine. I felt very lucky to work with such a good group of people. They love these books - all the actors. They're fans themselves. It was a great energy on set - that people are so passionate about bringing these character to life."

New Moon Exclusive: A Look Inside Director Chris Weitz's Personal Photo Book

From his own personal photo book, director Chris Weitz presents a very special inside look for fans into one of the key scenes from THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON. The images below were taken during Chris' first scouting trip to Italy, before Montepulciano was selected for the shoot. Enjoy!

Montepulciano Set
We will be using the town of Montepulciano to serve as Volterra. We scouted about ten Italian hilltowns, and Montepulciano offered the best combination of beauty, age, change in height (you can see rolling fields below from the alleys running up to the main square, etc.) and symmetry that satisfied my obsessive qualities. Why not finish off this roundup with a little Italian scenery:
This is the clock tower of the main square of Montepulciano. Directly underneath is where Edward intends to reveal himself to the crowd (I prefer that to an alley way – that would be too blah and ordinary). The cafe on the very right of the shot was THE hangout for Twi-fans who went to Montepulciano -- people would sit up there and order coffees for the whole day to get a close look at filming!

This is what Bella sees as she finishes her run upwards and arrives at the square:
In other words, she sort of ascends through a series of alley ways and streets to the square itself. Here is a shot from the top of the clock tower itself, showing the square from above which, like the throng of visitors to the festival, also happens to be red –
To the upper right, you can see the corner that Bella turns as per the previous photo; and past that, green hills below…

'New Moon' director defends woman accused of piracy

I'm sure most of you have heard about this story already. About the woman who was filming I'm guessing a couple of minutes of 'New Moon' and is now facing jail time. Chris Weitz the director of the film spoke to the Chicago Sun Times and here is the article:

Veteran director Chris Weitz told the Sun-Times he’s dismayed about Samantha Tumpach’s arrest Nov. 28 at a Rosemont movie theater on a felony charge of illegally copying his new hit film, and he’s contacted the film’s studio about his concerns.

"The Twilight Saga: New Moon" director Chris Weitz (left) told the Sun-Times he's dismayed about the Nov. 28 arrest of Samantha Tumpach (right) on a felony charge of illegally copying his new hit film. “Needless to say, the case seems to me terribly unfair and I would like to do what I can to address this,” Weitz wrote in an e-mail.

The 22-year-old Tumpach could receive a three-year prison term after being arrested on a rarely used felony charge intended to prevent movie patrons from secretly recording new movies with handheld cameras, then selling bootleg copies.

Tumpach, who spent two days in jail awaiting a bond hearing after her arrest, acknowledged there were a couple of short segments of the movie on her digital camera — though she contended she wasn’t trying to record the movie.

Instead, Tumpach told the Sun-Times last week that she was taping parts of her sister’s surprise 29th birthday party celebrated at the Muvico Theater — including her and other family members singing “Happy Birthday.”

The three minutes of footage she shot inside the theater, Tumpach said, also included film previews and ads, along with short segments of the film — and her talking about the camera and the movie.

“It was never my intention to record the movie,” Tumpach said. “You can hear me talking the whole time.”

Weitz questioned whether her arrest was justified.

“There is, needless to say, a difference between trying to protect the copyright of a film and making an unfair example of someone who clearly seems not to have any intentions towards video piracy,” Weitz wrote.

He said he had contacted the studio that released the film, Summit Entertainment, to express his concern about her arrest, but he acknowledged there’s probably little he can do to influence the outcome of her case.

“I am not sure what effect I would have on the case,” he wrote, noting “the film is, after all, not my property.”

Tumpach, who faces a court date Dec. 17, couldn’t be reached for comment. She said last week she considered the incident “a big thing over nothing.”

“We were just messing around,” she said. “Everyone is so surprised it got this far.”

What is your opinion on all of this?

Robert Pattinson tells Italian Vanity Fair "I Am Single"

New Moon’s Robert Pattinson, gracing the new cover of Italian Vanity Fair, clears up a few misconceptions about his life and loves in an interview with the magazine.

RPattz, when quizzed about his relationship with Twilight co-star (and rumored love interest) Kristen Stewart, told the magazine: "I am single... almost everything that came out about my private life is false."

He said much of the reporting on his life is based on speculation, because there is simply nothing else to talk about.

"I think it happens because, really, there is not much to say about what I’m doing,” Pattinson said. “While I am filming, I live practically [like a] recluse in [a] hotel. I come out only to work, and sometimes to go out for dinner. But, if you read the magazines, it seems that I have a frantic high life.”

Valentino designers love Kristen Stewart

Another designer has come out praising Kristen, this time its Valentino. "We love Kristen Stewart wearing Valentino. She's mysterious, sexy and young."

Here's the whole article:
Valentino Spring AwakeningThe scene was set for new beginnings at Valentino's spring/summer 2010 show - something which its still relatively new designers, Pier Paolo Piccioli and Maria Grazia Chiuri, are keen to maintain."

We want to take the iconic element of the house, but we want to use this in a contemporary way. The women today are different," says Churi, who prior to taking on the creative direction mantle with Piccioli from Alessandra Facchinetti, worked on the fashion house's accessories.

"Yes, the change means a new direction for Valentino. It is more cool, modern, contemporary. It's very uptown goes downtown. The attitude is different. We love Kristen Stewart wearing Valentino. She's mysterious, sexy and young," Piccioli tells The Daily, noting Natalie Portman and Carey Mulligan to be their idea of Valentino girls, too.

"Stars on the red carpet have a new attitude and so we try to bring this. It's the same elements, but with a new attitude," adds Chiuri.

Ashley Greene is committed to helping the homeless youth

According to USA Today, Ashley Greene (a.k.a. Alice Cullen for those Twilight fans out there) is busy this holiday season. In addition to her hectic promotion schedule for box office smash hit New Moon -- the latest installment in the Twilight Saga series -- Greene has been working to help homeless youth, a growing conern here in the U.S.

What is she doing specifically to support this cause?

"This holiday season I'm filming the 'Teens for Jeans' campaign PSA to encourage teens to donate their gently worn jeans to homeless youth," says Greene.

How does the campaign work?

The third annual Teens for Jeans drive encourages teens to drop off their gently worn jeans to any Aéropostale store anytime between Jan. 19th and Feb. 14th, 2010. DoSomething "will make sure they get donated to a local homeless shelter or charity."

As an added bonus (beyond the good karma you'll receive for giving back, of course), Aéropostale will give an additional 25% off on your next pair of jeans.

Greene's thoughts on her career success and the related campaign?

"I feel very fortunate to be in a place where I can use my voice to make a difference."
Help DoSomething and Aéropostale top last year's total of 200,000 pairs by joining Greene in donating your used jeans next month (FYI, you don't have to be a teen to participate!).

Twilight Saga: Eclipse To Be Shown in IMAX

According to Variety Imax wants the femmes. In a joint statment, Imax and Summit Entertainment announced Wednesday that 'Eclipse' - the next installment in the "Twilight" franchise - will be shown in Imax theaters.

The Film will first be digitally remastered using Imax technology. 'Eclipse' opens June 30.

While “Eclipse” may be different in terms of content, Imax wants a piece of the “Twilight” pie.

“With our growing theater network, we’re poised to take advantage of the rapidly growing fanbase devoted to this dynamic, cutting-edge series,” said Imax Filmed Entertainment chair-prexy Greg Foster.

Securing the deal with Summit also fills an important slot in Imax’s 2010 slate, the Fourth of July holiday sesh.

Eclipse” will be the first Summit title to be released in Imax theaters.

Execs from Imax and Summit said seeing “Eclipse” in Imax will provide fans of the franchise with a different, more immersive experience than they get in conventional theaters and put them “in” the movie.

The first two films in the “Twilight” franchise have been outsize successes. “Twilight” grossed $380 million in combined domestic and foreign box office, while “New Moon” has hit $500 million worldwide in only three weeks.

“Eclipse,” directed by David Slade, centers on the struggle between vampires and werewolves.

Kellan Lutz in Cosmopolitan Magazine

Kellan Lutz talks to Cosmo Magazine about why he loves Winter Fashion:
"The Coolest part about seeing a girl wear something comfortable is the smile that you can just feel coming through from inside her."
"When I'm in love with a woman, seeing her in something cozy makes me not want to let go of her when I'm holding her."
"It's nice to see bits and pieces of a woman exposed. As a guy, you get that mystery - especially when a dress or top isn't too snug."
"Your eyes are automatically drawn to that bare part of her shredded jeans."

To read and see more photos click here

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Kristen Stewart makes TIME Magazine's Top 10 Magazine Covers of 2009

This is a hauntingly beautiful rendition of a visual pun — allusion meets illusion. The model for Interview's 40th anniversary issue is actress Kristen Stewart, who currently stars in the monster hit Twilight series. Using her as the model is a masterstroke of celebrity-cover timing, perfectly executed. The image is two photos — if you pull back, you can see her holding over her own face a same-scale, torn black-and-white photo of her, whose only color is in her blood-red lips. The ghoulish makeup is perfectly in keeping with current fashion photography, and it serves the dual purpose of enhancing the metaphor while making her look drop-dead beautiful. A final touch: the allusion gets heightened by more blood, this time on the fanglike letter I in the logo. That's why the lady is a vamp!

Source: TIME

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First Movie Stills of Ashley Greene in Skateland

Since the Sundance Film Festival in 2010 is coming closer there are movie stills that are being released by the films that will be playing at the festival. The 2010 Sundance Film Festival will run from January 21-31st.

SKATELAND, directed by Anthony Burns: The Synopsis: Dramatic events in early '80s small-town Texas force 19-year-old skating rink manager to see his life in a new light.
To see photo stills of other movies that are to be shown at the festival click here

Source: Collider

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Want to get Kristen Stewart's Jeans???

InStyle has let us know where we can find the Brand: 4 Stroke Jeans Kristen is wearing in the photo above. I like her style she can pull it off really well, me on the other hand...I don't think I can but you can try.

Kristen does not make it easy to bite her style: her E.C. Star hoodie is off the market, her Pacific Express sneaks are vintage, her Opaline Ray-Bans are Ebay only, and let's not even discuss the logistics of scoring Robert Pattinson (their words not mine =). Luckily, you can all pick up a pair of her 4 Stroke jeans in a cool-chick purple wash.

Buy Online now: 4 Stroke The Rose jeans in Antsy Pants, $128; at

How to get Kristen Stewarts New Moon Premiere Makeup Look

Glamour gives us the details about how to get Kristen's make-up look from the L.A. New Moon Premiere.

You don't have to be a Twihard to realize how pretty Kristen Stewart is--or how out-of-this-world gorgeous her makeup looked last night at the Twilight: New Moon Los Angeles premiere! Since I figured you'd be oohing and ahhing over it just like me, (those lips! those smoky eyes! that pretty, pre-bitten complexion!) I did some beauty sleuth work and found out the exact beauty products she used. Sound like something you lovely ladies might be interested in?
Well, turns out that makeup artist Jillian Dempsey--the gorgeous mom of three, Patrick Dempsey’s wife and an amazingly accomplished makeup artist--was the brain behind this beauty look!

Jill told me that the makeup look really just revolved around Kristen's stunning peepers: “It doesn’t matter what you do, Kristen’s eyes are always a focal point.They are a beautiful shade of olive-green," she says. "For the premiere, I did more of a glam, smoldering eye than normal. The secret is layering different multiple shades of the same color, in this case, I used all Shu Uemura shades."

Next, Jillian lined her eyes with Avon Pro Kohl Eyeliner in charcoal, used Lancome Mascara in Black, and accentuated her eyebrows with Kevyn Aucoin Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown.

For the rest of her face, Jillian kept it simple. "Kristen’s skin is really pure. I just like to add a soft touch of matte color on her cheekbones. I used Avon Be Blushed in Blushing Nude, to show off her gorgeous skin.” And finally, "For her lips, I set off the intense eye look with a soft, rose-nude lip, Avon. Pro 3-in-1 in Frozen Rose.”

To see the products used check it out here

'New Moon' Tops Korean box office

Hollywood film “The Twilight Saga: New Moon,” starring actors Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, became the most-watched movie on the Korean box office upon its opening last week, according to estimates released by Korea Box Office Information System (KOBIS) on Monday. KOBIS data revealed that the movie attracted 636,319 viewers over the weekend of December 4 to 6 to gross a total 899,327 viewers after its release on December 2.

Its amazing how much this movie is making. It has already made half a billion dollars worldwide!! The Korean poster is awesome don't you think?

Will the New Moon DVD be released in February?

According to a Yahoo! Article, the New Moon DVD will be released in February 2010. Here is a quote from the article:

"Mattel also recently announced that they would be releasing a Taylor-inspired Jacob Black Barbie doll (with major plastic abs) when the 'New Moon' DVD is released in February 2010."

Looks like you guys might be getting the DVD early this time. We got Twilight what...4 months after the movie came out in March. This date has not been confirmed yet, they can still move the date around.

More Photos of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson at the LA Press Conference

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