Friday, January 8, 2010

100 Monkeys Concert with Jackson Rathbone of 'Twilight' Tonight!

I'm so excited about this! I'm heading out tonight to see 100 Monkeys. I'll be sure to post some photos either tonight or tomorrow morning. Jackson spoke to one of the local newspapers about his band name and improvising tunes and sneaking across the border as a teen to buy booze!

Q: How’s the tour going so far?
A: It’s been really fun. It’s the most shows we’ve played together as a band in a row. We did five shows in five nights just recently, and it was a blast. It’s been so much fun. It’s been great. We’ve had a good turn out and people have really been digging the shows and coming out and enjoying it. Having a good time, that’s what we’re all about. Making sure everybody has a good party.

Q: How would you describe your live show to someone who hasn’t seen it before?
A: It’s definitely a different kind of rock show. Our band is full of multi-instrumentalists and we all switch. It’s not like the modern rock show where you watch one guy up on stage sing for an hour. We all switch instruments. So throughout the set you’ll see all of us go from keys to bass guitar to lead guitar to mandolin, trumpet. Everybody plays drums at one point or another. Everybody sings lead. It’s a constant visual thing and an auditory thing at the same time. It keeps it fresh and it keeps up the different styles and genres of music we play. We can go from rock to dance and discoy pop and we can play some more funky country. And we can get into some all out jazz rock.

Q: Do you plan the show out? All the switches? Or do you improvise up there?
A: We know all the songs we play. They’re all written. We do one improv song a night, sometimes two where we actually ask the audience to come up with the title of the song, and we make up the song on the spot, which is really fun.

Q: What are some of the song names that the audiences have come up with so far?
A: Oh man. I think recently the last couple were “Mayonnaise” – that was an interesting one. I did a song called “Jared,” and that’s funny because one of our band members is named Jared Anderson. We did a song about him. I think the hardest one I ever did was at a little bar back in LA called Crane’s. They asked me to do a song called “Hippopotamus on an Airplane Wing Landing in the Nile.” That was the hardest one I had to do.
It was kind of funky. It was like Tom Waits and Prince having a baby.

Q: Since it’s New Year’s, instead of asking you about your biggest influences I thought I’d ask you what are some of the albums you listened to the most from the past decade?
A: I’ve been really into Modest Mouse and the way they’ve shaped their sound over the last decade. Good News for People Who Love Bad News is probably my favorite album. I like the earlier Kings of Leon stuff like Youth and Young Manhood. That’s one of my favorite albums…and Aha Shake Heartbreak. I’m really big on that too. Oh, and Stevedores’ Tamuawok. That’s been a big influence.

Q: I have to ask about the band name. What’s the 100 Monkey Effect?
A: The 100 Monkey Effect is the idea that once a certain
population knows something it spreads out to the rest of the population. So once
100 monkeys figure out how to wash a tomato in one part of the world the rest of
the monkeys in the world instinctively know it. It’s all about collective
consciousness and how we’re all tied together. Once some of us feel something or
know something, that feeling spreads because we’re all so connected.

Q: What’s your recording process like?
A: We’re constantly playing, constantly recording, constantly making stuff up and
jamming whenever we rehearse, just to keep it fresh. The way we write our songs
is pretty varied. Sometimes someone will come in with an idea or sometimes we’ll
all just be jamming on something. There have actually been a couple times when
we’ve made up a song live and then we come off the stage and we’ll know we need
to remember that. Our first album is actually all improv. It was all created on
the spot with everything in one take. It’s fun. It’s kind of a little concept
album. It’s our first album and we recorded it in our living room. We just like
to make music and have fun.

Q: So I read a little bit about you. It seems like you had a pretty mobile childhood. Did you live in Texas for a while?
A: Yeah, I lived in Texas for a good five years.

Q: Is it like a homecoming show when you come here?
A: Oh yeah man, my folks still live in Texas. I’m really excited. I got family in Dallas, and family in Houston, and family in Austin. To me it’s going to be like a great
homecoming. I’m really excited. And other guys in the band have family in Texas
as well. We’re really excited to get back down there. Last time we were in Texas
we had a great show in Dallas.

Q: Have you ever been to the border here?
A: Oh man, when I was 16 we used to drive down
there all the time. We’d go across the border real quick, you know how it was.
We’d go buy a little bit of whiskey, a little bit of tequila, cheap cigars. We
used to do that all the time. Just don’t tell my mom.

Source: The Monitor

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